Following scripts are waiting for approval, possible future is:
  • if script is OK, it is moved to official scripts and git repository.
  • if script does not meet all requirements, it is moved to unofficial scripts.
  • if script is rejected, it is deleted.

We need your help!
You can help us by testing these scripts. Please report bugs to author of script and to Sébastien Helleu.
Name Description Approval notes V. Language License Min Max Author Date
xdccq.py Queue xdcc packs locally so you can bypass bots xdcc batch 0.1.1 python GPL3 0.3.0 flagg 2018-01-12
autobump.py Bump buffers upon activity 0.0.1 python GPL3 0.4.3 dkess 2018-01-11
memearrow.py Send and See "Memearrow" messages in IRC 1.0 python Public Domain 0.3.0 icarus 2017-12-10
paste.py Uploads the contents of the current buffer to sprunge. 0.1 python MIT 0.3.0 KrokodileGlue 2017-11-26
notify_print.py Print connect/disconnect messages to query buffers for /notify users. 1 python MIT 0.3.8 cruzr 2017-11-20
emojis.py Send a randomly chosen emoji 0.1 python GPL3 1.0 jmui 2017-11-17