Following scripts are waiting for approval, possible future is: We need your help!
You can help us by testing these scripts. Please report bugs to author of script and to Sébastien Helleu.
Name Description Approval notes V. Language License Min Max Author Date Logs highlights to private buffer, very customizable output, compliments nicely. 0.1 python GPL3 0.3.5 px-havok 2019-04-18 Make messages more A E S T H E T I C A L L Y pleasing. 1.0.1 python GPL3 0.3.0 Wojciech Siewierski 2019-04-08 Fully featured PushBullet notifications with batching, throttling, spam filtering, and more. (requires: python2.7+, requests) 0.3 python MIT 1.5 Kent Ross 2019-04-06 fUrlbuf - a neat url logger with tinyurl (fork of Urlbuf) 1.1 python GPL3 1.0 px-havok 2019-03-30 Upload your latest screenshot to slack via wee-slack. 0.1 python GPL3 0.3.0 tuxx 2019-03-25 collapse channel buffers from servers without focus 0.3 python GPL3 1.0 nils_2 2019-03-13 This script allows to receive telegram notifications when you are away and priv/highlight messages are received. 0.1 python GPL3 0.3.0 deadc0de6 2019-03-04 Google Translate in Weechat 0.0.2 python GPL3 0.3.0 Niels 2019-02-20 send your image to the chanel via the picture bed 2018-11-11: Call to curl command must be replaced by hook_process_hashtable. 0.5 python GPL3 0.3.0 ksy 2018-11-08
opall.js Op everybody on a channel using chanserv instead of /mode. 0.1 javascript WTFPL 0.3.0 gagz 2018-09-19
shorten_googl_tinyurl.rb Shorten URLs to or (requires: rest-client gem, google API key for 2018-09-21: Site will be shut down on March 30, 2019. Other scripts can already shorten URLs using other sites. 1.0.0 ruby MIT 0.3.0 sylence 2018-03-05 Prints page titles of sent URLs in a buffer. 2018-09-21: Script seems similar to 1.0 python MIT 0.3.7 Lieuwe Rooijakkers 2018-02-26 Replace IRC message nicknames with regex match from chat text. 2018-09-21: Name and e-mail are missing in the script header. 0.3.0 python GPL3 0.3.0 tuna 2018-01-24 Send and See "Memearrow" messages in IRC. 2018-09-20: Does not work for messages without Tabs, already possible to do same thing with a trigger. 1.0 python Public Domain 0.3.0 icarus 2017-12-10 Uploads the contents of the current buffer to sprunge. 2018-09-20: Call to requests must be replaced by hook_process_hashtable. 0.1 python MIT 0.3.0 KrokodileGlue 2017-11-26 Print connect/disconnect messages to query buffers for /notify users. 2018-09-20: Call to infolist_free is missing, hook_command_run callback must be delayed. 1 python MIT 0.3.8 cruzr 2017-11-20