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Name Description Approval notes V. Language License Min Max Author Date Call notify-send command when receive a message on a specific server and channel. (requires: libnotify) 0.1.0 python GPL3 0.3.0 manzerbredes 2018-07-25 Send push notifications for your IRC messages to your devices using Pushover 0.1 python MIT 0.3.0 adtac 2018-07-23 Attach a new bar in query windows, showing `whois` information of chat partner 0.0.5 perl GPL3 0.4.0 ff0x 2018-07-12 Executing bot - Allow execute remote the command via privmsg 1.0 python GPL3 0.3.0 TxGVNN 2018-04-29 Announce topic with changes highlighted. (requires: (apt-get install python-diff-match-patch)) 1.01 python PD 0.3.0 Juerd 2018-04-24 Implement readline-like ^W 1.00 perl PD 0.3.0 Juerd 2018-04-19 Change 'nick: ' prefix if the nick is changed while you're still editing. 1.00 perl PD 0.3.0 Juerd 2018-04-19 Rot n+i encryption and decryption (port of irssi script "") 3.00 perl PD 0.3.0 Juerd 2018-04-18
shorten_googl_tinyurl.rb Shorten URLs to or (requires: rest-client gem, google API key for 1.0.0 ruby MIT 0.3.0 sylence 2018-03-05 Prints page titles of sent URLs in a buffer 1.0 python MIT 0.3.7 Lieuwe Rooijakkers 2018-02-26 Display hints for urls and open them with keyboard shortcuts 0.6 python MIT 0.4.0 oakkitten 2018-02-02 Replace IRC message nicknames with regex match from chat text 0.3.0 python GPL3 0.3.0 tuna 2018-01-24 Queue xdcc packs locally so you can bypass bots xdcc batch 0.1.1 python GPL3 0.3.0 flagg 2018-01-12 Bump buffers upon activity 0.0.1 python GPL3 0.4.3 dkess 2018-01-11 Send and See "Memearrow" messages in IRC 1.0 python Public Domain 0.3.0 icarus 2017-12-10 Uploads the contents of the current buffer to sprunge. 0.1 python MIT 0.3.0 KrokodileGlue 2017-11-26 Print connect/disconnect messages to query buffers for /notify users. 1 python MIT 0.3.8 cruzr 2017-11-20