Following scripts are waiting for approval, possible future is:
  • if script is OK, it is moved to official scripts and git repository.
  • if script does not meet all requirements, it is moved to unofficial scripts.
  • if script is rejected, it is deleted.

We need your help!
You can help us by testing these scripts. Please report bugs to author of script and to Sébastien Helleu.
Name Description Approval notes V. Language License Min Max Author Date
giphy.py Insert a giphy URL based on a command and search. Use giphy's random, search and translate from weechat (requires: requests) 1 python gpl3 0.3.0 butlerx 2017-04-18
cowsay.py Send fortune | cowsay to a buffer (requires: cowsay, fortune installed) 0.1 python None 0.3.0 danzimm 2017-04-17
automerge.py Automatically merge new buffers according to defined rules. 0.1 python GPL2 0.3.0 Ricky Brent 2017-03-27
pushsafer.rb Send private messages and highlights to your Android, iOS & Windows 10 devices via the Pushsafer service (https://www.pushsafer.com) (requires: It also requires a Pushsafer account and Ruby, the Ruby OpenSSL libraries, and RubyGems installed on your host.) 0.1 ruby APL 0.3.0 appzer 2017-02-26
pushjet.py Send highlights and mentions through Pushjet.io 0.1.0 python MIT 1.0 p3lim 2017-02-10
detach_away.py Automatically sets away message based on number of relays connected 0.1.0 python MIT 1.5 p3lim 2017-02-10
weechataboo.scm WeeChat-Script to replace emotion-tags with random emoticons. 0.1 scheme GPL3 0.3.0 Alvar 2017-01-12
aformat.py Alternate text formatting, useful relays without formatting features (Glowingbear, WeechatAndroid, etc) 0.1 python WTFPL 0.4.2 Hairo R. Carela 2016-09-25
pastebin.py /paste /tmp/a.{jpg,txt} to send its pastebin/imagebin URL to the current buffer 0.0.0 python GPL3 0.3.0 MaskRay 2016-07-17
shrug.py Output unicode shrug emoji 2016-10-30: possible with an alias: /alias add shrug /input send ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 0.0.1 python Apache-2.0 0.3.0 crinkle 2016-06-29
buffer_bind.py Bind meta-<key> to the current buffer 1.0 python GPL3 0.3.0 Trevor 'tee' Slocum 2016-06-28
buffer_dmenu.py Select a buffer to jump to from dmenu or rofi, and optionally focus WeeChat based on WM (requires: dmenu or rofi, i3 (i3-py/py2 or i3ipc/py3) for focusing) 2016-10-29: error on load: python: wrong arguments for function "config_set_plugin" (script: buffer_dmenu). 0.1 python GPL3 0.3.7 Ferus 2016-05-02
url_hinter_xdg.rb The same as Kengo Tateishi's script but using xdg-open so it can be used in GNU/Linux systems 1.0 ruby GPL3 0.3.0 alx741 2016-04-21
bot2human.py Replace IRC message nicknames with regex match from chat text 2016-10-29: some print() should be removed, config_cb does nothing. 0.1 python GPLv3 0.3.0 bigeagle 2016-03-17
np_mpris2.py Informs your comrades of all the media currently being played on all MPRIS 2-enabled media players (requires: python-dbus) 1.0 python MIT 0.3.0 Ernestas Kulik 2016-03-13
terminal_title.py Displays user defined information in the terminal title 1 python GPL-3.0 0.3.0 Guido Berhoerster 2016-03-09
notification.py Notifies of a number of events through desktop notifications and an optional status icon (requires: PyGTK, notify-python for the GTK 2 UI; GObject Introspection bindings for glib, GDK-PixBuf, GTK 3, libnotify for the GTK 3 UI; PyQt4 for the Qt 4 UI; PyQt4, PyKDE 4 for the KDE 4 UI) 1 python GPL-3.0 1.0 Guido Berhoerster 2016-03-09
deadbeef_np_new.py Show name of the song currently played by DeaDBeeF. Based on deadbeef_np.py by mwgg. 2016-03-04: content looks very similar to deadbeef_np.py, why not updating this script instead? 0.1 python MIT 0.3.0 acidspaces 2016-03-04
notifym.pl Highly configurable send-notify perl script for user, channel and server messages. 1.1 perl GPL3 0.3.4 dmitescu 2016-01-21
cleanbuffer.rb Clears a buffer, on znc / locally or both 0.1 ruby GPL3 0.3.0 manavortex 2016-01-08
lastfm2.py Sends latest played track for a Last.fm user to the current buffer (requires: json) 0.1 python GPL3 0.3.0 timss 2015-12-31
whatsapp.py whatsapp protocol for WeeChat (requires: yowsup) 0.1 python GPL3 0.3.0 jspricke 2015-12-23
lastfmnp.py Retrieves the currently played song of any user from last.fm and says it to a buffer. (requires: pylast) 0.1 python GPL3 0.3.0 i7c 2015-12-17
notify_pushover.py send pushover notifications when mentioned or messaged. (requires: Python 2.7) 1.2 python WTFPL 1.2 leason 2015-12-15
lastfmapi.py Shows your last played track on last.fm. (requires: json, requests) 0.1 python GPL3 0.3.0 m1dnight 2015-12-06
fuzz.py 'Fuzzy' matching buffer switch script 1.0 python GPL3 1.0 Co 2015-12-04