This page lists major features done or planned.
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Version 2.7 (≈ )

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
issue #916
issue #956
Done * * * core CMake error on missing dependency.
issue #997 Done * core Calculate result of expression with "${calc:...}" in evaluated expressions.
issue #1098 Done * guile Add support of Guile 2.2.
issue #528
issue #621
Done * * * logger Add support of ANSI color codes in log files, display colors in backlog.
issue #1237 Done * xfer Add a temporary suffix to files received via DCC.
issue #60 Done * api Add modifier "eval_path_home".
issue #60 Done * core Add support of modifiers in evaluation of expressions with "modifier:name,data,string".
issue #60 Done * core Add optional default path (evaluated) in completion "filename".
issue #60 Done * irc Use path from option xfer.file.upload_path to complete filename in command "/dcc send".
issue #892 Done * irc Add option irc.look.display_pv_warning_address to display a warning in private buffer if the remote nick address has changed.
issue #1389 Done * python Send string with type "bytes" to Python 3 callbacks in case of invalid UTF-8 data.
issue #1000 Done * irc Add filtering of messages in the IRC raw buffer.
issue #360 Planned javascript Add support of v8 >= 4.3.0 in javascript plugin.

Version 2.8 (≈ )

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
issue #369 Planned weechat-relay, relay Add weechat-relay library: new repository, move build of messages (WeeChat -> client) from relay plugin to this lib.

Version 2.9 (≈ )

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
- Planned core Optimize nicklist with arraylists.
issue #369 Planned weechat-relay Decode WeeChat messages.

Version 3.0 (≈ )

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
issue #369 Planned relay Connect to a remote WeeChat relay.