This page lists major features done or planned.
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Version 2.3 ()

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
- Done * core Add a new hook to change line data before it is printed (buffer, date, tags, highlight, prefix, message).
- Done * trigger Allow creation of temporary variables with the regex.
- Done * core Add option "-P" (or "--plugins") to customize the plugins to load at startup.
issue #1248 Done * core Allow multiple options "-r" ("--run-command") in command line arguments.
issue #958 Done * core Add repeat of string in evaluation of expressions with "repeat:count,string".
issue #1256 Done * relay Add real IP in client description.

Version 2.4 (≈ )

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
issue #360 Planned javascript Add support of v8 >= 4.3.0 in javascript plugin.
- Planned core Optimize nicklist with arraylists.
task #11840 Planned core Improve mouse support (interaction with chat area).
issue #121 Planned core Add DANE support.