Important: these scripts are written by external contributors, therefore WeeChat developers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for problems caused by one of these scripts.
You could experience problems like memory leaks, slowdowns, or even security problems. You are warned!
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Name / Language Description V. License Min Max Author Added Updated
[irc, nick]
Tab complete nicks when prefixed with "@".
0.001 Apache2.0 0.3.0 xdg 2016-10-29
[irc, nick]
Change "nick:" prefix if the nick is changed while you're still editing.
1.00 Public_domain 0.3.0 Juerd 2018-09-21
[irc, nick, py2, py3]
Force nick change on channels which disallow it.
0.5 GPL3 0.3.0 Simmo Saan 2017-02-04 2018-06-19
[irc, nick, py2, py3]
Keep your nick and recover it in case it's stolen.
1.6 GPL3 1.3 nils_2 2012-02-09 2017-10-28
[irc, nick]
Change nick on multiple servers using custom masks.
0.4 GPL3 0.3.0 CrazyCat 2014-04-01 2019-09-22
Wrap nick completion with custom prefix and/or suffix.
0.1 WTFPL 0.3.8 singalaut 2016-10-30
[irc, nick]
Automatically attempts to regain IRC primary nick.
1.1.1 GPL3 0.3.0 KenjiE20 2009-10-20 2010-12-13
[irc, nick, color, py2, py3]
Quickly add/del/change entry in option irc.look.nick_color_force.
0.6.1 GPL3 0.3.4 nils_2 2012-02-06 2017-08-27
[irc, nick]
List multiple occurences of the same nick(s) in a set of channels. (requires: Ruby::OptionParser, Ruby::Shellwords)
0.1 GPL3 0.4.1 Hendrik 'henk' Jaeger 2013-10-19 2015-12-28