Why WeeChat?

WeeChat stands for "Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat".

In early 2003, I looked for an IRC client with following features:
  • free software
  • running on Linux
  • text interface
  • real nicklist
  • extensible with scripts written in various languages
My search was unsuccessful!

And thus WeeChat was born, on June 2003.
-- Sébastien Helleu (FlashCode)

Key dates

Date Version Features
2003, June First line of code.
2003, September 0.0.1 First version.
2004, January 0.0.4 Perl plugin.
2005, March 0.1.1 Dcc chat and file, fifo plugin.
2005, May 0.1.2 Python plugin.
2005, July 0.1.3 Proxy support, IPv6, SSL.
2005, November 0.1.6 Full UTF-8 support.
2006, January 0.1.7 Ruby plugin.
2006, March 0.1.8 Lua plugin.
2006, August 0.2.0 Aspell plugin.
2007, March 0.2.4 Incremental text search in buffers.
2007, September 0.2.6 Last version before a major rewrite of WeeChat.
2009, September 0.3.0 New site weechat.org, major rewrite of WeeChat with new plugin API, tcl plugin.
2010, April 0.3.2 SASL authentication.
2011, January 0.3.4 256 colors, irc proxy, rmodifier, redirection of irc commands.
2011, May 0.3.5 Dynamic allocation and attributes for colors.
2011, October 0.3.6 Mouse support, cursor mode.
2012, February 0.3.7 Guile plugin, support of python 3.x, weechat protocol in relay (remote interfaces), URL transfer in API.
2012, September 0.3.9 Plugin "script" (scripts manager), SSL in relay.
2013, January 0.4.0 Command /eval, aspell suggestions, IPv6 in relay, irc backlog in relay.
2013, May 0.4.1 Multiple layouts, auto-unmask IRC joins, WebSocket support in relay.
2013, October 0.4.2 Secured data, search of regular expression in buffer with text emphasis, dynamic day change message.
2014, February 0.4.3 Gaps in buffers numbers, IPv6 for DCC file/chat, command /print.
2014, August 1.0 Trigger and Exec plugins, bare display, hidden buffers, unit tests.
2015, May 1.2 Javascript plugin, IRC SASL mechanism "ecdsa-nist256p-challenge".
2016, January 1.4 Inherited values in options.
2017, May 1.8 Plugin "buflist" (list of buffers).
2017, December 2.0 Fset plugin (fast set of WeeChat and plugins options), PHP plugin.
2018, March 2.1 Headless mode, creation of buffers with commands /buffer and /print.