WeeChat official scripts

This page shows a collection of WeeChat scripts written by external contributors, which can be installed directly in WeeChat with the command /script install <name>.
WeeChat developers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for problems caused by one of these scripts: you could experience problems like memory leaks, slowdowns, or even security problems, you are warned!

You can contribute by adding/updating scripts or reporting issues in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/weechat/scripts

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Name / Language Description V. License Min Max Author Added Updated
[url, py3]
Announce URL title to user or to channel.
19 GPL3 0.3.0 xt 2009-12-09 2021-06-05
[url, mouse]
Select text, nicks or URLs on screen with mouse or keyboard. GPL3 0.4.2 Nei 2012-11-26 2018-09-18
Expand short URLs. (requires: URI::Find)
0.7 GPL3 0.3.0 nils_2 2011-01-04 2019-01-19
Shorten URLs with is.gd.
0.9 GPL3 0.3.7 stfn 2011-10-07 2014-04-02
[input, item, url]
Warn user if about to paste URL already existing in buffer.
2.1 GPL3 0.3.7 xt 2013-09-21 2015-09-10
[url, py3]
Adds HTML page titles to http:// urls in your message.
0.6 Public_domain 0.3.0 xororand 2008-06-17 2021-06-05
[url, py2, py3]
Shorten long urls using isgd or tinyurl.
0.6.6 GPL3 0.3.0 sontek 2010-01-14 2019-10-13
[url, py3]
Style URLs using a Python regex.
1.0 GPL3 0.3.0 Cole Helbling 2021-04-05
Shorten long URLs in buffers and input line.
0.2 GPL3 0.3.6 ArZa 2013-07-27 2019-03-17
[url, py2, py3]
Display a url bar for easy clicking or selecting.
14 GPL3 0.3.0 xt 2009-06-08 2020-06-21
[url, py2, py3]
A common buffer for URLs.
0.4 GPL3 0.3.0 Jani Kesänen 2011-08-28 2019-07-07
[url, py2, py3]
Logs url and open them in browser.
3.2 GPL2 2.9 drubin 2009-06-08 2022-12-17
[url, py2, py3]
Display hints for URLs and open them with keyboard shortcuts.
0.8 MIT 0.4.0 oakkitten 2018-09-21 2019-08-25
Open URLs without using the mouse.
0.41 GPL3 0.3.0 tkengo 2015-03-22 2017-11-26
[url, py3]
Display when and where a URI was first posted. (requires: sqlite)
0.8 GPL3 0.4.0 yeled 2016-10-30 2021-05-11
Interactively select URL with keyboard and perform some commands on it.
0.5 WTFPL 1.0 tomoe-mami 2014-04-13 2020-06-21
[url, py2, py3]
Shorten URLs with own HTTP server. (requires: python >= 2.6)
2.6 GPL3 0.3.4 FlashCode 2011-10-30 2021-05-11
Shorten URLs with many shortening services.
1.9.0 BSD-2c 0.3.0 Daniel Bretoi 2008-11-11 2013-08-10
Shorten URLs with many shortening services.
1.9 GPL3 0.3.7 R1cochet 2012-03-06 2012-09-22