Important: these scripts are written by external contributors, therefore WeeChat developers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for problems caused by one of these scripts.
You could experience problems like memory leaks, slowdowns, or even security problems. You are warned!
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Name / Language Description V. License Min Max Author Added Updated
* Search regular expression in buffers or log files. 0.8.4 GPL3 1.5 m4v 2009-08-18 2020-10-11
[irc, mode, py2, py3]
Auto op/voice users when they join IRC channel.
0.1.4 GPL3 0.3.0 m4v 2010-11-27 2019-03-17
[irc, py3]
Helper script for IRC channel operators.
0.3.3 GPL3 0.3.2 m4v 2009-11-02 2020-10-18 Displays channel's peak, low and average users. 0.1 GPL3 0.3.0 m4v 2010-06-09 Custom word completions. 0.3 GPL3 0.3.1 m4v 2010-01-28 2019-09-09 Print user's country and local time in whois/whowas replies. (requires: python-tz) 0.6.1 GPL3 0.3.0 m4v 2009-08-24 2020-07-22
[debug, py2, py3]
Display WeeChats infos, useful for script developers.
0.2 GPL3 0.3.0 m4v 2011-10-02 2013-01-06
[notify, py2]
Notification script using libnotify or dbus with screen support. (requires: inotify-daemon)
0.1.4 GPL3 0.3.0 m4v 2010-02-25 2014-05-10
[debug, py2, py3]
Debugging tool for python scripts or test WeeChat's API functions.
0.3 GPL3 0.3.0 m4v 2010-10-31 2018-11-11