Important: these scripts are written by external contributors, therefore WeeChat developers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for problems caused by one of these scripts.
You could experience problems like memory leaks, slowdowns, or even security problems. You are warned!
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Name / Language Description V. License Min Max Author Added Updated
[notify, py2, py3]
Notifications of private messages, highlights, DCC send/receive and more. (requires: libnotify)
1.0.2 MIT 0.3.0 magnific0 2012-11-26 2020-05-16
[buffer, py2, py3]
Automatically hide/unhide buffers according to IRC activity.
0.5 MIT 1.0 Matthias Adamczyk 2017-10-28 2019-04-14
Securely authenticate with QuakeNet by using CHALLENGEAUTH. (requires: OpenSSL)
0.0.1 MIT 0.3.0 Dominik Honnef 2013-05-01
[irc, py2, py3]
List shared channels with user on command or WHOIS.
1.1 MIT 1.3 Jos Ahrens 2016-04-09 2016-04-09
[irc, clone, py2]
Detect multiple nicknames from the same host on irc channels.
1.4 MIT 0.3.0 FiXato 2011-09-18 2015-03-07
countdown.rb Display a countdown on current buffer. 0.0.2 MIT 0.3.0 Rylee Fowler 2014-03-17 2014-05-05
[irc, dcc]
Forward DCC SEND requests to a different client.
0.0.1 MIT 0.3.4 Dominik Honnef 2012-03-10
[music, py2]
Display which song DeaDBeeF is currently playing.
0.9 MIT 0.3.0 mwgg 2015-06-14
[away, py2, py3]
Automatically set away message based on number of relays connected.
0.1.2 MIT 1.5 p3lim 2017-05-08 2019-04-13
[emoji, py2, py3]
Convert emoji back to their :aliases:.
0.2 MIT 0.3.0 clouserw 2016-10-29 2019-07-06
[notify, py2]
Send Growl notifications upon events. (requires: Growl)
1.0.6 MIT 0.3.0 sorin 2011-10-04 2014-05-10
hilites.rb Display Weechat highlights in dzen (and beep). 0.2 MIT 0.3.0 crshd 2011-08-28 2014-05-10
[notify, py2]
Push notification to
1.3 MIT 0.3.0 Gosuke Miyashita 2012-01-05 2014-05-10 Query JiSho's API to fetch translations for kanji to english or the other way round. 0.1 MIT 0.3.5 ark 2016-10-30
[irc, list, py2, py3]
Show /list results in a common buffer and interact with them.
0.8.2 MIT 0.3.0 FiXato 2011-09-17 2019-07-05
[mail, item]
Unread e-mail notification and count from a local Maildir directory.
1.1 MIT 0.3.0 Yoran Heling 2012-11-26
[irc, mode, mask, py2, py3]
Display who is affected when a mode with a hostmask argument is set.
1.4 MIT 1.3 Jos Ahrens 2016-04-24 2016-11-05
[notify, py2, py3]
Notifications through OS X notification center. (requires: OS X, pync)
1.5.1 MIT 0.3.0 Sindre Sorhus 2012-09-23 2020-03-08
[notify, py2]
Push notification to iPod touch/iPhone with notifo. (requires: notifo)
1.0 MIT 0.3.0 SAEKI Yoshiyasu 2010-07-05
[notify, sms]
View/send SMS via pushbullet.
1.0 MIT 0.3.0 yazgoo 2018-11-11
[notify, py2]
Send highlights and mentions through
0.1.0 MIT 1.0 p3lim 2017-05-08
[input, py2, py3]
Self-censor stuff you were going to say.
0.1 MIT 0.3.0 tx 2018-09-21
[slack, py2, py3] native client. (requires: python websocket-client)
2.6.0 MIT 1.3 rawdigits 2016-07-31 2020-05-08
Send highlights and private messages to a unix socket.
0.0.1 MIT 0.3.0 kelsin 2015-03-22 Send notifications over Telegram. 1.0 MIT 0.3.0 Frantisek Kolacek 2018-12-14
[tts, py2, py3]
Use a TTS engine to pronounce messages.
0.2.1 MIT 0.3.0 raspbeguy 2017-01-21 2017-06-08
[url, py2, py3]
Display hints for URLs and open them with keyboard shortcuts.
0.8 MIT 0.4.0 oakkitten 2018-09-21 2019-08-25
[feed, rss, py2, py3]
RSS/RDF/Atom feed aggregator. (requires: feedparser)
0.3 MIT 0.3.7 Bit Shift 2013-10-19 2018-11-11
[notify, py2]
Send push notifications to your mobile devices using Pushover.
0.1 MIT 0.3.0 adtac 2018-09-21
[stats, py2, py3]
Insert some statistics about buffers/windows on command line.
0.4 MIT 0.3.0 FiXato 2012-03-29 2019-07-05
[irc, whowas, py2, py3]
Display a human-readable time string for WHOWAS data.
1.2 MIT 1.3 Jos Ahrens 2016-04-24
[irc, znc, py2]
Convert ZNC status PRIVMSGs to NOTICEs.
1.0.0 MIT 1.5 Hugo Landau 2016-10-30