Important: please follow all these rules, otherwise your script will be rejected:
  • check that no script (or pending script) does exactly same thing as your script
  • script name:
    • unique name (not used by any other script, even in a different language)
    • the script name in register function must be exactly same name as script (without extension)
    • the word 'weechat' is not needed in name: for example don't use 'weechat_notify' but 'notify' instead (the script is only for WeeChat)
  • script content:
    • a comment at beginning with your name (or pseudo), your e-mail, and the chosen license (the license must be free)
    • no shebang on first line (like '#!/usr/bin/perl'), it's not needed
    • use only English for code and comments
    • no use of extra API between WeeChat and your script (like Ruby gem 'WeeChat'), you must use standard WeeChat API
    • if your script is doing something blocking (like fetching URL), you must use function hook_process (or hook_process_hashtable) to not block WeeChat

short name of script (max 32 chars, only lower case letters, digits or "_")

version of script (only digits or dots)

license (for example: GPL3, BSD, ...)

the script


used for scripts page and git commit

used for scripts page and git commit

optional, not displayed

enter "no" if you are not a spammer