This document lists important changes for each version, that require manual actions. It is recommended to read it when upgrading to a new stable version.
For a complete list of changes, please look at ChangeLog.

Version 4.3.4 (2024-07-03)

No release notes.

Version 4.3.3 (2024-06-22)

No release notes.

Version 4.3.2 (2024-06-06)

No release notes.

Version 4.3.1 (2024-05-31)

Detection of libgcrypt

The detection of libgcrypt has been fixed to properly detect libgcrypt >= 1.11.
As a consequence, the detection of an old version of libgcrypt is failing if the file libgcrypt.pc is not found.
This affects old distributions like Debian Buster and Ubuntu Bionic.

Version 4.3.0 (2024-05-26)

Relay options

The following relay options have been renamed:

  • relay.color.status_waiting_auth → relay.color.status_authenticating

  • relay.weechat.commands → (new default value: *,!quit)

Lag in buflist

The lag is now stored in all IRC buffers: server (like it always has been), channels and private buffers.

Consequently, if you use ${format_lag} in buflist options, this lag will be displayed on server and all channels and private buffers.

If you want to display the lag only on server buffer in buflist, you can use such format:


Color of IRC channel modes

The option irc.color.item_channel_modes has been moved to core and renamed to weechat.color.status_modes.

Signal "buffer_line_added"

The signal "buffer_line_added" is now sent for every line added or modified on a buffer with free content.

Script keys

Some arguments to the /script command were renamed in version 4.1.0, but the keys using these arguments were not changed at same time.

They’re now using the new arguments by default, but you must reset manually the keys with the following commands:

/reset weechat.key_mouse.@chat(script.scripts):button1
/reset weechat.key_mouse.@chat(script.scripts):button2
/reset weechat.key_mouse.@chat(script.scripts):wheeldown
/reset weechat.key_mouse.@chat(script.scripts):wheelup

Version 4.2.3 (2024-05-31)

No release notes.

Version 4.2.2 (2024-04-07)

Script keys

Some arguments to the /script command were renamed in version 4.1.0, but the keys using these arguments were not changed at same time.

They’re now using the new arguments by default, but you must reset manually the keys with the following commands:

/reset weechat.key_mouse.@chat(script.scripts):button1
/reset weechat.key_mouse.@chat(script.scripts):button2
/reset weechat.key_mouse.@chat(script.scripts):wheeldown
/reset weechat.key_mouse.@chat(script.scripts):wheelup

Version 4.2.1 (2024-01-22)

No release notes.

Version 4.2.0 (2024-01-21)

Microseconds in buffer lines

Microseconds have been added in buffer lines (for both date and printed date).

Here are the changes that could affect plugins and scripts:

  • hook_print: the C callback receives a new argument "date_usec" (microseconds of date), after the argument "date" (scripting API is unchanged: the microseconds are not available)

  • trigger of types "print" and "timer": the format of variable ${tg_date} is changed from %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S to %FT%T.%f (where %f is the number of microseconds on 6 digits)

IRC anti-flood

The anti-flood mechanism in IRC plugin has been improved and is now configured in milliseconds instead of seconds.
It is done with a single option irc.server_default.anti_flood (and same option in servers), which replaces both options anti_flood_prio_high and anti_flood_prio_low.

The default value is 2000 (2 seconds), and for example if you want to set a delay of 0.5 seconds between your messages sent:

/set irc.server_default.anti_flood 500

When upgrading from an old WeeChat version, you’ll see such messages, which are perfectly normal (they’re displayed to warn you about unknown options, and then you have to set the new option if needed):

=!= | Warning: /home/user/.config/weechat/irc.conf, line 131: ignoring unknown option for section "server_default": anti_flood_prio_high = 2
=!= | Warning: /home/user/.config/weechat/irc.conf, line 132: ignoring unknown option for section "server_default": anti_flood_prio_low = 2
=!= | Warning: /home/user/.config/weechat/irc.conf, line 212: ignoring invalid value for option in section "server": libera.anti_flood_prio_high
=!= | Warning: //home/user/.config/weechat/irc.conf, line 213: ignoring invalid value for option in section "server": libera.anti_flood_prio_low

Search in commands history

Search in commands history has been added with new keys and a new key context called "histsearch".

Some existing keys have been moved as well.

New keys can be changed and added with the following commands after upgrade from an old WeeChat version:

/key missing
/key unbind ctrl-s,ctrl-u
/key bind meta-U /allbuf /buffer set unread
/key bind ctrl-r /input search_history
/key bindctxt search ctrl-r /input search_previous

RGB colors in IRC messages

Support for RGB colors in IRC messages has been added and a new key Ctrl+c, d is available to insert this color code in command line.

You can add this key with this command:

/key missing

Custom bar items

Custom bar items must now have a different name than default bar items (for example the custom bar item name time is now forbidden).
If you have such names in your config, WeeChat will now fail to load them (this should not happen anyway, since such bar items can not be properly used or can cause a crash of WeeChat).

Nick color infos

The infos irc_nick_color and irc_nick_color_name are deprecated again, and the algorithm to compute IRC nick colors has been reverted to case sensitive.
The server name has been removed from arguments.

Version 4.1.3 (2024-01-20)

No release notes.

Version 4.1.2 (2023-12-03)

No release notes.

Version 4.1.1 (2023-10-26)

Custom bar items

Custom bar items must now have a different name than default bar items (for example the custom bar item name time is now forbidden).
If you have such names in your config, WeeChat will now fail to load them (this should not happen anyway, since such bar items can not be properly used or can cause a crash of WeeChat).

Version 4.1.0 (2023-10-15)

New keys to move in cursor mode

New keys have been added to move in cursor mode, and existing keys to move to another area have been changed: modifier is now Alt+Shift instead of Alt.

You can change existing keys and add new ones with these commands:

/key bindctxt cursor meta-up /cursor move edge_top
/key bindctxt cursor meta-down /cursor move edge_bottom
/key bindctxt cursor meta-left /cursor move edge_left
/key bindctxt cursor meta-right /cursor move edge_right
/key bindctxt cursor meta-end /cursor move bottom_right
/key bindctxt cursor meta-home /cursor move top_left
/key bindctxt cursor meta-shift-up /cursor move area_up
/key bindctxt cursor meta-shift-down /cursor move area_down
/key bindctxt cursor meta-shift-left /cursor move area_left
/key bindctxt cursor meta-shift-right /cursor move area_right

IRC CTCP replies

IRC CTCP replies are now evaluated, with the same variables available, so now the syntax is for example ${version} instead of $version.
The existing options irc.ctcp.* are automatically converted on upgrade.

In addition, for privacy reasons, these default CTCP replies have been removed:



If ever you want that WeeChat replies to these CTCP requests, you can add them back with the two following commands:

/set irc.ctcp.finger "WeeChat ${version}"
/set irc.ctcp.userinfo "${username} (${realname})"

They will then be advertised in reply to "CTCP CLIENTINFO", which is now built dynamically with these options.

Nick color infos

Two infos to get nick colors have been added: nick_color_ignore_case and nick_color_name_ignore_case.
They are similar to nick_color and nick_color_name, except they take as second argument a range of chars to apply on the nick: the nick is converted to lower case using this range of chars.

The infos irc_nick_color and irc_nick_color_name, that were deprecated since version 1.5 are now used again, with a change in parameter: the server is now optional before the nick: "server,nick".
The nick is first converted to lower case, following the value of CASEMAPPING on the server, then hashed to compute the color.
That means the color for a nick is now case insensitive (in the way IRC servers are case insensitive, so with a limited range of chars only).

If a script was using this info with a comma in nickname (which should not happen anyway), this is now interpreted as the server name, and the script must be modified.
Anyway, it is recommended to always give the server name to respect the CASEMAPPING of the server and prevent any issue with a comma in the nickname.

For example nick color of "alice" and "ALICE" is now always guaranteed to be the same:

# with server name (recommended)
weechat.info_get("irc_nick_color", "libera,alice") == weechat.info_get("irc_nick_color", "libera,ALICE")
weechat.info_get("irc_nick_color_name", "libera,alice") == weechat.info_get("irc_nick_color_name", "libera,ALICE")

# without server name (allowed but not recommended, kept for compatibility)
weechat.info_get("irc_nick_color", "alice") == weechat.info_get("irc_nick_color", "ALICE")
weechat.info_get("irc_nick_color_name", "alice") == weechat.info_get("irc_nick_color_name", "ALICE")

Allowed values for options on fset buffer

A new variable allowed_values has been added in fset options.

The default value for the second format has changed.
You can reset it with this command:

/reset fset.format.option2

Mouse actions on fset buffer

Mouse actions on fset buffer has been fixed when option fset.look.format_number is set to 2.

The key for button 1 on fset buffer has been fixed.
You can reset it with this command:

/reset weechat.key_mouse.@chat(fset.fset):button1

Version 4.0.8 (2024-01-20)

No release notes.

Version 4.0.7 (2023-12-03)

No release notes.

Version 4.0.6 (2023-10-26)

Custom bar items

Custom bar items must now have a different name than default bar items (for example the custom bar item name time is now forbidden).

If you have such names in your config, WeeChat will now fail to load them (this should not happen anyway, since such bar items can not be properly used and can cause a crash of WeeChat).

Version 4.0.5 (2023-09-24)

No release notes.

Version 4.0.4 (2023-08-22)

No release notes.

Version 4.0.3 (2023-08-08)

No release notes.

Version 4.0.2 (2023-07-12)

No release notes.

Version 4.0.1 (2023-06-30)

Functions config_set_plugin and config_set_desc_plugin

The functions config_set_plugin and config_set_desc_plugin are not converting any more the option name to lower case because since version 4.0.0, the name of options is case sensitive.

Grab raw key and command

Key Alt+K (upper case) has been removed, as well as commands /input grab_raw_key and /input grab_raw_key_command.

Now the key Alt+k displays the actual key name and command, possibly raw key.

Version 4.0.0 (2023-06-24)

This is a major version that includes breaking changes described below.

Support of new IRC capabilities

Support of new capabilities has been introduced in this version and are all enabled by default, if the server supports them:

  • batch

  • draft/multiline

  • echo-message

When the capability "echo-message" is enabled, you may notice time before your own IRC messages are displayed in the buffer, this is normal : the capability forces the server to sent back messages, and WeeChat displays messages only when they are received from the server.

If you want to disable this capability on all servers, you can do:

/set irc.server_default.capabilities "*,!echo-message"

If you are already connected to a server with echo-message enabled, just ask the server to disable the capability on-the-fly (no need to reconnect):

/cap req -echo-message

Configuration file version

A version has been introduced in configuration file, and due to the many breaking changes (listed in the chapters below), the following files are automatically upgraded to a new version:

Because of this new format, you must NOT load the new configuration files in any older WeeChat version < 4.0.0 once you have run any version ≥ 4.0.0 at least one time.
For example the new key names make the input completely broken (you can not enter most chars in input any more and Enter key does not work).

Key bindings improvements

The format of key bindings has changed to be more user-friendly, and this is a breaking change: legacy keys are automatically converted, but some triggers, plugins or scripts might need manual changes.

Overview of new features:

  • use of alias for keys (meta-left instead of meta2-1;3D)

  • use comma to separate keys in combos (meta-w,meta-up instead of meta-wmeta-meta2-A)

  • control keys are converted to lower keys (ctrl-a instead of ctrl-A)

  • keys are normal options, so they are shown and can be updated with /set and /fset commands

  • command /key without arguments opens the fset buffer with all keys

See Key bindings improvements specification for more information.

New key format

Aliases are now used for keys, like f1, home, return, etc.
In addition, a comma is now required between different keys, for example ctrl-cb is not valid any more and must be replaced by ctrl-c,b.

The keys in weechat.conf are automatically converted from legacy format on first run or upgrade with a legacy configuration file.

For keys bound in external plugins or scripts, WeeChat tries to convert them on-the-fly to stay compatible, but this can not work in all cases (this is a breaking change).

The following fixes are done on keys when they are defined:

  • transform upper case ctrl keys to lower case

  • replace space char by space

  • replace meta2- by meta-[ (modifier meta2- doesn’t exist any more)

  • mouse modifiers are now in this order: alt- then ctrl-.

A warning is displayed when a raw key or invalid key is added.
For example meta-[A (which should be up) or ctrl-ca (missing comma, it should be ctrl-c,a).

Grab raw key and command

New key Alt+K (upper case) is added to grab raw key and its command.

Most of times this command is not needed, and the existing key Alt+k (lower case) is preferred, as it returns the key using the new aliases.

For example:

  • key Alt+k then up arrow displays: up /input history_previous

  • key Alt+K then up arrow displays: meta-[A

Raw keys have higher priority than key with alias (they are looked first); they can still be used and bound, but this is not recommended.
They should be used only in case of problem with the new aliases or with your terminal.

Control keys as lower case

Keys using the Ctrl key and a letter are now automatically converted to lower case.
That means for example keys ctrl-q and ctrl-Q are the same and saved as ctrl-q (lower case).

Example of key being automatically converted to lower case:

/key bind ctrl-Q /print test

Output is now:

New key binding (context "default"): ctrl-q => /print test

With older releases, upper case was mandatory and lower case letter for control keys were not working at all.

Case sensitive identifiers

Many identifiers are made case sensitive, including among others:

  • configuration files, sections, options

  • commands, aliases

  • completion (except nick completion)

  • bars, bar items

  • colors

  • filters

  • IRC servers

  • scripts

  • triggers.

See Case sensitive identifiers specification for more information.

Accordingly, default aliases are now in lower case.
All aliases (default ones and those added manually) are automatically converted to lower case with a message like this one:

Alias converted to lower case: "CLOSE" => "close"

TLS options and connections

Option weechat.color.status_name_insecure has been added, the buffer name is now displayed with color lightmagenta by default if the connection with the server is NOT made with TLS.

Options, commands and documentation have been updated to "TLS" instead of "SSL":

  • core option:

    • weechat.color.status_name_ssl → weechat.color.status_name_tls

  • IRC server default options:

    • irc.server_default.ssl → irc.server_default.tls

    • irc.server_default.ssl_cert → irc.server_default.tls_cert

    • irc.server_default.ssl_dhkey_size → irc.server_default.tls_dhkey_size

    • irc.server_default.ssl_fingerprint → irc.server_default.tls_fingerprint

    • irc.server_default.ssl_password → irc.server_default.tls_password

    • irc.server_default.ssl_priorities → irc.server_default.tls_priorities

    • irc.server_default.ssl_verify → irc.server_default.tls_verify

  • IRC options for a specific server:

    • →

    • →

    • →

    • →

    • →

    • →

    • →

  • Relay options:

    • →

    • →

  • Relay:

    • protocol ssltls

  • Relay command:

    • /relay sslcertkey/relay tlscertkey

Default value of option irc.server_default.tls is now on.
Connection to IRC servers is done with TLS and port 6697 by default.

For example to create server, using TLS (if option irc.server_default.tls is on) and default port 6697:

/server add libera

irc: server added: libera -> (TLS: enabled)

To force non-TLS connection (with default port 6667):

/server add libera -notls

irc: server added: libera -> (TLS: disabled)

Insert of multiple pasted lines in input

By default multiple pasted lines are now inserted in input and not sent immediately.

To enable this feature, the default value of option weechat.look.paste_max_lines has been changed to 100 (it was 1).
If needed, you can reset the option to the new default value after upgrade:

/reset weechat.look.paste_max_lines

The option weechat.look.paste_auto_add_newline has been removed.

Default triggers

The default triggers "cmd_pass", "cmd_pass_register" and "server_pass" have been updated to be compatible with multiline input.

You can restore these default triggers with the following command:

/trigger restore cmd_pass cmd_pass_register server_pass



The autotools support for build of WeeChat has been removed.
WeeChat must now be built with CMake.


The auto-generated files for documentation are now built with weechat-headless, after compilation of WeeChat and the plugins (the files are not in repository any more).
This implies all plugins must be compiled and loaded in order to have complete docs (User’s guide and Plugin API reference).

If ever you want to disable some plugins and force the build of incomplete docs, a new option has been added: ENABLE_DOC_INCOMPLETE (OFF by default).

For example if you disable PHP plugin but still want docs where PHP options, commands, etc. are missing:




The command make dist now builds only .gz and .xz compressed tarballs.
Formats .bz2 and .zst are not built any more.

RPM packaging

The file weechat.spec used for RPM packaging has been removed.
openSUSE has its own here:


The configuration for cpack has been removed.
It was used to build binary package of WeeChat, which has never been released in this format.

Function bar_new

When the bar name already exists, the API function bar_new returns the pointer to the bar (instead of NULL) and sets the default value for all options with the values received.
If you don’t want to set default values in an existing bar, it is recommended to first check if the bar exists with the API function bar_search.

Version 3.8 (2023-01-08)

Move of options out of command /input

Some options of /input command have been moved to other commands (they can still be used with /input but marked as deprecated and completion has been removed):

Old command New command Default key

/input jump_smart

/buffer jump smart


/input jump_previously_visited_buffer

/buffer jump prev_visited


/input jump_next_visited_buffer

/buffer jump next_visited


/input jump_last_buffer_displayed

/buffer jump last_displayed


/input hotlist_clear

/hotlist clear

Alt+h, Alt+c

/input hotlist_remove_buffer

/hotlist remove

Alt+h, Alt+m

/input hotlist_restore_buffer

/hotlist restore

Alt+h, Alt+r

/input hotlist_restore_all

/hotlist restore -all

Alt+h, Alt+Shift+R

/input set_unread

/allbuf /buffer set unread

Ctrl+s, Ctrl+u

/input set_unread_current_buffer

/buffer set unread


/input switch_active_buffer

/buffer switch


/input switch_active_buffer_previous

/buffer switch -previous


/input zoom_merged_buffer

/buffer zoom


The following default keys can be reset to use the new command:

/key reset meta-a
/key reset meta-<
/key reset meta->
/key reset meta-/
/key reset meta-hmeta-c
/key reset meta-hmeta-m
/key reset meta-hmeta-r
/key reset meta-hmeta-R
/key reset ctrl-Sctrl-U
/key reset ctrl-X
/key reset meta-x

Return code of string comparison functions

The following functions now return arithmetic result of subtracting the last compared UTF-8 char in string2 from the last compared UTF-8 char in string1:

  • string_charcmp

  • string_charcasecmp

  • string_charcasecmp_range

  • string_strcasecmp

  • string_strcasecmp_range

  • string_strncasecmp

  • string_strncasecmp_range

  • string_strcmp_ignore_chars

In addition, the case conversion has been extended, now in addition to range A-Z, all chars that have a lower case version are handled.
That means for example the case insensitive comparison of "é" and "É" is 0 (chars are considered equal).

Example with WeeChat 3.8:

int diff = string_strcasecmp ("aaa", "CCC");  /* == -2 */

With older releases:

int diff = string_strcasecmp ("aaa", "CCC");  /* == -1 */

API functions string_tolower and string_toupper

The functions string_tolower and string_toupper now return newly allocated string instead of doing the change in place.
The returned string must then be freed after use.

Trigger regex command

The trigger regex now starts with a command, which is "s" (regex replace, default) or "y" (translate chars).

For compatibility, any regex starting with a delimiter different from a letter will still work.

If you defined some triggers with a regex starting with a letter (used as delimiter), then you must change them before upgrading WeeChat, otherwise they’ll be lost after upgrade (with an error when WeeChat tries to load them from configuration file).

For example this regex is now invalid:


And must be replaced by:


For more information on the regex format, see the trigger chapter in the WeeChat User’s guide.

Remove Python 2 support

The CMake option ENABLE_PYTHON2 and autotools option --enable-python2 have been removed, and WeeChat can not be compiled with Python 2.x any more.

Callbacks of function config_new_option

The two callbacks "callback_change" and "callback_delete" in scripting API function config_new_option have been changed: an integer return value was expected by error, now any return value is ignored (like it has always been in the C API).

Version 3.7.1 (2022-10-21)

No release notes.

Version 3.7 (2022-10-09)

Argument "object_id" in callback of upgrade_new

In all script languages (except PHP), the argument "object_id" sent to the callback of "upgrade_new" is now an integer (it was a string in older releases).

To be compatible with all versions, it is recommended to convert the argument to integer before testing it, for example in Python:

if int(object_id) == 1:
    # ...

Argument "remaining_calls" in callback of hook_timer

In all script languages (except PHP), the argument "remaining_calls" sent to the callback of "hook_timer" is now an integer (it was a string in older releases).

To be compatible with all versions, it is recommended to convert the argument to integer before testing it, for example in Python:

if int(remaining_calls) > 0:
    # ...

Delete previous word until whitespace

A new parameter delete_previous_word_whitespace has been added in /input command to delete previous word until backspace.
This is now bound by default to the key Ctrl+w (see issue #559).

A new key Alt+Backspace has been added to delete word, like Ctrl+w did in previous releases.

You can get the new behavior for Ctrl+w with this command:

/key bind ctrl-W /input delete_previous_word_whitespace

And add the new key Alt+Backspace with this command:

/key missing

Function string_rebuild_split_string

The API function string_build_with_split_string has been renamed to string_rebuild_split_string and two new arguments have been added: _index_start and index_end.

To stay compatible, the existing calls to the function must be done with the new function name and these values:

  • index_start: 0

  • index_end: -1

Version 3.6 (2022-07-10)

Hook print on empty messages

The "hook_print" callback is now called even when an empty message is displayed (with or without prefix).

This was a bug, but is mentioned here just in case some scripts callbacks would be surprised to be called with such empty messages.

Default trigger "beep"

The command of "beep" trigger is now executed only if the buffer notify is NOT set to none (in addition to existing conditions).

You can restore the default trigger "beep" with the following command:

/trigger restore beep

Version 3.5 (2022-03-27)

Compression "zstandard" in relay

Relay of type "weechat" now offers a compression with Zstandard, which allows better compression and is much faster than zlib for both compression and decompression.

The new compression type is zstd, and the default compression is now off instead of zlib: the compression must now be explicitly given in the handshake command.

The option compression in init command has been removed, it is now ignored and must be given in the handshake command (it was deprecated since WeeChat 2.9).

The option has been renamed to and is now a percentage between 0 and 100:

  • 0: disable compression

  • 1: low compression (fast)

  • 100: best compression (slow)

Version 3.4.1 (2022-03-13)

No release notes.

Version 3.4 (2021-12-18)

Default triggers

The existing triggers "cmd_pass" and "cmd_pass_register" have been updated to hide key and password in command /msg nickserv setpass <nick> <key> <password> and support the option -server <name>.

You can restore the default triggers with the following command:

/trigger restore cmd_pass cmd_pass_register

New parameters have been added in function hdata_search, used for the evaluation of expression.

New parameters are the same as function string_eval_expression:

  • pointers: hashtable with pointers (pointers)

  • extra_vars: hashtable with extra variables (strings)

  • options: hashtable with options (strings).

The following scripts are updated consequently to be compatible with all WeeChat versions:

Static array support in hdata

Support of static array in hdata has been added. For pointers to arrays, a prefix *, must be added in parameter array_size of API function hdata_new_var.

Version 3.3 (2021-09-19)

New keys for hotlist

New keys have been added to manipulate the hotlist:

  • Alt+h, Alt+c: clear the whole hotlist (former key: Alt+h)

  • Alt+h, Alt+m: mark the current buffer as read by removing it from the hotlist

  • Alt+h, Alt+r: restore latest hotlist removed in the current buffer

  • Alt+h, Alt+Shift+R: restore latest hotlist removed in all buffers

You can add them with the following command:

/key missing

Since the key Alt+h has been moved to Alt+h, Alt+c, you must manually remove the old key:

/key unbind meta-h

Bar item "typing"

A bar item called "typing" has been added to status bar by default. It is used to display users that are currently typing a message on the current IRC channel or private buffer.

If you want to display typing notifications in the status bar, add ,[typing] in your option

Ordered hashtables

Hashtables entries are now ordered by creation date, the following functions are now returning entries sorted by insertion order:

  • hashtable_map

  • hashtable_map_string

  • hashtable_get_string (all properties except "keys_sorted" and "keys_values_sorted")

  • hashtable_add_to_infolist

IRC default capabilities

All supported capabilities are now enabled by default if the server support them:

  • account-notify

  • away-notify

  • cap-notify

  • chghost

  • extended-join

  • invite-notify

  • message-tags

  • multi-prefix

  • server-time

  • setname

  • userhost-in-names

Two new options have been added and enabled by default to customize the behavior of capabilities "account-notify" and "extended-join":

  • irc.look.display_account_message: display ACCOUNT messages received

  • irc.look.display_extended_join: display extended join info in the JOIN messages: account name and real name

The default value of option irc.server_default.capabilities is now * which means that all capabilities supported by both WeeChat and the server are enabled by default.

After upgrade, to enable all capabilities and remove custom capabilities you have set, you can do:

/set irc.server_default.capabilities "*"
/unset irc.server.example.capabilities

You can also explicitly disable some capabilities with this syntax (see /help irc.server_default.capabilities):

/set irc.server_default.capabilities "*,!away-notify,!extended-join"

IRC SASL DH-BLOWFISH and DH-AES mechanisms removed

The SASL mechanisms DH-BLOWFISH and DH-AES have been removed, because they are insecure and already removed from most IRC servers.
If you were using one of these mechanisms, it is highly recommended to switch to any other supported SASL mechanism.

For example:

/set irc.server.example.sasl_mechanism scram-sha-256

Version 3.2.1 (2021-09-04)

No release notes.

Version 3.2 (2021-06-13)

XDG directories

Support of XDG directories has been added.

For compatibility, if the XDG directories are not found but ~/.weechat exists, this single directory is used for all files.

If you want to switch to XDG directories, you must create and move manually all files in the appropriate directories.
See WeeChat XDG specification for more information.

Some options have new default value: %h is replaced by ${weechat_xxx_dir}.
If you didn’t change the value, it is recommended to set the new default value, by doing /unset <option> on each option:

Option Old default value New default value


















The following scripts are updated to take care of XDG directories, be sure they are all up-to-date, otherwise files may be saved in wrong directories or the script may not find some files:

To check if XDG directories are used, you can run command /debug dirs, which should show different directories for config/data/cache/runtime, like this:

    config: /home/user/.config/weechat
    data: /home/user/.local/share/weechat
    cache: /home/user/.cache/weechat
    runtime: /run/user/1000/weechat
  lib: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/weechat
  lib (extra): -
  share: /usr/share/weechat
  locale: /usr/share/locale

With the legacy ~/.weechat directory, the output would be:

    config: /home/user/.weechat
    data: /home/user/.weechat
    cache: /home/user/.weechat
    runtime: /home/user/.weechat
  lib: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/weechat
  lib (extra): -
  share: /usr/share/weechat
  locale: /usr/share/locale

GnuTLS certificate authorities

A new option has been added to load system’s default trusted certificate authorities on startup: (boolean, enabled by default).

The option has been renamed to and is now used for extra certificates (not the system ones).
This option now supports multiple files, separated by colons.

If you have set a user CA file in option, then you must set this same value in the new option

When one of these options are changed, all certificates are purged and reloaded from files.

Split of commands before evaluation

The split of commands is now performed before the evaluation of string, in the following cases:

  • IRC server option irc.server_default.command or

  • startup option with command line parameter -r / --run-command

  • options weechat.startup.command_before_plugins and weechat.startup.command_after_plugins.

If ever you used here multiple commands that are found by evaluation, then you must use multiple commands directly.

For example if you did this:

/secure set commands "/command1 secret1;/command2 secret2"
/set irc.server.libera.command "${}"

This will now execute a single command: /command1 with two parameters: secret1;/command2 and secret2, which is not what you expect.

So you must now do this instead:

/secure set command1 "/command1 secret1"
/secure set command2 "/command2 secret2"
/set irc.server.libera.command "${};${}"

You could also do this, but be careful, there are two evaluations of strings (the secured data itself is evaluated as well):

/secure set commands "/command1 secret1;/command2 secret2"
/set irc.server.libera.command "/eval -s ${}"

Version 3.1 (2021-03-07)

External program to read secured data passphrase

A new option sec.crypt.passphrase_command has been added to read the passphrase from the output of an external program (like a password manager).

The option sec.crypt.passphrase_file has been removed, because the command can now read a file as well. If you used a file to read the passphrase, you must now setup the command like this:

/set sec.crypt.passphrase_command "cat ~/.weechat-passphrase"

For security reasons, it is of course highly recommended to use a password manager or a program to decrypt a file with your passphrase rather than using a file with the clear password.
For example with password-store (command pass):

/set sec.crypt.passphrase_command "/usr/bin/pass show weechat/passphrase"

Vertical split of windows

The vertical split of windows has been fixed (see issue #1612): now the new window has the asked size, instead of the original window.

For example with this command the new window (on the right) has size 80% instead of 20% in previous releases:

/window splitv 80

List of buffer local variables

The command /buffer localvar has been renamed to /buffer listvar.

The option localvar is still supported to stay compatible with scripts calling it or referencing it in the documentation.
It is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

New options setvar and delvar were also added in command /buffer, see /help buffer.

Buflist option buflist.look.use_items

A new buflist option buflist.look.use_items has been added to speed up display of buflist, in case you use a single buflist item (the most common use case).

If ever you use more than one item (item "buflist2" or even "buflist3"), you must adjust the value of the new option, which defaults to 1:

/set buflist.look.use_items 2

Version 3.0.1 (2021-01-31)

No release notes.

Version 3.0 (2020-11-11)

New option to enable download of scripts

A new option has been added to allow the script plugin to download the list of scripts and the scripts themselves (on by default).

This option is off by default, so you must opt in if you want to use the /script command, even if you upgraded from an old WeeChat version:

/set script.scripts.download_enabled on
When this option is enabled, WeeChat can sometimes download again the list of scripts when you use the /script command, even if you don’t install a script.

IRC commands /allchan, /allpv and /allserv

The command and arguments given to commands /allchan, /allpv and /allserv are now evaluated (see /help on the commands for more information).

Additionally, a breaking change has been introduced: the leading / is now required in these commands, so this allows to send text to buffers without using the command /msg * xxx.

So with previous releases, to say "hello" on all channels:

/allchan msg * hello

Now it can be done like this:

/allchan hello

If you want to use a command, you must add explicitly the leading /:

/allchan /msg * hello

Default trigger "beep"

The command of "beep" trigger is now executed only if the message does NOT contain the tag "notify_none" (in addition to existing conditions).

You can restore the default trigger "beep" with the following command:

/trigger restore beep

Version 2.9 (2020-07-18)

New background color for inactive bars

A new option has been added in bar: "color_bg_inactive". It is used for window bars, when the window is not the active window.

By default this color is set to "default" for default bars, except for status and title: the color is set to "darkgray".

If you upgrade from a previous release, the color will be "default" for all bars, so if you want to use the new default settings, you can do:

/set darkgray
/set darkgray

If you changed the option "color_bg" in some bars, you should also adjust the new option "color_bg_inactive", depending on your needs.

The function bar_new in API is updated, so this is an incompatible change: all plugins and scripts calling this function must be updated.

The following scripts are updated consequently to be compatible with all WeeChat versions:

New modifier_data for modifier "weechat_print"

The modifier "weechat_print" has been fixed and the content of "modifier_data" sent to the callback has changed (see issue #42).

This is an incompatible change, therefore all plugins, scripts and triggers using this modifier and the "modifier_data" argument must be updated.

The old format contained plugin name + ";" + buffer name + ";" + tags:


The new format contains buffer pointer + ";" + tags:


The following scripts are updated consequently to be compatible with all WeeChat versions:

Move of API completion functions

Completion functions have been added in WeeChat 2.9, to allow relay clients or plugins/scripts to complete a string, without using the buffer input.

Therefore two functions have been renamed in API and moved to the new "completion" category:

The old names are still valid for compatibility reasons, but it is recommended to use only the new names as the old ones may be removed in an upcoming release.

GnuTLS is now a required dependency

The build options ENABLE_GNUTLS (in CMake) and --disable-gnutls (in autotools) have been removed. That means now GnuTLS is always compiled and used in WeeChat.


  • communications encryption should be built-in, not optional

  • GnuTLS library should be available everywhere

  • reduce complexity of code and tests of builds.

The trigger "cmd_pass" does not hide any more values of /set command

The default trigger "cmd_pass" does not hide any more values of options in /set command which contain "password" in the name.

The reason is that it was masking values of options that contains the word "password" but the value is not a password and does not contain sensitive data, for example these options were affected:

  • irc.look.nicks_hide_password




Since all real password options are now evaluated, it is recommended to use secure data to store the passwords ciphered in config file.
By using secure data, the passwords are never displayed on screen (even with /set command) nor written in log files.

For example you can do that:

/secure passphrase my_secret_passphrase
/secure set libera my_password
/set irc.server.libera.sasl_password "${}"

This will be displayed like that in WeeChat, using the new regex value of "cmd_pass" trigger:

/secure passphrase ********************
/secure set libera ***********
/set irc.server.libera.sasl_password "${}"

If you want to use the new trigger regex after upgrade, you can do:

/trigger restore cmd_pass

If ever you prefer the old trigger regex, you can change it like that:

/set trigger.trigger.cmd_pass.regex  "==^((/(msg|m|quote) +(-server +[^ ]+ +)?nickserv +(id|identify|set +password|ghost +[^ ]+|release +[^ ]+|regain +[^ ]+|recover +[^ ]+) +)|/oper +[^ ]+ +|/quote +pass +|/set +[^ ]*password[^ ]* +|/secure +(passphrase|decrypt|set +[^ ]+) +)(.*)==${re:1}${hide:*,${re:+}}"

Evaluation of trigger command arguments

The arguments for a trigger command (except the command itself) are now evaluated.

That means you can use for example new lines in the command description, like that:

/trigger add test command "test;test command;arg1 arg2;arg1: description 1${\n}arg2: description 2"

The command /help test will display this help in WeeChat:

[trigger]  /test  arg1 arg2

test command

arg1: description 1
arg2: description 2

Add of handshake and nonce in weechat relay protocol


A handshake command has been added in weechat relay protocol.
The client should send this command before the init to negotiate the way to authenticate with the relay server.

See the handshake command in Relay protocol doc for more information.

Server "nonce"

Furthermore, a "nonce" is now generated for each client connecting and must be used by the client in case of hashed password in the init command.
The goal is to prevent replay attacks in case someone manages to read exchanges between the client and relay.

When hashing the password, the client must use salt composed by this nonce as binary (it is hexadecimal and must be base16-decoded), concatenated with a client nonce after this one.
So the hash is computed on: (server nonce + client nonce + password).

This salt is now mandatory even for algorithms SHA256 and SHA512; this is a breaking change in protocol, needed for security reasons.

See the init command in Relay protocol doc for more information.

Version 2.8 (2020-03-29)

Auto connection to servers

The command line option -a (or --no-connect), which can also be used in the /plugin command, is now used to set a new info called auto_connect (see the function info_get in the Plugin API reference).

Therefore, the option is not sent any more to the function weechat_plugin_init of plugins.
The plugins using this option must now get the info auto_connect and check if the value is "1" (a string with just 1).

The purpose of this change is to allow scripts as well to check this info on startup, and connect or not, depending on the value (see issue #1453).

To be compatible with WeeChat ≤ 2.7, the script can do this, for example in Python:

auto_connect = weechat.info_get("auto_connect", "") != "0"

The variable auto_connect will be set like that, depending on the WeeChat version:

  • WeeChat ≤ 2.7: always True because the info is an empty string (it does not exist), which is different from "0",

  • WeeChat ≥ 2.8: True by default, and False if -a or --no-connect is given by the user (either on command line or when loading the plugin).

Version 2.7.1 (2020-02-20)

No release notes.

Version 2.7 (2019-12-08)

CMake errors on missing dependencies

When compiling WeeChat with CMake (which is the recommended way), errors are now displayed on any missing dependency, if the optional feature was enabled (most features are automatically enabled, except documentation, man page and tests).

Any error on a missing dependency is fatal, so WeeChat can not be compiled. This is a new behavior compared to old versions, where any missing dependency was silently ignored and the compilation was possible anyway.

For example if PHP is not installed on your system, CMake will display an error on missing PHP library:

-- checking for one of the modules 'php7'
CMake Warning at cmake/FindPHP.cmake:57 (message):
  Could not find libphp7.  Ensure PHP >=7.0.0 development libraries are
  installed and compiled with `--enable-embed`.  Ensure `php-config` is in
  `PATH`.  You may set `-DCMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH=...` to the directory containing
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  src/plugins/CMakeLists.txt:157 (find_package)

CMake Error at src/plugins/CMakeLists.txt:161 (message):
  Php not found

Then you can either install PHP or explicitly disable PHP if you don’t need this plugin, using this cmake option:


Strings received in Python 3 callbacks

The strings sent to script callbacks in Python 3 are now automatically converted according to the content:

  • if the string is valid UTF-8, it is sent as str (legacy behavior)

  • if the string is not valid UTF-8, it is sent as bytes (new).

In some cases only, the string may not be valid UTF-8, so it is received as bytes in the callback, which must take care of that.

For more information, see the WeeChat scripting guide: chapter about strings received in callbacks (see also issue #1389).

Note: there are no changes for Python 2 (which is now deprecated and should not be used any more), the strings sent to callbacks are always of type str, and may contain invalid UTF-8 data, in the cases mentioned in the WeeChat scripting guide.

IRC message decoding/encoding

A new server option called "charset_message" has been added, replacing the option

This new server option has three possible values:

  • message (default): the whole IRC message is decoded/encoded, this is the new default behavior; in case of problem with channel names, try to use text instead

  • channel: the message is decoded/encoded starting at the channel name (or the text if no channel is present); this is like setting the old option to on

  • text: the message is decoded/encoded starting from the text (for example the user message); this is like setting the old option to off (so this was the default behavior in previous versions)

Suffix for files received via DCC

Files received via DCC (xfer plugin) now have a suffix ".part" during the transfer. When the transfer is successful, the suffix is removed.

This suffix can be customized with the new option xfer.file.download_temporary_suffix.

If you prefer the legacy behavior (no suffix added), you can set an empty value in the new option:

/set xfer.file.download_temporary_suffix ""

Version 2.6 (2019-09-08)

Python 3 by default

Python 3 is now used by default to compile the "python" plugin (no fallback on Python 2).

The CMake option ENABLE_PYTHON3 has been renamed to ENABLE_PYTHON2 (configure option --enable-python2). If this option is enabled, the "python" plugin is built with Python 2 (no fallback on Python 3).

Nick colors

The function to compute the colors based on the nick letters has been fixed (now the function uses only a 64-bit integer even if the underlying architecture is 32-bit).

If you’re running WeeChat on a 32-bit architecture and want to keep same colors as the previous releases, you can use one of the two new hash values.

If you were using "djb2", you can switch to "djb2_32":

/set weechat.look.nick_color_hash djb2_32

If you were using "sum", you can switch to "sum_32":

/set weechat.look.nick_color_hash sum_32

Version 2.5 (2019-06-06)

Aspell plugin renamed to Spell

The "aspell" plugin has been renamed to "spell", a more generic term, because it supports aspell and also enchant.

Consequently, the following things have been renamed as well:

  • file aspell.conf → spell.conf (the content of the file has not changed, so you can just rename the file to keep your changes)

  • options aspell.* → spell.*

  • command /aspell/spell

  • default key Alt+s/mute spell toggle

  • bar item aspell_dict → spell_dict

  • bar item aspell_suggest → spell_suggest

  • info aspell_dict → spell_dict

If you are upgrading from a previous release, you can copy the config file before doing /upgrade, in WeeChat:

/save aspell
/exec -sh cp ~/.weechat/aspell.conf ~/.weechat/spell.conf

If you already upgraded WeeChat:

/exec -sh cp ~/.weechat/aspell.conf ~/.weechat/spell.conf
/reload spell

Once configuration is OK, you can delete the file ~/.weechat/aspell.conf.

Then you can search if you are using "aspell" in values of options:

/fset =aspell

If there are options displayed, replace "aspell" by "spell" in values.

The default key Alt+s can be changed to the new /spell command:

/key bind meta-s /mute spell toggle

Speed limit option for DCC files

The option has been renamed to

If you changed the value of this option, you must set it again after upgrade.

A new option has been added to limit the speed of received files.

Allocated string in hook info and function info_get

The hook info callback now returns an allocated string, which must be freed after use (in previous versions, a pointer to a static string was returned).

Consequently, the function info_get returns an allocated string, which must be freed after use.

This affects only C code, no changes are required in scripts.

Version 2.4 (2019-02-17)

Nick completer

A space is not added automatically any more when you complete a nick at the beginning of command line.
Purpose of this change is to be more flexible: you can choose whether the space is added or not (it was always added in previous releases).

The default value of option weechat.completion.nick_completer has been changed to add the space by default, but the value of option is not changed automatically on upgrade.

So you can run this command if you upgraded from an old version and want the space still added automatically:

/set weechat.completion.nick_completer ": "

Base64 API functions

The functions to encode/decode base64 strings have been renamed and now support base 16, 32, and 64.

New functions in C API, supporting base 16, 32, and 64:

Functions removed from C API:

  • string_encode_base64

  • string_decode_base64

Version 2.3 (2018-10-21)

No release notes.

Version 2.2 (2018-07-14)

Default conditions for hotlist

The default value for option weechat.look.hotlist_add_conditions has been changed to take care about the number of connected clients on the relay with weechat protocol: if at least one client is connected, the buffer is always added to the hotlist.

The new value contains three conditions, if one of them is true, the buffer is added to the hotlist:

  • ${away}: true if you are away on the server matching the buffer,

  • ${buffer.num_displayed} == 0: true if the buffer is not displayed in any window

  • ${info:relay_client_count,weechat,connected} > 0: true if at least one client is connected on a weechat relay (new condition).

To use the new default value, you can reset the option with this command:

/unset weechat.look.hotlist_add_conditions

Or set explicitly the value:

/set weechat.look.hotlist_add_conditions "${away} || ${buffer.num_displayed} == 0 || ${info:relay_client_count,weechat,connected} > 0"

Default triggers

The existing triggers "cmd_pass" and "msg_auth" have been updated to hide password in command /msg nickserv set password and support the option -server <name>.

You can restore the default triggers with the following command:

/trigger restore cmd_pass msg_auth

Tags in IRC "in" signals

The IRCv3 tags are now sent in these IRC signals for received messages (xxx is IRC server name, yyy is IRC command name):

  • xxx,irc_in_yyy

  • xxx,irc_in2_yyy

  • xxx,irc_raw_in_yyy

  • xxx,irc_raw_in2_yyy

This could break plugins or scripts that parse IRC messages and don’t expect to receive tags (even if tags are part of the IRC message, so this was a bug in the IRC signals).

See issue #787 for more information.

It is recommended for plugins and scripts to use the WeeChat IRC parser: see the function info_get_hashtable in the Plugin API reference.

Now the whole IRC message is received by the signal callback, for example:

@tag1=abc;tag2=def :nick!user@host PRIVMSG #test :this is a test

In older releases, this message was received:

:nick!user@host PRIVMSG #test :this is a test

New Debian package for headless version

A new Debian package has been added: "weechat-headless" which contains the binary "weechat-headless" and its man page.

In version 2.1, this binary was in the package "weechat-curses".

Version 2.1 (2018-03-18)

Completion for /set and /help commands

A new option weechat.completion.partial_completion_templates has been added to force partial completion on some templates. By default, the option name completed in /set and /help commands are now using partial completion.

If you prefer old behavior, you can remove the templates from the new option with this command:

/set weechat.completion.partial_completion_templates ""

For more information about this feature, you can read help with:

/help weechat.completion.partial_completion_templates

Option to check license of scripts loaded

A configuration file has been added for each script plugin: python.conf, perl.conf, ruby.conf, …​

Therefore the option to check license of loaded scripts has been moved from plugins.var.<language>.check_license (type: string) to the plugin configuration file (type: boolean, default is off).

List of options moved:

  • plugins.var.python.check_license (string) → python.look.check_license (boolean)

  • plugins.var.perl.check_license (string) → perl.look.check_license (boolean)

  • plugins.var.ruby.check_license (string) → ruby.look.check_license (boolean)

  • plugins.var.lua.check_license (string) → lua.look.check_license (boolean)

  • plugins.var.tcl.check_license (string) → tcl.look.check_license (boolean)

  • plugins.var.guile.check_license (string) → guile.look.check_license (boolean)

  • plugins.var.javascript.check_license (string) → javascript.look.check_license (boolean)

  • plugins.var.php.check_license (string) → php.look.check_license (boolean)

Version 2.0.1 (2017-12-20)

No release notes.

Version 2.0 (2017-12-03)

Fset plugin

A new plugin "fset" has been added, it replaces the script and has many new features.

By default the fset plugin changes the behavior of /set command when it is used with only an option name: it opens the fset buffer if at least one option is found.

The old behavior was to display the list of options in the core buffer.

If you prefer the old behavior, you can restore it with this command:

/set fset.look.condition_catch_set ""

For more information about this feature, you can read help with:

/help fset.look.condition_catch_set

Split of scripting Debian packages

The Debian packaging has changed (for now only on repositories, not in Debian official repositories).
The package "weechat-plugins" has been split into 9 packages:

  • weechat-plugins (with only the following plugins: aspell, exec, fifo, relay, script, trigger)

  • weechat-python

  • weechat-perl

  • weechat-ruby

  • weechat-lua

  • weechat-tcl

  • weechat-guile

  • weechat-javascript

  • weechat-php.

If you are using the packages from, you will have to install manually the scripting packages (according to the languages you’ll use in WeeChat), for example Python/Perl only:

sudo apt-get install weechat-python weechat-perl

For development packages:

sudo apt-get install weechat-devel-python weechat-devel-perl

Evaluation in buflist

The evaluation of expressions in buflist options is not recursive any more, to prevent too many evaluations, for example in buffer variables (see issue #1060 for more information).
If you are using custom variables/options containing evaluated expressions, like ${some.config.option}, and if this option contains evaluated strings (${…​}), you must evaluate them with: ${eval:${some.config.option}}.

The default buflist formats (${format_buffer}, ${format_name}, ${format_hotlist}, …​) are automatically evaluated in options buflist.format.buffer, buflist.format.buffer_current and buflist.format.hotlist.

Function hook_connect

In scripts, the arguments "status", "gnutls_rc" and "sock" sent to the callback of "hook_connect" are now integers (they were strings in older releases).
To be compatible with all versions, it is recommended to convert the argument to integer before using it, for example in Python: int(sock).

Function hook_fd

In scripts, the argument "fd" sent to the callback of "hook_fd" is now an integer (it was a string in older releases).
To be compatible with all versions, it is recommended to convert the argument to integer before using it, for example in Python: int(fd).

Version 1.9.1 (2017-09-23)

No release notes.

Version 1.9 (2017-06-25)

No release notes.

Version 1.8 (2017-05-13)

Buflist plugin

A new plugin called "buflist" has been added, it replaces the script "".

If the script is installed, you will see two sidebars with list of buffers.

If you fell in love with buflist and that the script is installed, you can uninstall the script and remove its bar with these commands:

/script remove
/bar del buffers

If you don’t want the list of buffers, you can disable buflist:

/set buflist.look.enabled off

To save extra memory, you can even unload the buflist plugin, remove the bar and prevent the plugin from loading on next startup:

/plugin unload buflist
/bar del buflist
/set weechat.plugin.autoload "*,!buflist"


The option script.scripts.url_force_https has been removed because now the site can only be used with HTTPS.
Both HTTP and HTTPS protocols are allowed in the option script.scripts.url. For an automatic redirection to will occur, so you should check that the CA certificates are properly installed on your machine.

Aspell option with color for suggestion on a misspelled word has been renamed:

  • aspell.color.suggestions has been renamed to aspell.color.suggestion

Version 1.7.1 (2017-04-22)

No release notes.

Version 1.7 (2017-01-15)

FIFO options

A new configuration file "fifo.conf" has been added and the old option plugins.var.fifo.fifo has been moved to fifo.file.enabled.

A new option fifo.file.path can be used to customize the FIFO pipe path/filename.

Default triggers

A new trigger "cmd_pass_register" has been added to hide only password and not email in command /msg nickserv register password email.
The existing trigger "cmd_pass" has been updated to hide password in all commands except /msg nickserv register.

You can add the new trigger and restore the other one with the following command:

/trigger restore cmd_pass_register cmd_pass

Version 1.6 (2016-10-02)

IRC kick/part/quit default messages

Server options with default messages for kick/part/quit have been renamed:

  • options by default for all servers:

    • irc.server_default.default_msg_kick → irc.server_default.msg_kick

    • irc.server_default.default_msg_part → irc.server_default.msg_part

    • irc.server_default.default_msg_quit → irc.server_default.msg_quit

  • options in each server:

    • →

    • →

    • →

If you changed the value of these options, you must set them again after upgrade.

Printf API functions

Some "printf" functions have been removed from C API (there were not in scripting API):

  • printf_date

  • printf_tags

The function "printf_date_tags" must now be used instead of these functions (the two functions removed were just C macros on function "printf_date_tags" with tags set to NULL for "printf_date" and date set to 0 for "printf_tags").

Version 1.5 (2016-05-01)

Nick coloring moved to core

The nick coloring feature has been moved from irc plugin to core.

Two options have been moved from irc plugin (irc.conf) to core (weechat.conf), and you must set new value if you customized them:

  • irc.look.nick_color_force → weechat.look.nick_color_force

  • irc.look.nick_color_hash → weechat.look.nick_color_hash

  • irc.look.nick_color_stop_chars → weechat.look.nick_color_stop_chars

The default value for option weechat.look.nick_color_hash is now djb2 instead of sum.

The following info names (used by API function "info_get") are renamed as well:

  • irc_nick_color → nick_color

  • irc_nick_color_name → nick_color_name

The old info irc_nick_color and irc_nick_color_name are kept for compatibility (especially scripts) and will be removed in an upcoming release.

Pointer in callbacks

A pointer has been added in all callbacks used by scripts, so the callbacks will receive an extra const void *pointer before the void *data (in the C API only, not scripting API).

This is used to remove linked list of callbacks in scrips (improve speed, reduce memory usage).

Following functions are changed in the C API:

The function unhook_all has a new argument const char *subplugin to remove only hooks created by this "subplugin" (script).

Bar item "away"

The bar item "away" has been moved from irc plugin to core (so that away status can be displayed for any plugin, using the buffer local variable "away").

Two options have been moved from irc plugin (irc.conf) to core (weechat.conf):

  • irc.look.item_away_message → weechat.look.item_away_message

  • irc.color.item_away → weechat.color.item_away

Default triggers

The default triggers "cmd_pass" and "msg_auth" have been updated to include nickserv commands "recover" and "regain".

You can restore them with the following command:

/trigger restore cmd_pass msg_auth

Version 1.4 (2016-01-10)

IRC alternate nicks

The option has been moved into servers (irc.server_default.nicks_alternate and

If you disabled this option, you must switch it off again, globally or by server.

Globally (default value for all servers):

/set irc.server_default.nicks_alternate off

For a specific server:

/set irc.server.libera.nicks_alternate off

Version 1.3 (2015-08-16)

IRC channels encoding

If you are using exotic charsets in your channel names (anything different from UTF-8, like ISO charset), you should turn on a new option:

/set on

This will force WeeChat to decode/encode the channel name (like WeeChat 1.2 or older did).

See these issues for more information: issue #482, issue #218.

It is highly recommended to use only UTF-8 in WeeChat (wherever you can), because everything is stored as UTF-8 internally.

Alias command

The command /alias has been updated to list, add and remove aliases. Therefore the command /unalias has been removed.

To add an alias, the argument add must be used in command /alias before the name, for example:

/alias add split /window splith

And the alias is removed with this command:

/alias del split

Script path

The option script.scripts.dir has been renamed to script.scripts.path (and the content is now evaluated, see /help eval).

If you changed the value of this option, you must set it again after upgrade.

Version 1.2 (2015-05-10)

The word chars are now customizable with two options:

  • weechat.look.word_chars_highlight

  • weechat.look.word_chars_input

The behavior has changed for command line: now any non-word char is used as delimiter for keys to move to previous/next word or delete previous/next word.

You can restore the old behavior (only use spaces as delimiters) with this command:

/set weechat.look.word_chars_input "!\u00A0,!\x20,*"

Version 1.1.1 (2015-01-25)

No release notes.

Version 1.1 (2015-01-11)

New format for regex replacement in triggers

A new format is used in regex replacement to use regex groups, this format is incompatible with version 1.0.

The existing triggers are NOT automatically updated.

Old format New format Examples (new format)

$0 …​ $99

${re:0} …​ ${re:99}








Moreover, default triggers used to hide passwords have been fixed for *BSD operating systems.

You can restore them with the following command:

/trigger restore cmd_pass msg_auth server_pass

If you added triggers with the old regex replacement format, you must update them manually.

Default "beep" trigger

The command of "beep" trigger is now executed only if the message is displayed (not filtered with /filter).

You can restore the default "beep" trigger with the following command:

/trigger restore beep

Return code of commands

The API function command now sends the value returned return by command callback.

WeeChat does not display any more an error when a command returns WEECHAT_RC_ERROR. Consequently, all plugins/scripts should display an explicit error message before returning WEECHAT_RC_ERROR.

For C plugins, two macros have been added in weechat-plugin.h: WEECHAT_COMMAND_MIN_ARGS and WEECHAT_COMMAND_ERROR.

Completion of inline commands

WeeChat now completes by default inline commands (not only at beginning of line).

When this feature is enabled, there is no more automatic completion of absolute paths (except if you are completing a path inside a command argument, like /dcc send <nick> <path>).

To restore the old behavior (no completion of inline commands):

/set weechat.completion.command_inline off

Relay option relay.irc.backlog_tags

The option relay.irc.backlog_tags is now a list separated by commas (it was separated by semicolons in older versions).

If you are using a list of tags in this option, you must adjust the value manually.

IPv4-mapped IPv6 client address in relay

The string "::ffff:" has been removed from IPv4-mapped IPv6 client address in relay plugin.

If you are using "::ffff:" in option, you can remove it.

Temporary servers disabled by default with /connect

Creating a temporary server with command /connect <address> or /connect irc://... is now forbidden by default.

A new option has been added to unlock the feature, you can do that for the old behavior in command /connect:

/set irc.look.temporary_servers on

Microseconds in API timeval functions

The API functions using timeval are now using or returning microseconds, instead of milliseconds:

Version 1.0.1 (2014-09-28)

No release notes.

Version 1.0 (2014-08-15)

Channel type not added by default on /join

The channel type is not any more automatically added to a channel name on join (for example /join weechat will not send /join #weechat).

If you are lazy and want to automatically add the channel type, you can turn on the new option:

/set irc.look.join_auto_add_chantype on

Hide IRC channel modes arguments

The option irc.look.item_channel_modes_hide_key has been renamed to irc.look.item_channel_modes_hide_args and is now a string.
It can now hide arguments for multiple channel modes.

By default, a channel key (mode "k") will hide channel arguments. For old behavior (never hide arguments, even with a channel key), you can do:

/set irc.look.item_channel_modes_hide_args ""

Jump to first/last buffer

The command /input jump_last_buffer has been replaced by /buffer +. You can rebind the key Alt+j, Alt+l (L):

/key bind meta-jmeta-l /buffer +
The command /input jump_last_buffer still works for compatibility reasons, but it should not be used any more.

Similarly, a new key has been added to jump to first buffer: Alt+j, Alt+f. You can add it with the following command:

/key missing

Hotlist conditions

A new option weechat.look.hotlist_add_conditions has been added. This option replaces the option weechat.look.hotlist_add_buffer_if_away, which has been removed.

Default conditions are ${away} || ${buffer.num_displayed} == 0, which means that a buffer is added in hotlist if you are away ("away" local variable is set), or if the buffer is not visible on screen (not displayed in any window).

If you have set weechat.look.hotlist_add_buffer_if_away to off (to not add current buffer in hotlist when you are away), then you must manually change the default conditions with the following command:

/set weechat.look.hotlist_add_conditions "${buffer.num_displayed} == 0"

Rmodifier replaced by Trigger plugin

The trigger plugin replaces the rmodifier plugin, which has been removed (and trigger has much more features than rmodifier).

Default triggers have same features as default rmodifiers (to hide passwords in commands and output).

If you added some custom rmodifiers, you must create similar triggers, see /help trigger and the complete trigger doc in the WeeChat User’s guide.

If on startup you have an error about API mismatch in plugin "", you can manually remove the file (the command make install does not remove obsolete plugins).

Bare display

A bare display mode has been added (for easy text selection and click on URLs), the new default key is Alt+l (L).

Use command /key missing to add the key or /key listdiff to see differences between your current keys and WeeChat default keys.

Function hook_print

In scripts, the arguments "displayed" and "highlight" sent to the callback of "hook_print" are now integers (they were strings in older releases).

To be compatible with all versions, it is recommended to convert the argument to integer before testing it, for example in Python:

if int(highlight):
    # ...

Version 0.4.3 (2014-02-09)

Colors in messages

The color code for "reverse video" in IRC message has been fixed: now WeeChat uses 0x16 like other clients (and not 0x12 any more).
The code 0x12 is not decoded any more, so if it is received (for example from an old WeeChat version), it is not displayed as reverse video.

The color code for "underlined text" in input line has been fixed: now WeeChat uses 0x1F, the same code sent to IRC server.

The default keys for "reverse video" and "underlined text" have changed:

  • reverse video: key Ctrl+c, r is replaced by Ctrl+c, v

  • underlined text: key Ctrl+c, u is replaced by Ctrl+c, _

You can remove the old keys and add the new ones with these commands:

/key unbind ctrl-Cr
/key unbind ctrl-Cu
/key missing

Terminal title

The boolean option weechat.look.set_title has been renamed to weechat.look.window_title and is now a string.

The content is evaluated and the default value is WeeChat ${info:version}.

Only static content should be used in this option, because the title is refreshed only when the option is changed.

New bar item buffer_last_number

The bar item "buffer_count" now displays the number of opened buffers (each merged buffer counts 1).

The new bar item "buffer_last_number" displays the highest buffer number currently used.

If you want to display last number in the status bar, replace "buffer_count" by "buffer_last_number" in your option

New bar item buffer_zoom

A new bar item has been added: "buffer_zoom". The default value for status bar items becomes:

/set "[time],[buffer_count],[buffer_plugin],buffer_number+:+buffer_name+(buffer_modes)+{buffer_nicklist_count}+buffer_zoom+buffer_filter,[lag],[hotlist],completion,scroll"

IRC messages on channel join

The names are not displayed any more by default on channel join (they are in nicklist anyway).

Names can be displayed with the value "353" in option irc.look.display_join_message (which is not in default value).
The value "366" shows only names count on channel.

If you want to display all messages on join (including names), you can do:

/set irc.look.display_join_message "329,332,333,353,366"

Maximum lag in IRC

Option has been added.

The value of option (if set to non-zero value) must be less than or equal to, otherwise the reconnection will never occur.

You should check the value of both options and fix them if needed.

Version 0.4.2 (2013-10-06)

Day change message

The day change message is now dynamically displayed, and therefore is not stored as a line in buffer any more.

Option weechat.look.day_change_time_format has been split into two options weechat.look.day_change_message_{1date|2dates} (color codes are allowed in these options, see /help eval).

New color option weechat.color.chat_day_change has been added.

After /upgrade from an old version, you will see two messages for each day change. This is a normal behavior and will not happen again with the next day changes.

Search with regular expression has been added, and therefore some keys in search context have been changed.

The key Ctrl+r in search context is now used to switch string/regex search (instead of searching exact text).

If you never changed keys in search context, you can reset them all with one command:

/key resetall -yes search

Or the manual method:

/key missing search
/key bindctxt search ctrl-R /input search_switch_regex

To view keys in search context:

/key list search

For more information, see the chapter about keys in the WeeChat User’s guide.

New rmodifier

A new rmodifier "secure" has been added to hide passphrase and passwords displayed by command /secure. Use command /rmodifier missing to add it.

Color codes in options

The format for color codes in some options has changed. The options are evaluated with the function "string_eval_expression", which uses the format ${color:xxx}.

Following options are affected:

  • weechat.look.buffer_time_format

  • weechat.look.prefix_action

  • weechat.look.prefix_error

  • weechat.look.prefix_join

  • weechat.look.prefix_network

  • weechat.look.prefix_quit

The options using old format ${xxx} must be changed with new format ${color:xxx} (where xxx is a color name or number, with optional color attributes).


/set weechat.look.buffer_time_format "${color:251}%H${color:243}%M${color:238}%S"

Binary and man page

WeeChat binary and man page have been renamed from weechat-curses to weechat.

A symbolic link has been added for binary: weechat-cursesweechat (so that the /upgrade from a old version will still work).

If you upgrade from an old version, it is recommended to force the use of the new binary name with the command: /upgrade /path/to/weechat (replace the path accordingly).

For packagers: you should create the link weechat-cursesweechat if it’s not automatically created in the package (both CMake and configure are creating this link on make install).

Man page / documentation

Documentation is not built by default any more, you have to use option -DENABLE_DOC=ON in cmake command to enable it.

The man page is now built with asciidoc and translated in several languages. A new CMake option ENABLE_MAN has been added to compile man page (OFF by default).

Aspell colors

Option aspell.look.color has been renamed to aspell.color.misspelled.

If you changed the value of this option, you must set it again after upgrade.

Version 0.4.1 (2013-05-20)

Nicklist diff in relay

A new message with identifier "_nicklist_diff" has been added in relay (WeeChat protocol). WeeChat may decide to send full nicklist or this nicklist diff at any time (depending on size of message, the smaller is sent).

Clients using nicklist must implement it.

For more info about content of message, see document WeeChat Relay Protocol.

Dynamic nick prefix/suffix

The nick prefix/suffix (for example: "<" and ">") are now dynamic and used on display (not stored any more in the line).

Options moved from irc plugin (irc.conf) to core (weechat.conf):

  • irc.look.nick_prefix → weechat.look.nick_prefix

  • irc.look.nick_suffix → weechat.look.nick_suffix

  • irc.color.nick_prefix → weechat.color.chat_nick_prefix

  • irc.color.nick_suffix → weechat.color.chat_nick_suffix

Types and default values for these four options remain unchanged.

Two new options to customize the truncature char (by default “+”):

  • weechat.look.prefix_align_more_after (boolean, on by default)

  • weechat.look.prefix_buffer_align_more_after (boolean, on by default)

When these options are enabled (default), the “+” is displayed after the text, replacing the space that should be displayed there.
When turned off, the “+” will replace last char of text.

Example for a nicks "FlashCode" and "fc" with different values for options weechat.look.prefix_align_max, weechat.look.prefix_align_more_after, weechat.look.nick_prefix and weechat.look.nick_suffix:

                      # align_max, more_after, prefix/suffix

FlashCode │ test      # 0, on
       fc │ test

FlashCod+│ test       # 8, on
      fc │ test

FlashCo+ │ test       # 8, off
      fc │ test

<FlashCode> │ test    # 0, on,  < >
       <fc> │ test

<FlashC>+│ test       # 8, on,  < >
    <fc> │ test

<Flash+> │ test       # 8, off, < >
    <fc> │ test

After /upgrade, if you set new options to non-empty strings, and if old options were set to non-empty strings too, you will see double prefix/suffix on old messages, this is normal behavior (lines displayed before /upgrade have prefix/suffix saved in prefix, but new lines don’t have them any more).

New options in logger plugin (logger.conf):

  • logger.file.nick_prefix: prefix for nicks in log files (default: empty string)

  • logger.file.nick_suffix: suffix for nicks in log files (default: empty string)

IRC reconnection on important lag

Option has been renamed to and value is now a number of seconds (instead of minutes).

If you changed the value of this option, you must set it again after upgrade.

IRC passwords hidden

IRC plugin is now using modifiers "irc_command_auth" and "irc_message_auth" to hide passwords.

The option irc.look.hide_nickserv_pwd has been removed, and a new option irc.look.nicks_hide_password has been added (by default passwords are hidden only for "nickserv").

A new rmodifier "message_auth" has been added to hide passwords displayed by command /msg nickserv identify|register|ghost|release and the rmodifier "nickserv" has been renamed to "command_auth".

If you never added/changed rmodifiers, you can just reset all rmodifiers:

/rmodifier default -yes

If you added/changed some rmodifiers, do it manually with these commands:

/rmodifier del nickserv
/rmodifier add command_auth history_add,input_text_display,irc_command_auth 1,4* ^(/(msg|quote) +nickserv +(id|identify|register|ghost \S+|release \S+) +)(.*)
/rmodifier add message_auth irc_message_auth 1,3* ^(.*(id|identify|register|ghost \S+|release \S+) +)(.*)

Lua constants

For consistency with other supported languages, the API constants in Lua have been redefined as constants instead of functions.

Therefore, the use of a constant must be changed: the parentheses must be removed.

The old syntax was:

return weechat.WEECHAT_RC_OK()

The new syntax is:

return weechat.WEECHAT_RC_OK

Guile callbacks

The way to give arguments for guile callbacks has been fixed: now arguments are sent individually (instead of a list with all arguments inside).

Therefore, existing guile scripts must be modified accordingly. Moreover, WeeChat now requires Guile ≥ 2.0 to compile.

Version 0.4.0 (2013-01-20)

Conditions in bars

Conditions in bars have changed, and now an expression is evaluated.

If you have a value with many conditions in a bar, like: nicklist,active, you must now use an expression like: ${nicklist} && ${active} (see the chapter about bars in the WeeChat User’s guide).

IPv6 by default


IPv6 is now used by default to connect to IRC servers, with fallback to IPv4. The option irc.server_default.ipv6 is now on by default. If IPv6 is not enabled or fails, IPv4 will be used. The "ipv6" option in server is now used to disable IPv6 and force IPv4 (if option is turned off).


Relay plugin is now listening by default on an IPv6 socket (new option, on by default), so connections with IPv4 will have IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses, like: "::ffff:" (for ""); check that value of option supports this mapping, or disable IPv6 in relay if you don’t plan to use it at all:

/set off

Version (2012-11-18)

No release notes.

Version (2012-11-09)

No release notes.

Version 0.3.9 (2012-09-29)

Options moved

Options moved from core (weechat.conf) to irc plugin (irc.conf):

  • weechat.look.nickmode → irc.look.nick_mode (new type: integer with values: none/prefix/action/both)

  • weechat.look.nickmode_empty → irc.look.nick_mode_empty

New bar item buffer_modes

A new bar item has been added: "buffer_modes" and irc option irc.look.item_channel_modes has been removed; to display irc channel modes in status bar (after channel name), you have to manually add the new item "buffer_modes" (this is now used by default in status bar items), default value for status bar items becomes:

/set "[time],[buffer_count],[buffer_plugin],buffer_number+:+buffer_name+(buffer_modes)+{buffer_nicklist_count}+buffer_filter,[lag],[hotlist],completion,scroll"

Command /aspell

New options in command /aspell:

  • enable: enable aspell

  • disable: disable aspell

  • toggle: toggle aspell (new default key: Alt+s)

Options renamed in command /aspell:

  • enablesetdict (set dictionary for current buffer)

  • disabledeldict (delete dictionary used on current buffer)

  • dictlistlistdict (show installed dictionaries)

Horizontal separator

An horizontal separator has been added between split windows, and two options have been added to toggle separators (both are enabled by default):

  • weechat.look.window_separator_horizontal

  • weechat.look.window_separator_vertical

New keys

New keys were added, use command /key missing to add them or /key listdiff to see differences between your current keys and WeeChat default keys.

Version 0.3.8 (2012-06-03)


Options weechat.look.prefix_align_more and weechat.look.prefix_buffer_align_more have been converted from type boolean to string:

  • If the value was on (default), new value is "+" and you can now customize this char.

  • If the value was off, you have to set " " (string with one space).

Paste detection

Option weechat.look.paste_max_lines can now be used with value 0 to detect paste with one line (only if terminal "bracketed paste mode" is enabled when option weechat.look.paste_bracketed is on); so now the value -1 is used to disable paste detection: if your value was 0, you should set it to -1:

/set weechat.look.paste_max_lines -1


Rmodifier "nickserv" has a new default regex which includes option "release" for command /msg nickserv.

If you never added/changed rmodifiers, you can just reset all rmodifiers:

/rmodifier default -yes

If you added/changed some rmodifiers, do it manually with these commands:

/rmodifier del nickserv
/rmodifier add nickserv history_add,input_text_display 1,4* ^(/(msg|quote) +nickserv +(id|identify|ghost \S+|release \S+) +)(.*)

Version 0.3.7 (2012-02-26)


Option scroll_unread has been moved from command /input to /window, therefore default command of key Alt+u has been updated. To bind key with new default value:

/key bind meta-u /window scroll_unread

Option weechat.history.max_lines has been renamed to weechat.history.max_buffer_lines_number.

If you changed the value of this option, you must set it again after upgrade.

Option weechat.plugin.extension now supports list of extensions, and new default value is ".so,.dll" (with this value, weechat.conf is compatible with Cygwin).

Extended regex

Extended regex is used in filters and irc ignore, so some chars that needed escape in past do not need any more (for example [0-9]\+ becomes [0-9]+), filters and ignore have to be manually fixed.

Option weechat.look.highlight_regex becomes case insensitive by default, to make it case sensitive, use "(?-i)" at beginning of string, for example: "(?-i)FlashCode|flashy".

Version 0.3.6 (2011-10-22)


Option weechat.look.hline_char has been renamed to weechat.look.separator_horizontal.

If you changed the value of this option, you must set it again after upgrade.

Bold in colors

Bold is not used any more for basic colors (used only if terminal has less than 16 colors), a new option has been added to force bold if needed: weechat.look.color_basic_force_bold.

Version 0.3.5 (2011-05-15)


If you have some colors defined in section "palette" with version 0.3.4, you should remove all colors defined, and add new aliases (it’s not needed any more to add colors before using them).

Colors for nick prefixes (char for op, voice, ..) are defined in a single option irc.color.nick_prefixes, therefore following options will be lost: irc.color.nick_prefix_op, irc.color.nick_prefix_halfop, irc.color.nick_prefix_voice, irc.color.nick_prefix_user .



Count of messages have been added to hotlist by default, if you want to come back to old behavior, do that:

/set weechat.look.hotlist_count_max 0
/set weechat.look.hotlist_buffer_separator ","

Away and current buffer

When you are away, all buffers are now added to hotlist by default (even if they are displayed in a window), if you want to come back to old behavior, do that:

/set weechat.look.hotlist_add_buffer_if_away off

New keys

New keys were added, use command /key missing to add them or /key listdiff to see differences between your current keys and WeeChat default keys.

Version 0.3.4 (2011-01-16)

After /upgrade

If you are using /upgrade from a previous release:

  • Some nick prefixes can be wrong, so it is recommended to do /allchan names.

  • Nick colors are defined with a new option weechat.color.chat_nick_colors , therefore old options weechat.color.chat_nick_color1..10 will be lost when upgrading.

  • Nick colors in messages displayed will be wrong if you changed some nick colors (old default colors will be used).


Some IRC options have been renamed, before upgrading to this version, note value for old options, and set them again with new name:

  • options moved from "network" section to servers (with global value, and server value, like other server options):

    • → irc.server_default.connection_timeout

    • → irc.server_default.anti_flood_prio_high

    • → irc.server_default.anti_flood_prio_low

    • → irc.server_default.away_check

    • → irc.server_default.away_check_max_nicks

    • → irc.server_default.default_msg_part

    • → irc.server_default.default_msg_quit

  • other IRC options renamed:

    • irc.look.open_channel_near_server → irc.look.new_channel_position (old option was boolean, new is integer with value as string)

    • irc.look.open_pv_near_server → irc.look.new_pv_position (old option was boolean, new is integer with value as string)

Version 0.3.3 (2010-08-07)

After /upgrade

If you are using /upgrade from a previous release, then you must reconnect to IRC servers in order to use new command /wallchops.


Option irc.look.show_away_once has been renamed to irc.look.display_pv_away_once.

Option is now in milliseconds, you should set new value: your current value multiplied by 1000 (new default value is 500).

Version 0.3.2 (2010-04-18)

After /upgrade

If you are using /upgrade from a previous release, then you must execute this command on all IRC servers/channels/private buffers and xfer DCC chats (not needed on WeeChat core buffer or buffers from other plugins/scripts):

/buffer set highlight_words $nick

Version (2010-01-31)

This version fixes crashes with SSL connection and purge of old DCC chats.

All users of version 0.3.1 should upgrade to this version.

Version 0.3.1 (2010-01-23)


IRC commands /ame and /amsg are now aliases, if you are upgrading from version 0.3.0, you must create aliases with the following commands:

/alias aaway allserv /away
/alias ame allchan /me
/alias amsg allchan /amsg *
/alias anick allserv /nick

Version 0.3.0 (2009-09-06)

This version brings MAJOR changes, especially for configuration files and plugin API and is not compatible with previous versions.

Major differences:

  • It is NOT POSSIBLE to use command /upgrade from a version 0.2.x to 0.3.x; you have to quit your old WeeChat, then run new version.

  • New configuration files (.conf) are not compatible with old files (.rc).

  • Name of options is similar to old versions, but there is now one configuration file by plugin, and one file for WeeChat core; there is no automatic conversion for your old options to new configuration files, so you’ll have to setup again your IRC servers and all other options.

  • Plugin API has been rewritten and is not compatible with previous versions; accordingly, scripts and plugins must have been designed for version 0.3.x to be loaded into WeeChat.

Version (2009-06-13)

No release notes.

Version (2009-04-18)

No release notes.

Version (2009-03-14)

No release notes.

Version 0.2.6 (2007-09-06)

No release notes.

Version 0.2.5 (2007-06-07)

No release notes.

Version 0.2.4 (2007-03-29)

No release notes.

Version 0.2.3 (2007-01-10)

No release notes.

Version 0.2.2 (2007-01-06)

Charset plugin

For users of any previous version, all your charset settings in weechat.rc will be LOST! You should save your weechat.rc to keep your values and set them again with new charset plugin.

For ISO users: history of channels may be without accents (after /upgrade), this is not recoverable, but this is not a bug. All new messages should be OK.

Be careful, now default encode is UTF-8 for all channels (before it was terminal charset). If you still want to send messages as "ISO-8859-1", you should set either global encode or server specific encode to ISO-8859-1.

For global encode:

/setp = "ISO-8859-1"

For server encode (on server buffer):

/charset encode ISO-8859-1

New keys

New keys for topic scroll: F9/F10.

Key F10 was used for infobar_clear in previous WeeChat versions, you have to manually rebind this key (except for new WeeChat users):

/key <press alt+"k" then F10> scroll_topic_right

Which gives something like:

/key meta2-21~ scroll_topic_right

Version 0.2.1 (2006-10-01)

No release notes.

Version 0.2.0 (2006-08-19)

After /upgrade

If you upgraded with /upgrade in WeeChat, you should /disconnect and then /reconnect on each server, to display properly channel/user modes.


If you’re using plugins, you should remove some old plugins libraries in WeeChat system library directory (commonly /usr/local/lib/weechat/plugins): remove lib* files (like libperl., libpython., ..) and keep only new libraries (perl., python., ..).

Version 0.1.9 (2006-05-25)

DCC chat

Please close all DCC chat buffers before using /upgrade command, otherwise you may experience problems with DCC chats.

Script API

Some changes in script API: now timer handlers functions takes exactly 0 (zero) argument (in version 0.1.8, two arguments were mandatory but not used: server and arguments).

Version 0.1.8 (2006-03-18)

After /upgrade

After installing 0.1.8 (or with /upgrade), issue both commands (if you didn’t redefine these keys (Alt+Home / Alt+End):

/key unbind meta-meta2-1~
/key unbind meta-meta2-4~

Then launch again WeeChat (or issue /upgrade).

Configuration files

It is recommended for users of version 0.1.7 (or any older), to replace values in setup file (~/.weechat/weechat.rc):

  • option: log_path: replace ~/.weechat/logs by %h/logs

  • option: plugins_path: replace ~/.weechat/plugins by %h/plugins

The string %h is replaced by WeeChat home (default: ~/.weechat, may be overridden by new command line argument --dir).


Keys Alt+Home / Alt+End were used for nicklist scroll, they’re now replaced by Alt+F11 / Alt+F12.

Version 0.1.7 (2006-01-14)


Ruby script plugin has been added but is experimental in this release. You’re warned!

Command /away

Command /away was changed to be RFC 2812 compliant. Now argument is required to set away, and no argument means remove away ("back").

Option irc_default_msg_away has been removed.

Version 0.1.6 (2005-11-11)

Script API

Incompatibility with some old scripts: now all handlers have to return a code for completion, and to do some actions about message to ignore (please look at documentation for detail).


On OpenBSD, the new option plugins_extension should be set to .so.0.0 since the plugins names are ending by .so.0.0 and not .so.


With new and full UTF-8 support, the option look_charset_internal should be set to blank for most cases. Forces it only if your locale is not properly detected by WeeChat (you can set UTF-8 or ISO-8859-15 for example, depending on your locale). WeeChat is looking for "UTF-8" in your locale name at startup.

Version 0.1.5 (2005-09-24)

No release notes.

Version 0.1.4 (2005-07-30)

No release notes.

Version 0.1.3 (2005-07-02)

No release notes.

Version 0.1.2 (2005-05-21)

No release notes.

Version 0.1.1 (2005-03-20)

No release notes.

Version 0.1.0 (2005-02-12)

No release notes.

Version 0.0.9 (2005-01-01)

No release notes.

Version 0.0.8 (2004-10-30)

No release notes.

Version 0.0.7 (2004-08-08)

No release notes.

Version 0.0.6 (2004-06-05)

No release notes.

Version 0.0.5 (2004-02-07)

No release notes.

Version 0.0.4 (2004-01-01)

No release notes.

Version 0.0.3 (2003-11-03)

No release notes.

Version 0.0.2 (2003-10-05)

No release notes.

Version 0.0.1 (2003-09-27)

No release notes.