Version ()

Version is available. This release fixes a bug with detection of gnutls.

Version ()

Version is available. This release fixes a charset decoding problem of version

Version (security release) ()

Version is available. This release fixes a crash when receiving some special chars in IRC messages.

It is strongly recommended to upgrade to this version for all users of version 0.2.6 (versions 0.2.5 or older are not affected by this bug).

More information on the page with security issues.

Jabber plugin ()

Development of Jabber plugin for WeeChat has started and a first alpha version is available.
Note: many features are missing, like TLS connection, buddy list management, presence information, MUC and transports.

Devel blog ()

A new blog about WeeChat development has been added. It announces all new features in development version and let you discuss about future of WeeChat.
Feel free to read it and add comments!

News about development ()

Next WeeChat version (codename "revolution") is under development.
Large part of code was rewritten, it's now faster, easier, and more extensible.
List of new features and screenshots can be found on wiki page (see link below).

Today there's no planed release date, some features are still missing, and there's lot of work until a stable version.

We need help, like beta testers, to test this version. You can look at wiki page for more info.

To be continued in some months for other news...

Version 0.2.6 ()

Version 0.2.6 is available!

News since last version are:
- new license (GPLv3)
- added hotlist sort
- added scroll option to /buffer command
- added key to jump to previous buffer
- fixed bugs with IRC color in messages, now color codes are inserted in command line with ^Cc (Ctrl-C + c), ^Cb,.. instead of %C,%B,..
- improved /server command: now possible to copy and rename servers
- improved /connect command: now possible to connect to a temporary server without creating it with /server
- many bugs fixed and other new features.

Version 0.2.5 ()

Version 0.2.5 is available!

News since last version are:
- smart completion (first uses last channel speakers)
- added /reconnect command
- added %M for completion with current server nicks
- added color for text not found in buffer history
- many bugs fixed.

Version 0.2.4 ()

Version 0.2.4 is available!

News since last version are:
- search in buffer history (ctrl-R)
- added "call" option to /key command
- added "event handlers" to plugins API
- many bugs fixed.

Version 0.2.3 ()

Version 0.2.3 is available!
This version fixes major bugs of version 0.2.2. All users of version 0.2.2 should upgrade now.

News since last version are:
- fixed many bugs with charset plugin
- fixed display bugs with nicklist at top/bottom when look_nicklist_separator is OFF
- fixed topic scroll when topic has multi-bytes chars
- fixed compilation problem with iconv under FreeBSD.

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