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Version 4.4.0 (≈ )

Tracker Spec Status Git Plugin Description
- Done Commit irc Add option "-export" in command /list, add option irc.look.list_buffer_format_export.
issue #1549 Done Commit relay Add option
issue #2122 Done Commit relay Add option relay.look.raw_messages_max_length.
- Done Commit core Add hdata count in evaluation of expressions with "hdata_count:name[list]" or "hdata_count:name[pointer]".
- Done Commit Commit Commit Commit Commit api, relay Send new signal "buffer_line_data_changed" when a line is updated in a buffer via hdata, send event "buffer_line_data_changed" to clients of "api" and "weechat" protocols.
issue #2141 Done Commit core Add info "window".