This page lists major features done or planned.
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Version 3.7 (≈ )

Tracker Spec Status Git Plugin Description
- Done Commit core Add info "uptime_current".
- Done Commit buflist Add buflist: variable "${hotlist_priority_number}".
issue #1630 Done Commit core, irc, relay, xfer Add option "-save" in command "/upgrade".
issue #1798 Done Commit core Add option weechat.look.highlight_disable_regex and buffer property "highlight_disable_regex".
- Done Commit Commit api Rename API function "string_build_with_split_string" to "string_rebuild_split_string", add arguments "index_start" and "index_end".
issue #1805 Done Commit irc Display SETNAME command in channels and private buffers, add options irc.color.message_setname and irc.look.smart_filter_setname.
issue #1806 Done Commit trigger Add elapsed time for trigger execution on monitor buffer when trigger debug is set, add option trigger.color.identifier
issue #1695 Done Commit core Sort filters by name.
- Done Commit api Add function crypto_hash_file.
issue #1821 Done Commit api Add support of priority in function hook_line.
- Done Commit irc Add option irc.look.display_pv_nick_change.
issue #1699 Done Commit spell Allow special dict value "-" to disable spell checking on a specific buffer.
issue #559 Done Commit core Add key alt+backspace, change behavior of ctrl+w (delete previous word until whitespace).
issue #314
logger Add options to rotate and compress log files.

Version 3.8 (≈ )

Tracker Spec Status Git Plugin Description
issue #369
relay, weechat-relay Add weechat-relay library: new repository, move build of messages (WeeChat -> client) from relay plugin to this lib.
issue #369 Planned relay Connect to a remote WeeChat relay.
- Planned core Optimize nicklist with arraylists.