WeeChat, the extensible chat client.

Fast — Light — Free software

v4.3.5 -

Powerful, customizable.

Full-featured IRC plugin: multi-servers, proxy support, IPv6, SASL authentication, nicklist, DCC, and many other features.

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Innovative features.

256 colors, horizontal and vertical splits, smart filtering, customizable bars and much more!

8 scripting languages supported with a built-in scripts manager.


Remote interfaces.

Connect to your WeeChat instance from your browser, smartphone, GUI client, Emacs or even another WeeChat!

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Documentation and support.

WeeChat is translated into several languages and has a comprehensive documentation.

Excellent support for users.

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Help the project.

You can help the WeeChat project in many ways:

  • translation: software, documentation and this website
  • code: tests, bug reports, ideas for new features and patches
  • donation: any contribution is appreciated and important for motivation.

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