Version 2.0 ()

Version 2.0 is available!

Among the new features:

- new plugin "fset" (fast set of WeeChat and plugins options)
- new plugin "php" (support of PHP scripts)
- add option buflist.look.add_newline
- add two new bar items "buflist2" and "buflist3" using the same format configuration options
- add flag "input_get_empty" in buffer
- add signals "buffer_filters_enabled" and "buffer_filters_disabled"
- support loading of plugins from path in environment variable "WEECHAT_EXTRA_LIBDIR"
- add infolist "alias_default" (list of default aliases)
- make value optional in command /buffer set
- support of floating point and hexadecimal numbers in comparison of evaluated values
- add option weechat.look.save_config_with_fsync
- add support of prefix "quiet:" in function key_unbind() to quietly remove keys
- add argument "recurse_subdirs" in function exec_on_files()
- add local variable "filter" in the script buffer
- remove recursive evaluation of extra variables in buflist
- change type of arguments status/gnutls_rc/sock in hook_connect() callback from string to integer (in scripting API)
- change type of argument fd in hook_fd() callback from string to integer (in scripting API)
- fix display bugs with filtered lines
- fix display of nicks in nicklist when they are in a group with sub-groups
- call the config hook when options are renamed or removed
- fix parsing of CAP command in relay/irc
- many bugs fixed.

For complete list of new features and bugs fixed, please look at development blog or ChangeLog.

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