Version 1.4 ()

Version 1.4 is available!

Among the new features:

- add a parent name in options, display inherited values if null in /set output
- add option weechat.look.paste_auto_add_newline
- add /fifo command
- track real names using extended-join and WHO (IRC)
- add support of SNI (Server Name Indication) in SSL connection to IRC server
- add support of IRC "cap-notify" capability
- add IRC command /cap
- add hex dump of messages in raw buffer when debug is enabled for irc plugin
- add option relay.irc.backlog_since_last_message
- add option script.scripts.download_timeout
- add scripts to build Debian packages
- many bugs fixed.

For complete list of new features and bugs fixed, please look at development blog or ChangeLog.

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