Version 0.3.6 (Oct 22, 2011)

Version 0.3.6 is available!

This is a major release, with lot of bugs fixed and major new features.

Among the new features:
- mouse support
- cursor mode (free movement of cursor on screen)
- contexts for keys
- hdata in API (direct access to WeeChat and plugins data)
- "inactive" colors for inactive windows and lines in merged buffers
- support of merged buffers in /layout, save layout of buffers/windows on /upgrade
- horizontal scrolling in buffers with free content
- split of outgoing IRC messages
- options for "more" chars in bars
- bold not used any more for basic colors (if terminal has at least 16 colors)
- automatic zoom on current window when terminal becomes too small for windows
- new command /repeat
- local variable "highlight_regex" in buffers.

For complete list of new features and bugs fixed, please look at development blog or ChangeLog.