Version 2.5 ()

Version 2.5 is available!

Among the new features:

- add support of UNIX domain sockets in relay plugin
- add option relay.weechat.commands
- add trigger hooks "info" and "info_hashtable"
- add option
- add option weechat.look.buffer_time_same
- add option weechat.look.prefix_same_nick_middle
- add option "addreplace" in command /filter
- add bar items "irc_nick", "irc_host" and "irc_nick_host"
- add functions command_options and string_match_list in plugin API
- rename aspell plugin to spell
- use getopt to parse command line arguments
- many bugs fixed.

For complete list of new features and bugs fixed, please look at development blog or ChangeLog.

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