WeeChat official scripts

This page shows a collection of WeeChat scripts written by external contributors, which can be installed directly in WeeChat with the command /script install <name>.
WeeChat developers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for problems caused by one of these scripts: you could experience problems like memory leaks, slowdowns, or even security problems, you are warned!

You can contribute by adding/updating scripts or reporting issues in the GitHub repository: https://github.com/weechat/scripts

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Filter: license = GPL2 (remove), 21 scripts.
Name / Language Description V. License Min Max Author Added Updated
Display which song Audacious is currently playing. (requires: audacious)
0.3 GPL2 0.3.0 DeltaS4 2006-10-02 2009-05-03
[irc, py2, py3]
Permits to auto-authenticate when changing nick.
1.3 GPL2 0.3.0 kolter 2011-10-04 2021-11-07
[buffer, py2, py3]
Automatically merge new buffers according to defined rules.
0.2 GPL2 0.3.0 Ricky Brent 2017-05-08 2018-03-03
[irc, away, log]
Log highlights/private messages when you are away.
0.8 GPL2 0.3.0 GolemJ 2005-07-21 2010-08-01
[music, cmus, py2]
Control and now-playing script for cmus. (requires: cmus, cmus-remote)
⚠ Script disabled (not compatible with Python 3).
1.02 GPL2 0.3.0 Isaac Ross 2013-05-01 2013-09-21
[notify, py2]
Notifications through Growl. (requires: Growl, Growl Python Bindings)
⚠ Script disabled (not compatible with Python 3).
0.2 GPL2 0.3.0 tobypadilla 2009-10-12 2009-10-14
Notifications through Net::Growl. (requires: Net::Growl)
0.5 GPL2 0.3.0 kinabalu 2009-04-21 2009-05-02
Send a colored "kikoo" on current channel.
0.2 GPL2 0.3.0 mRk 2009-10-15
Show info about current song in moc. (requires: moc)
0.5 GPL2 0.3.0 GolemJ 2006-01-23 2009-06-20
[music, py2, py3]
Control and now-playing script for moc. (requires: moc)
1.9 GPL2 0.3.0 SuperTux88 2009-09-09 2020-06-21
[music, py2]
Display which song mpd is currently playing. (requires: mpd, mpdclient)
⚠ Script disabled (not compatible with Python 3).
0.5 GPL2 0.3.0 asmanian 2006-02-02 2009-05-02
Sends machine uptime to current channel.
0.2 GPL2 0.3.0 SuperTux88 2009-09-16
[notify, py2]
Receive notifications in Notify My Android (android phone app). (requires: pynma.py: https://github.com/uskr/pynma)
⚠ Script disabled (not compatible with Python 3).
1.0.7 GPL2 0.3.0 sitaktif 2011-10-04 2014-05-10
[notify, py2, py3]
Notification on screen for highlights and private messages. (requires: python-notify2)
0.0.9 GPL2 0.3.0 lavaramano 2009-04-16 2020-05-10
[music, py2]
A now playing and control script for Quodlibet.
⚠ Script disabled (not compatible with Python 3).
0.5 GPL2 0.3.0 Sharn 2009-04-15 2009-05-02
Display which song rhythmbox is currently playing.
0.5 GPL2 0.3.0 jnbek 2009-10-11 2009-11-09
Snarl notifications for highlights.
0.6.1 GPL2 0.3.0 Eric Harmon 2010-02-13
[url, py2, py3]
Logs url and open them in browser.
3.2 GPL2 2.9 drubin 2009-06-08 2022-12-17
[notify, py3]
Prowl notifications.
0.8 GPL2 0.3.7 Josh Dick 2013-10-19 2021-03-06
[notify, py2]
Add alerts to the message menu in Ubuntu. (requires: python-dbus, python-indicate, wmctrl)
⚠ Script disabled (not compatible with Python 3).
0.0.4 GPL2 0.3.0 Leon Bogaert 2010-09-30 2014-05-10
Display which song xmms2 is currently playing. (requires: xmmsclient)
0.2 GPL2 0.3.0 Łukasz Michalik 2011-02-13