* = one commit in 'master'
* = log of a separate branch

This page lists major features done or planned. Dive in the future of WeeChat!

Version 1.6 (≈ Oct 2, 2016)

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
- Done * irc Evaluate server options "msg_*".
issue #399
issue #509
Done * core Add support for one-time triggers.
issue #534 Done * core Add "extra" argument to evaluate extra variables in function string_eval_expression().
- Done * core Add option "cycle" in command /buffer.
- Done * core Add optional argument "lowest", "highest" or level mask in command /input hotlist_clear.
issue #722 Done * core Switch to asciidoctor to build docs and man page.

Version 1.7 (≈ Dec 4, 2016)

Tracker Status Git Plugin Description
issue #360 Planned javascript Add support of v8 >= 4.3.0 in javascript plugin.
issue #219 Planned core Add support of HTTP headers and lists in CURL options.
- Planned core Optimize nicklist with arraylists.
task #11374
task #10876
issue #597
Planned irc Indexed ban list, completion for /unban.
task #11840 Planned core Improve mouse support (interaction with chat area).
task #12188 Planned irc Tab-complete nick with used nicks in beginning of list.
- Planned core Change type of a bar without having to delete it.
- Planned core Edit filters (without having to delete/add).
- Planned core Alignment of items in bars.
issue #121 Planned core Add DANE support.