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[TXT]text_item.py2019-05-24 17:49 11KAdd bar items with plain text, superseded by built-in /item command (for WeeChat ≤ 3.5).
[TXT]logformatter.py2010-01-26 16:54 4.1KAdd optional date/time in log filenames (for WeeChat ≤
[TXT]cmdchars.py2010-03-03 09:52 3.3KAdd supplemental command characters (for WeeChat ≤
[TXT]dim_annoying.rb2009-12-14 14:22 3.5KA script for dimming lines of people you consider unimportant (requires 'weechat' ruby gem).
[TXT]tinyurler.pl2010-01-05 14:13 4.3KA simple script to tinyurl a link, with possibility to add aliases.
[TXT]config_autosave.pl2010-02-10 22:33 4.2KAuto-save config file(s) after a specified period of time (obsolete, possible with script
[TXT]audacious2.pl2015-06-15 21:06 2.4KA version from official audacious script with some additional info and color at the output (Spanish version).
[TXT]beep.pl2012-06-07 17:18 11KBeep on highlight/pv/dcc (for WeeChat ≤ 0.4.3).
[TXT]beep.py2012-01-03 14:40 3.5KBeep on highlight/pv/dcc (script converted to python, for WeeChat ≤ 0.4.3).
[TXT]nerdbot_karma.rb2013-10-19 08:51 1.7KBestow karma in campfire chatrooms, nerdbot-style.
[TXT]hdata.py2021-11-04 00:17 17KBrowse content of hdata (use carefully, no check of pointers).
[TXT]url_buffer_with_title.rb2012-07-29 21:32 3.5KBuffer with URLs and titles.
[TXT]tcleval.tcl2009-12-15 13:12 826 Command /tcleval to evalute tcl scripts on the fly.
[TXT]unicool.py2011-04-05 08:20 3.4KConverts text to fancier UTF-8 codespaces.
[TXT]invitedby.rb2013-10-22 16:34 1.4KDisplay 'invited by' messages in their own channel (on some IRC servers only).
[TXT]iplookup.py2015-03-22 19:11 4.2KDisplay GeoIP information either to main buffer or current buffer.
[TXT]weather.py2011-09-21 17:55 9.7KDisplay weather from Google (obsolete API, it does not work any more).
[TXT]xmms2np.py2010-01-05 13:06 2.2KDisplay which song xmms2 is currently playing (warning: possible leak on xmms2 connections).
[TXT]znc-playback.py2011-10-29 09:25 16KDisplay znc messages in a nicer way.
[TXT]ruby_eval.rb2009-12-22 08:21 2.4KEvaluate ruby expression.
[TXT]allquery.py2013-09-02 13:24 5.7KExecute command on all irc query buffers (for WeeChat ≤ 0.4.3).
[TXT]forcenick.py2011-08-11 07:48 2.1KForce your original nickname, wipe out ghosts and nick stealers.
[TXT]opall.py2013-01-29 18:19 2.6KGive operator status to everybody in channel (for WeeChat ≤ 0.4.1).
[TXT]gntpnotify.py2011-12-07 15:44 1.9KGrowl notification using python-gntp (similar to gntp_notify.rb in python).
[TXT]script.pl2012-08-15 08:49 23KLoad/reload/unload scripts for any language (for WeeChat ≤ 0.3.8).
[TXT]launcher.lua2010-05-28 10:16 4.5KLua version of script.
[TXT]highlight.lua2010-01-05 14:23 5.0KManage highlight list with a command (option weechat.look.highlight).
[TXT]greentext.py2013-12-27 15:26 1.4KModify messages starting with '>' to display green text.
[TXT]multiline.pl2023-06-03 14:22 25KMulti-line edit box, also supports editing of multi-line pastes (for WeeChat ≤ 3.8).
[TXT]notification_center_rb.rb2012-12-20 08:40 1.2KNotifications through OS X notification center (ruby version of
[TXT]varsko.rb2013-10-19 09:52 2.5KNotification with libnotify on highlight/private message.
[TXT]query_nexto.rb2010-10-07 15:00 2.1KOpen a query buffer next to current buffer (for WeeChat ≤ 0.3.3).
[TXT]urlview.rb2011-08-28 11:50 1.3KPasses current buffer to urlview (warning: can block WeeChat).
[TXT]whois_on_query.pl2009-05-02 10:45 2.1KPerl version of script
[TXT]perhistory.py2015-01-14 22:37 2.7KPersists the command history by saving/restoring it in a file at exit/start time.
[TXT]echo.pl2011-06-21 22:01 3.9KPrint a line and additionally set activity level (for WeeChat ≤ 0.4.2).
[TXT]ichatimproved.pl2012-02-18 09:39 2.3KPrint iChat-style timestamps in a buffer before a message after a while of inactivity.
[TXT]url_title.py2011-11-13 10:45 7.0KPrint titles for URLs.
[TXT]country.py2021-05-11 21:52 19KPrint user's country and local time in whois/whowas replies (not fully compatible with Python 3, legacy/invalid geo IP database URL).
[TXT]title_wrapper.rb2009-12-06 22:39 3.0KProvides a title bar item with word wrapped buffer title.
[TXT]welcome_notice_redirect.py2013-08-28 21:39 1.8KRedirect channel welcome notices to the channel buffer (for WeeChat ≤ 0.4.1).
[TXT]tabs.rb2009-12-14 19:40 1.7KReplaces tabs with spaces in messages (requires 'weechat' ruby gem).
[TXT]rex.py2016-08-29 01:57 6.6KReplace stuff with other stuff.
[TXT]highlight_command.py2012-04-19 19:58 3.5KRuns commands (optionally with nick/message/buffer as arguments) on highlights/queries.
[TXT]shell.py2013-07-27 15:32 11KRun shell commands inside WeeChat (for WeeChat ≤ 0.4.3).
[TXT]rbstr.py2011-06-21 21:15 4.5KSave/show recently joined rooms/queries.
[TXT]lastwindow.py2013-10-19 09:39 4.7KSave the current window.
[TXT]weeget.py2013-03-06 16:48 41KScripts manager, superseded by built-in script plugin (for WeeChat ≤ 0.3.8).
[TXT]weechat_notify.py2013-10-19 11:03 3.2KSend Prowl or NMA notifications upon new mentions or PMs when away.
[TXT]pushover_lua.lua2014-03-04 20:44 4.4KSend Weechat notifications to
[TXT]pushover_rb.rb2014-02-12 14:29 5.1KSend Weechat notifications to
[TXT]iset.pl2020-06-21 19:58 66KSet WeeChat and plugins options interactively, superseded by built-in fset plugin (for WeeChat ≤ 1.9.1).
[TXT]names.py2013-10-19 10:56 3.2KShow nicks in columns.
[TXT]chanlist.rb2014-04-12 16:19 7.4KSidebar with list of buffers, sorted by server (similar to
[TXT]buffers.pl2020-06-21 16:20 70KSidebar with list of buffers, superseded by built-in buflist plugin (for WeeChat ≤ 1.7.1).
[TXT]autoadmin.py2011-03-10 08:14 2.5KSimple script for automation of operator commands (provides /mmode and /mkick).
[TXT]buffer_swap.py2011-09-24 15:29 4.9KSwap two buffers (for WeeChat ≤ 0.3.8).
[TXT]nouns.pl2010-04-25 08:49 2.2KUppercase first letter of last word in input line.
[TXT]figlet.py2010-07-19 18:59 3.7KUse figlet in WeeChat (same action can be done with script).
[TXT]terminal_notifier.rb2015-03-22 22:13 672 Use terminal-notifier to send notifications via Notification Center.
[TXT]weechat_notifications.rb2013-10-19 11:26 2.3KWeechat notifications for Mac OSX (Growl + Notification Center).

            W E E C H A T     U N O F F I C I A L     S C R I P T S

Purpose: some unofficial WeeChat scripts (for WeeChat >= 0.3.0).

Some scripts are under development, not stable, do not meet requirements
to be in official scripts repository, or have similar features with existing

- there is absolutely *NO SUPPORT* for all these scripts by WeeChat team
  (you can try to contact script author for problems with script)
- scripts are not tested and could crash your WeeChat or bring security problems,
  you're warned!

To add/update script in this list, send mail to: flashcode AT flashtux DOT org
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