Important: these scripts are written by external contributors, therefore WeeChat developers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for problems caused by one of these scripts.
You could experience problems like memory leaks, slowdowns, or even security problems. You are warned!
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Version: stable, filter: language = ruby (remove), 26 scripts.
Name / Language Description V. License Min Max Author Added Updated
Send private messages and highlights to an AMQP exchange. (requires: bunny rabbitmq server)
0.1 BSD-3c 0.3.3 mahlon 2011-01-12
[irc, sasl]
Automatically authenticate with NickServ using SASL username/password.
0.3 GPL3 0.3.0 Shawn Smith 2014-04-04 2014-05-30
Copy everything into one buffer.
0.1 Apache2.0 0.3.0 Dave Williams 2016-10-30
Securely authenticate with QuakeNet by using CHALLENGEAUTH. (requires: OpenSSL)
0.0.1 MIT 0.3.0 Dominik Honnef 2013-05-01
[buffer, znc]
Clear a buffer, on znc / locally or both.
0.1 GPL3 0.3.0 manavortex 2017-05-08
Colorize parts of text in certain buffers based on rules.
0.1 BSD 0.3.0 musl 2015-03-22
countdown.rb Display a countdown on current buffer. 0.0.2 MIT 0.3.0 Rylee Fowler 2014-03-17 2014-05-05
[irc, dcc]
Forward DCC SEND requests to a different client.
0.0.1 MIT 0.3.4 Dominik Honnef 2012-03-10
Growl notifications using ruby-gntp. (requires: ruby_gntp)
1.1 GPL3 0.3.0 tinifni 2011-11-01 2012-02-08
hilites.rb Display Weechat highlights in dzen (and beep). 0.2 MIT 0.3.0 crshd 2011-08-28 2014-05-10
[input, lock]
Lock input (authorize only commands).
0.1 BSD-3c 0.3.0 mahlon 2011-04-25
iTunes control and now playing script. (requires: OS X)
1.0 CC-BY-SA 0.3.0 mdszy 2012-07-30
minbif_typing_notice.rb Send notice when typing message on minbif, display if user is writing in a bar item. 1.0.1 GPL3 0.3.2 CissWit 2010-05-27 2010-11-14
Display which song mpd is currently playing. (requires: mpc, mpd)
1.0 BSD-2c 0.3.0 linopolus 2009-09-15
Sends machine uptime to current channel.
0.2 GPL2 0.3.0 SuperTux88 2009-09-16
Send private/highlight messages to Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices via Pushsafer. (requires: Ruby OpenSSL, RubyGems)
0.1 APL 0.3.0 appzer 2017-05-08
[irc, nick]
List multiple occurences of the same nick(s) in a set of channels. (requires: Ruby::OptionParser, Ruby::Shellwords)
0.1 GPL3 0.4.1 Hendrik 'henk' Jaeger 2013-10-19 2015-12-28
Send highlights and private messages to a unix socket.
0.0.1 MIT 0.3.0 kelsin 2015-03-22
Substitute strings in messages before they are sent.
0.0.1 GPL3 0.3.7 sam113101 2014-01-14
Respond to undernet challenge when there's no identd.
0.1.0 BSD-2c 0.3.0 Daniel Bretoi 2013-10-22
Open URLs without using the mouse.
0.41 GPL3 0.3.0 tkengo 2015-03-22 2017-11-26
Shorten URLs with many shortening services.
1.9.0 BSD-2c 0.3.0 Daniel Bretoi 2008-11-11 2013-08-10
weefish.rb FiSH encryption/decryption. (requires: crypt/blowfish) 0.4 GPL3 0.3.0 tp 2010-09-19 2012-02-08
Display which song spotify is currently playing. (requires: dbus)
1.1 GPL3 0.3.0 PawelP 2013-09-21 2016-03-25
Display which song xmms2 is currently playing. (requires: xmmsclient)
0.2 GPL2 0.3.0 Łukasz Michalik 2011-02-13
Send notifications to a ZMQ socket. (requires: zmq)
0.1 BSD-3c 0.3.0 Mahlon 2011-11-15