Version 0.4.2 ()

Version 0.4.2 is available!

Among the new features:

- rename binary from "weechat-curses" to "weechat" (with symbolic link "weechat-curses" for compatibility)
- add secured data (encryption of passwords or private data), new command /secure, new file sec.conf
- search of regular expression in buffer with text emphasis, in prefixes, messages or both
- add option "scroll_beyond_end" for command /window
- add optional buffer context in bar items (for example to display bitlbee nicklist in a root bar)
- new options weechat.look.hotlist_{prefix|suffix}
- new option weechat.look.key_bind_safe to prevent any key binding error from user
- new option to use a proxy when downloading URLs with curl
- display day change message dynamically
- support of wildcards in IRC commands (de)op/halfop/voice
- new option irc.look.notice_welcome_redirect to redirect channel welcome notices to the channel buffer
- new option irc.look.nick_color_hash: new hash algorithm to find nick colors (variant of djb2)
- add info about things defined by a script in the detailed view of script (/script show)
- support of "enchant" library in aspell plugin
- many bugs fixed.

For complete list of new features and bugs fixed, please look at development blog or ChangeLog.

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