FlashCode, 2006-05-25

WeeChat 0.1.9 released.
Important release notes:

  • please close all DCC chat buffers before using /upgrade command, otherwise you may experience problems with DCC chats.

  • some changes in script API: now timer handlers functions takes exactly 0 (zero) argument (in version 0.1.8, two arguments were mandatory but not used: server and args)

FlashCode, 2006-03-18

WeeChat 0.1.8 released.
Important release notes:

  • it is recommended for users of version 0.1.7 (or any older), to replace values in setup file (~/.weechat/weechat.rc) :

    • option: log_path: replace "~/.weechat/logs" by "%h/logs"

    • option: plugins_path: replace "/.weechat/plugins" by "%h/plugins"
      "%h" is replaced by WeeChat home (default:
      /.weechat, may be overriden by new command line arg --dir)

  • after installing 0.1.8 (or with /upgrade), issue both commands (if you didn’t redefined these keys (alt-home/end): /key unbind meta-meta2-1 /key unbind meta-meta2-4 then launch again WeeChat (or issue /upgrade). Alt-home/end were used for nicklist scroll, they’re now replaced by Alt-F11/F12.

FlashCode, 2006-01-14

WeeChat 0.1.7 released.
Important release notes:

  • Ruby script plugin has been added but is experimental in this release. You’re warned!

  • "/away" command was changed to be RFC 2812 compliant. Now argument is required to set away, and no argument means remove away ("back"). Setting "irc_default_msg_away" has been removed.

FlashCode, 2005-11-11

WeeChat 0.1.6 released.
Important release notes:

  • incompatibility with some old scripts: now all handlers have to return a code for completion, and to do some actions about message to ignore (please look at documentation for detail)

  • on OpenBSD, the new option "plugins_extension" should be set to ".so.0.0" since the plugins names are ending by ".so.0.0" and not ".so"

  • with new and full UTF-8 support, the option "look_charset_internal" should be set to blank for most cases. Forces it only if your locale is not properly detected by WeeChat (you can set "UTF-8" or "ISO-8859-15" for example, depending on your locale). WeeChat is looking for "UTF-8" in your locale name at startup.

FlashCode, 2005-09-24

WeeChat 0.1.5 released.

FlashCode, 2005-07-30

WeeChat 0.1.4 released.

FlashCode, 2005-07-02

WeeChat 0.1.3 released.

FlashCode, 2005-05-21

WeeChat 0.1.2 released.

FlashCode, 2005-03-20

WeeChat 0.1.1 released.

FlashCode, 2005-02-12

WeeChat 0.1.0 released.

FlashCode, 2005-01-01

WeeChat 0.0.9 released.

FlashCode, 2004-10-30

WeeChat 0.0.8 released.

FlashCode, 2004-08-08

WeeChat 0.0.7 released.

FlashCode, 2004-06-05

WeeChat 0.0.6 released.

FlashCode, 2004-02-07

WeeChat 0.0.5 released.

FlashCode, 2004-01-01

WeeChat 0.0.4 released.

FlashCode, 2003-11-03

WeeChat 0.0.3 released.

FlashCode, 2003-10-05

WeeChat 0.0.2 released.

FlashCode, 2003-09-27

WeeChat 0.0.1 released.