This document lists all changes for each version (the latest formatted version of this document can be found here).

For a list of important changes that require manual action, please look at release notes (file ReleaseNotes.adoc in sources).

Version 2.3 (2018-10-21)

New features
  • core: add repeat of string in evaluation of expressions with "repeat:count,string" (issue #958)

  • core: allow specifying buffer number/name for /buffer localvar (issue #1259)

  • core: allow multiple arguments in command /buffer close

  • core: allow multiple options "-r" ("--run-command") in command line arguments (issue #1248)

  • core: add option "-P" (or "--plugins") to customize the plugins to load at startup

  • core: allow partial buffer name in command /buffer close (issue #1226)

  • api: add function hook_line

  • irc: display a warning when the value of option is set to an invalid value

  • relay: add real IP in client description (issue #1256)

  • trigger: allow creation of temporary variables with the regex

  • trigger: add hook "line"

Bug fixes
  • core: fix evaluation of nested ternary operators (issue #1263)

  • core: fix evaluation of condition when the left operand is an empty string

  • core: fix string evaluation with regex replacement when the string is empty

  • core: fix check of tags in lines (command /filter and hook_print)

  • core: fix clear of completion item in case of partial completion (issue #1162)

  • core: send signal "key_pressed" for mouse code only if the string is UTF-8 valid (issue #1220)

  • api: fix memory leak in function string_split

  • lua: fix return code of mkdir functions in case of error (issue #1267)

  • scripts: fix duplicated lines in output of script eval (python, perl, ruby, lua and guile)

  • unit: add tests on line and hook functions

  • php: add detection of PHP 7.3

Version 2.2 (2018-07-14)

New features
  • core: change default value of option weechat.look.hotlist_add_conditions to check connected relay clients via weechat protocol (issue #1206)

  • core: add reverse of string in evaluation of expressions with "rev:" (issue #1200)

  • core: send buffer pointer (when possible) in signal "hotlist_changed" (issue #1133)

  • core: add support of list options in curl (issue #826, issue #219)

  • core: allow merge of buffers by name in command /buffer (issue #1108, issue #1159)

  • api: add function hashtable_add_from_infolist()

  • api: add function string_format_size in scripting API

  • irc: add nick, host and log tags in message displayed in private buffer when the nick comes back on the server (issue #1221)

  • irc: add support for IRCv3.2 chghost, add options irc.look.smart_filter_chghost and irc.color.message_chghost (issue #640)

  • irc: add support for IRCv3.2 invite-notify (issue #639)

  • irc: add support for IRCv3.2 Client Capability Negotiation (issue #586, issue #623)

  • irc: display current nick on connected servers in output of /server list|listfull (issue #1193)

  • irc: add option "-server" in command /list (issue #1165)

  • irc: add indexed ban list, add completion for /unban and /unquiet (issue #597, task #11374, task #10876)

  • relay: add filtering on protocol in info "relay_client_count"

  • trigger: hide password in command "/msg nickserv set password"

  • xfer: add option (issue #1171)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix TLS handshake failure on server connection when there are multiple addresses in the server (issue #1196)

  • core: count number of chars instead of bytes for suffix in function string_cut

  • core: fix delete of previous/next word (keys Ctrl+w and Alt+d) (issue #1195)

  • core: fix infinite loop in evaluation of strings (issue #1183)

  • core: change default value of option weechat.look.window_title from "WeeChat ${info:version}" to empty string (issue #1182)

  • buflist: fix crash when setting the option buflist.look.signals_refresh with a list of signals

  • fset: fix memory leak when switching the format with Ctrl+x

  • fset: fix truncation of option values when the length is greater than 4096 (issue #1218)

  • fset: fix crash when applying filters after closing the fset buffer (issue #1204)

  • irc: display message 354 (WHOX) received with missing parameters (issue #1212)

  • irc: always set nick away status on WHO response (sent manually or automatically with server option "away_check")

  • irc: fix a crash when calling the function hdata_string on the "prefix" variable in the nick

  • irc: fix split of messages when server option "split_msg_max_length" is set to 0 (no split) (issue #1173)

  • irc: send whole IRC message including IRCv3 tags in the signals irc_in, irc_in2, irc_raw_in and irc_raw_in2 (issue #787)

  • irc: fix memory leak when receiving a message with IRCv3 tags

  • guile: fix memory leak in 7 functions returning allocated strings

  • lua: fix macros used to return values

  • php: fix return code of functions config_write_option and config_write_line

  • php: fix memory leak in 72 functions returning allocated strings

  • python: fix crash when loading a script with Python >= 3.7 (issue #1219)

  • relay: fix socket creation for relay server on OpenBSD (issue #1213)

  • ruby: fix memory leak in 7 functions returning allocated strings

  • script: fix memory leak in case of invalid XML content in list of scripts

  • scripts: fix memory leak in hook_info callback

  • scripts: fix return value of hook_infolist callback (pointer instead of string)

  • scripts: return long integer instead of string in function infolist_time

  • xfer: set option TCP_NODELAY on socket when receiving a file via DCC (issue #1171)

  • core: split man pages weechat and weechat-headless

  • unit, scripts: add tests on infolists

  • core: fix build with CMake and Ninja

  • debian: add package weechat-headless with the headless binary and its man page

  • javascript: fix compilation of javascript plugin with autotools on some Linux distributions (issue #1208)

  • python: add detection of Python 3.7

Version 2.1 (2018-03-18)

New features
  • core: add binary weechat-headless to run WeeChat without interface, with optional daemon mode (command line option "--daemon") (issue #1120)

  • core: add options "-newbuffer", "-free" and "-switch" in command /print (issue #1113)

  • core: add option "-y" in command /print, add support of buffers with free content

  • core: add option "add" in command /buffer (issue #1113)

  • core: add option weechat.completion.partial_completion_templates to force partial completion on specific templates

  • api: add hashtable with variables in plugin structure

  • api: add time in info "date" (WeeChat compilation date/time) (issue #1138)

  • irc: add server option "split_msg_max_length"

  • irc: allow ${} and ${server} in server evaluated options (issue #1144)

  • logger: add option logger.file.fsync (issue #1145)

  • logger: add option logger.look.backlog_conditions (issue #1132)

  • script: change default value of option script.look.sort from "p,n" to "i,p,n"

  • scripts: add configuration file for each script plugin (python.conf, perl.conf, …​)

  • scripts: add "eval" option in script commands and info "xxx_eval" (python, perl, ruby, lua and guile) (issue #128)

  • scripts: add infos "xxx_interpreter" and "xxx_version" in script plugins (issue #1075)

  • scripts: add option "version" in script commands (issue #1075)

  • scripts: display the script name in stdout/stderr output from scripts

Bug fixes
  • core: fix regression on execution of hook_print callbacks (introduced in version 2.0)


Version 2.0.1 (2017-12-20)

Bug fixes
  • python: fix arguments status/gnutls_rc/sock in hook_connect() callback

  • python: fix argument fd in hook_fd() callback

Version 2.0 (2017-12-03)

New features
  • core: add flag "input_get_empty" in buffer

  • core: add signals "buffer_filters_enabled" and "buffer_filters_disabled"

  • core: support loading of plugins from path in environment variable "WEECHAT_EXTRA_LIBDIR" (issue #971, issue #979)

  • core: make value optional in command /buffer set (issue #746, issue #1088)

  • core: allow floating point and hexadecimal numbers in comparison of evaluated values

  • core: add option weechat.look.save_config_with_fsync (issue #1083)

  • api: add support of prefix "quiet:" in function key_unbind() to quietly remove keys

  • api: add argument "recurse_subdirs" in function exec_on_files()

  • alias: add infolist "alias_default" (list of default aliases)

  • buflist: add two new bar items ("buflist2" and "buflist3") using the same format configuration options (issue #990)

  • buflist: add option buflist.look.add_newline (issue #1027)

  • fset: new plugin "fset" (fast set of WeeChat and plugins options) (issue #584)

  • php: new plugin "php" (issue #909)

  • script: add local variable "filter" in the script buffer (issue #1037)

Bug fixes
  • core: do not change the chat prefix size when a filtered line is added (issue #1092)

  • core: fix display of nicks in nicklist when they are in a group with sub-groups (issue #1079)

  • core, plugins: check return code of strftime function

  • core: fix cast of time_t (to "long long" instead of "long") (issue #1051)

  • core: call the config hook when options are renamed or removed

  • api: change type of arguments status/gnutls_rc/sock in hook_connect() callback from string to integer (in scripts)

  • api: change type of argument fd in hook_fd() callback from string to integer (in scripts)

  • buflist: remove recursive evaluation of extra variables (issue #1060)

  • guile: return integer (0/1) instead of boolean in API functions

  • guile: fix return value of static strings in API functions

  • irc: do not clear nicklist when joining an already joined channel if the option irc.look.buffer_open_before_join is on (issue #1081)

  • irc: fix CTCP PING reply when the option is set to non-empty value

  • lua: fix boolean return value (as integer) in API functions

  • relay: fix parsing of CAP command without arguments in irc protocol, send ACK only if all capabilities received are OK and NAK otherwise (issue #1040)

  • scripts: add scripting API tests (issue #104)

  • unit: display an error if the required locale en_US.UTF-8 is not installed

  • core: fix build with ncurses and separate tinfo (bug #41245, issue #1090)

  • javascript: fix detection of libv8 with autotools on Ubuntu Trusty

Version 1.9.1 (2017-09-23)

Bug fixes
  • buflist: fix crash in auto-scroll of bar when the buflist item is not the first item in the bar

  • logger: call strftime before replacing buffer local variables (CVE-2017-14727)

  • relay: fix send of "PART" command in backlog (irc protocol)

Version 1.9 (2017-06-25)

New features
  • core: improve speed of nicklist bar item callback

  • core: allow index for hdata arrays in evaluation of expressions

  • api: allow update of variables "scroll_x" and "scroll_y" in bar_window with function hdata_update

  • api: add functions config_option_get_string() and hdata_compare()

  • buflist: add option buflist.look.auto_scroll (issue #332)

  • buflist: add keys F1/F2, Alt+F1/Alt+F2 to scroll the buflist bar

  • buflist: display a warning when the script "" is loaded

  • buflist: add support of char "~" in option buflist.look.sort for case insensitive comparison

  • buflist: add variable ${format_name} in bar item evaluation and option (issue #1020)

  • buflist: add variables ${current_buffer} and ${merged} (booleans "0" / "1") in bar item evaluation

  • relay: add option "start" in command /relay

  • trigger: add "irc_server" and "irc_channel" pointers in data for IRC signal/modifier hooks

Bug fixes
  • core: fix bind of keys with space key, like Alt+Space (bug #32133)

  • core: fix infinite loop when the terminal is closed on the secure password prompt (issue #1010)

  • buflist: fix long mouse gestures

  • buflist: fix slow switch of buffer when there are a lot of buffers opened (issue #998)

  • buflist: add option "bar" in command /buflist, do not automatically add the "buflist" bar when the option buflist.look.enabled is off (issue #994)

  • buflist: fix crash on drag & drop of buffers

  • irc: don’t reset nick properties (prefixes/away/account/realname) on /names when the nick already exists (issue #1019)

  • irc: fix memory leak in case of error in "ecdsa-nist256p-challenge" SASL mechanism

  • relay: rebind on address after option is changed

  • relay: fix parsing of CAP command arguments in irc protocol (issue #995)

Version 1.8 (2017-05-13)

New features
  • core: add option weechat.completion.nick_case_sensitive (issue #981)

  • core: add wilcard matching operator (=* and !*) in evaluation of expressions (issue #611)

  • core: add cut of string in evaluation of expressions with "cut:" (number of chars) and "cutscr:" (number of chars displayed on screen)

  • core: add ternary operator (condition) in evaluation of expressions (${if:condition?value_if_true:value_if_false})

  • core: add resize of window parents with /window resize [h/v]size (task #11461, issue #893)

  • core: add hotlist pointer in buffer structure

  • core: add last start date in output of command /version after at least one /upgrade (issue #903)

  • api: add arraylist functions: arraylist_new(), arraylist_size(), arraylist_get(), arraylist_search(), arraylist_insert(), arraylist_add(), arraylist_remove(), arraylist_clear(), arraylist_free()

  • api: add dynamic string functions: string_dyn_alloc(), string_dyn_copy(), string_dyn_concat(), string_dyn_free()

  • api: add special key "__quiet" in hashtable for function key_bind()

  • api: add ${re:#} to get the index of last group captured in function string_eval_expression()

  • aspell: add options to control delimiters in suggestions: aspell.color.suggestion_delimiter_{dict|word} and aspell.look.suggestion_delimiter_{dict|word} (issue #940)

  • buflist: new plugin "buflist" (bar item with list of buffers)

  • irc: add option "open" in command /server (issue #966)

  • irc: send signal "irc_server_lag_changed" and store the lag in the server buffer (local variable)

  • irc: send multiple masks by message in commands /ban, /unban, /quiet and /unquiet, use ban mask default for nicks in /quiet and /unquiet, display an error if /quiet and /unquiet are not supported by server (issue #579, issue #15, issue #577)

  • irc: add option "-include" in commands /allchan, /allpv and /allserv (issue #572)

  • irc: don’t smart filter modes given to you (issue #530, issue #897)

  • script: remove option script.scripts.url_force_https, use HTTPS by default in option script.scripts.url

Bug fixes
  • core: fix memory leak in display of mouse event debug info

  • core: fix command /cursor stop (do not toggle cursor mode) (issue #964)

  • core: fix delayed refresh when the signal SIGWINCH is received (terminal resized), send signal "signal_sigwinch" after refreshes (issue #902)

  • irc: fix update of server addresses on reconnection when the evaluated content has changed (issue #925)

  • irc: fix crash in case of invalid server reply during SASL authentication with dh-blowfish or dh-aes mechanism

  • irc: fix double decoding of IRC colors in messages sent/displayed by commands /msg and /query (issue #943)

  • irc: fix parsing of message 324 (modes) when there is a colon before the modes (issue #913)

  • relay: check buffer pointer received in "sync" and "desync" commands (weechat protocol) (issue #936)

  • relay: remove buffer from synchronized buffers when it is closed (fix memory leak)

  • core: fix compilation on FreeBSD with autotools (issue #276)

  • python: add detection of Python 3.6

  • ruby: add detection of Ruby 2.4 (issue #895)

Version 1.7.1 (2017-04-22)

Bug fixes

Version 1.7 (2017-01-15)

New features
  • core: add option weechat.look.align_multiline_words (issue #411, issue #802)

  • core: add optional command prefix in completion templates "commands", "plugins_commands" and "weechat_commands"

  • core: add optional arguments in completion template, sent to the callback

  • core: add option "time" in command /debug

  • core, xfer: display more information on fork errors (issue #573)

  • core: add a slash before commands completed in arguments of /command, /debug time, /key bind, /key bindctxt, /mute, /repeat, /wait

  • core: add a warning in header of configuration files to not edit by hand (issue #851)

  • api: add info "uptime" (WeeChat uptime)

  • api: add info "pid" (WeeChat PID) (issue #850)

  • alias: add a slash before commands completed in arguments of /alias

  • exec: add option "-oc" in command /exec to execute commands in process output, don’t execute commands by default with "-o" (issue #877)

  • fifo: add file fifo.conf and option fifo.file.path to customize FIFO pipe path/filename (issue #850, issue #122)

  • irc: add server option "usermode" (issue #377, issue #820)

  • irc: add tag "self_msg" on self messages (issue #840)

  • irc: evaluate content of server option "ssl_fingerprint" (issue #858)

  • irc: change default value of option from 0 to 300 (issue #818)

  • trigger: do not hide email in command "/msg nickserv register password email" (issue #849)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix deadlock when quitting after a signal SIGHUP/SIGQUIT/SIGTERM is received (issue #32)

  • core: fix display of empty lines in search mode (issue #829)

  • api: fix crash in function string_expand_home() when the HOME environment variable is not set (issue #827)

  • exec: fix memory leak in display of process output

  • irc: fix option "-temp" in command /server (issue #880)

  • irc: fix close of server channels which are waiting for the JOIN when the server buffer is closed (issue #873)

  • irc: fix buffer switching on manual join for forwarded channels (issue #876)

  • irc: add missing tags on CTCP message sent

  • lua: fix integers returned in Lua >= 5.3 (issue #834)

  • relay: make HTTP headers case-insensitive for WebSocket connections (issue #888)

  • relay: set status to "authentication failed" and close immediately connection in case of authentication failure in weechat and irc protocols (issue #825)

  • script: reload a script after upgrade only if it was loaded, set autoload only if the script was auto-loaded (issue #855)

  • core, irc, xfer: fix compilation on Mac OS X (add link with resolv) (issue #276)

  • core: add build of xz package with make dist (cmake)

  • tests: fix compilation of tests on FreeBSD 11.0

Version 1.6 (2016-10-02)

New features
  • core: add optional argument "lowest", "highest" or level mask in command /input hotlist_clear

  • core: add option "cycle" in command /buffer

  • core, irc, xfer: display more information on memory allocation errors (issue #573)

  • api: add "extra" argument to evaluate extra variables in function string_eval_expression() (issue #534)

  • api: remove functions printf_date() and printf_tags()

  • irc: rename server options "default_msg_{kick|part|quit}" to "msg_{kick|part|quit}", evaluate them

  • relay: add option (issue #735)

  • relay: allow escape of comma in command "init" (weechat protocol) (issue #730)

  • trigger: add support for one-time triggers (issue #399, issue #509)

Bug fixes
  • core, irc, xfer: refresh domain name and name server addresses before connection to servers (fix connection to servers after suspend mode) (issue #771)

  • api: fix return of function string_match() when there are multiple masks in the string (issue #812)

  • api: fix crash in function network_connect_to() if address is NULL

  • api: fix connection to servers with hook_connect() on Windows 10 with Windows subsystem for Linux (issue #770)

  • api: fix crash in function string_split_command() when the separator is not a semicolon (issue #731)

  • irc: fix socket leak in connection to server (issue #358, issue #801)

  • irc: fix display of service notice mask (message 008) (issue #429)

  • irc: fix NULL pointer dereference in 734 command callback (issue #738)

  • relay: return an empty hdata when the requested hdata or pointer is not found (issue #767)

  • xfer: fix crash on DCC send if option xfer.file.auto_accept_nicks is set (issue #781)

  • switch to asciidoctor to build docs and man page (issue #722)

  • python: add detection of Python 3.5

Version 1.5 (2016-05-01)

New features
  • core: evaluate content of option "weechat.look.item_time_format" (issue #791)

  • core: change default value of option weechat.look.nick_color_hash to "djb2"

  • core: move nick coloring from irc plugin to core, move options irc.look.nick_color_force, irc.look.nick_color_hash and irc.look.nick_color_stop_chars to core, add info "nick_color" and "nick_color_name", deprecate info "irc_nick_color" and "irc_color_name" (issue #262)

  • core: move irc bar item "away" to core, move options irc.look.item_away_message and irc.color.item_away to core (issue #692)

  • api: add support of functions in hook_process

  • api: add pointer in callbacks used in scripting API (issue #406)

  • irc: add option (issue #600, issue #697)

  • irc: add multiple targets and support of "-server" in command /ctcp (issue #204, issue #493)

  • trigger: add "recover" in default triggers cmd_pass/msg_auth, and "regain" in default trigger "msg_auth" (issue #511)

  • add Portuguese translations

Bug fixes
  • core: fix nick coloring when stop chars and a forced color are used: first remove chars then look for forced color

  • core: check that pointers received in arguments are not NULL in buffers and windows functions

  • core: fix truncation of buffer names in hotlist (issue #668)

  • core: fix update of window title under Tmux (issue #685)

  • api: fix number of arguments returned by function string_split() when keep_eol is 2 and the string ends with separators

  • irc: fix first message displayed in raw buffer when the message is modified by a modifier (issue #719)

  • irc: add missing completion "*" for target in command /msg

  • irc: fix /msg command with multiple targets including "*"

  • lua: fix crash when a lua function doesn’t return a value and a string was expected (issue #718)

  • relay: do not execute any command received in a PRIVMSG message from an irc relay client (issue #699)

  • relay: fix the max number of clients connected on a port, allow value 0 for "no limit" (issue #669)

  • relay: fix decoding of multiple frames in a single websocket message, send PONG on PING received in a websocket frame (issue #675)

  • relay: fix command "input" received from clients with only spaces in content of message (weechat protocol) (issue #663)

  • script: force refresh of scripts buffer after download of scripts list (issue #693)

  • xfer: fix DCC file received when the terminal is resized (issue #677, issue #680)

  • python: fix detection of Python shared libraries (issue #676)

  • ruby: add detection of Ruby 2.3 (issue #698)

Version 1.4 (2016-01-10)

New features
  • core: add a parent name in options, display inherited values if null in /set output, add option weechat.color.chat_value_null (issue #629)

  • core: add tag "term_warning" in warnings about wrong $TERM on startup

  • core: add option weechat.look.paste_auto_add_newline (issue #543)

  • core: display a more explicit error when a filter fails to be added (issue #522)

  • api: add function string_hex_dump()

  • api: add argument "length" in function utf8_is_valid()

  • alias: display completion in /alias list (issue #518)

  • fifo: add /fifo command

  • irc: track real names using extended-join and WHO (issue #351)

  • irc: add support of SNI (Server Name Indication) in SSL connection to IRC server (issue #620)

  • irc: add support of "cap-notify" capability (issue #182, issue #477)

  • irc: add command /cap (issue #8)

  • irc: add hex dump of messages in raw buffer when debug is enabled for irc plugin (level 2 or more)

  • irc: evaluate content of server option "addresses"

  • irc: move option into servers ( (issue #633)

  • irc: use current channel and current server channels first in completions "irc_server_channels" and "irc_channels" (task #12923, issue #260, issue #392)

  • logger: display system error when the log file can not be written (issue #541)

  • relay: add option relay.irc.backlog_since_last_message (issue #347)

  • script: add option script.scripts.download_timeout

  • script: add completion with languages and extensions, support search by language/extension in /script search

Bug fixes
  • core: fix execution of empty command name ("/" and "/ " are not valid commands)

  • core: fix memory leak when using multiple "-d" or "-r" in command line arguments

  • core: don’t complain any more about "tmux" and "tmux-256color" $TERM values when WeeChat is running under Tmux (issue #519)

  • core: fix truncated messages after a word with a length of zero on screen (for example a zero width space: U+200B) (bug #40985, issue #502)

  • api: fix handle of invalid escape in function string_convert_escaped_chars()

  • alias: do not allow slashes and spaces in alias name (issue #646)

  • irc: fix channel forwarding when option irc.look.buffer_open_before_{autojoin|join} is on (issue #643)

  • irc: add a missing colon before the password in PASS message, if the password has spaces or begins with a colon (issue #602)

  • irc: fix charset decoding in incoming private messages (issue #520)

  • irc: display the arrow before server name in raw buffer

  • irc: fix display of messages sent to server in raw buffer

  • irc: fix display of invalid UTF-8 chars in raw buffer

  • relay: display the arrow before client id and protocol in raw buffer

  • ruby: fix load of scripts requiring "uri" (issue #433)

  • add Czech man page and quickstart guide (issue #490)

  • unit: add a test to check if all plugins are loaded

  • unit: fix locale used to execute tests (issue #631)

  • core: add scripts and, separate stable from devel Debian packaging

  • ruby: fix Ruby detection when pkg-config is not installed

Version 1.3 (2015-08-16)

New features
  • core: add completion "colors" (issue #481)

  • core: start/stop search in buffer at current scroll position by default, add key Ctrl+q to stop search and reset scroll (issue #76, issue #393)

  • core: add option weechat.look.key_grab_delay to set the default delay when grabbing a key with Alt+k

  • core: add option weechat.look.confirm_upgrade (issue #463)

  • core: add signal "signal_sighup"

  • core: allow Ctrl+c to exit WeeChat when the passphrase is asked on startup (issue #452)

  • core: allow pointer as list name in evaluation of hdata (issue #450)

  • api: add support of evaluated sub-strings and current date/time in function string_eval_expression() and command /eval

  • api: add function string_eval_path_home()

  • alias: add options "add", "addcompletion" and "del" in command /alias, remove command /unalias (issue #458)

  • irc: add option (issue #218, issue #482)

  • irc: add option irc.color.topic_current (issue #475)

  • irc: evaluate content of server option "nicks"

  • logger: evaluate content of option logger.file.path (issue #388)

  • script: rename option script.scripts.dir to script.scripts.path, evaluate content of option (issue #388)

  • relay: display value of HTTP header "X-Real-IP" for websocket connections (issue #440)

  • xfer: evaluate content of options xfer.file.download_path and xfer.file.upload_path (issue #388)

Bug fixes
  • core: flush stdout/stderr after sending text directly on them (fix corrupted data sent to hook_process() callback) (issue #442)

  • core: allow execution of command "/input return" on a buffer which is not displayed in a window

  • core: allow jump from current to previous buffer with default keys Alt+j, 01..99 (issue #466)

  • core: fix crash if a file descriptor used in hook_fd() is too high (> 1024 on Linux/BSD) (issue #465)

  • core: fix display of invalid UTF-8 chars in bars

  • core: fix bar item "scroll" after /buffer clear (issue #448)

  • core: fix display of time in bare display when option weechat.look.buffer_time_format is set to empty string (issue #441)

  • api: add missing function infolist_search_var() in script API (issue #484)

  • api: add missing function hook_completion_get_string() in script API (issue #484)

  • api: fix type of value returned by functions strcasestr, utf8_prev_char, utf8_next_char, utf8_add_offset and util_get_time_string

  • api: fix type of value returned by function strcasestr

  • fifo: fix send error on Cygwin when something is received in the pipe (issue #436)

  • irc: fix update of lag item when the server lag changes

  • irc: do not allow command /query with a channel name (issue #459)

  • irc: decode/encode only text in IRC messages and not the headers (bug #29886, issue #218, issue #451)

  • irc: fix crash with commands /allchan, /allpv and /allserv if the executed command closes buffers (issue #445)

  • irc: do not open auto-joined channels buffers when option "-nojoin" is used in command /connect (even if the option irc.look.buffer_open_before_autojoin is on)

  • irc: fix errors displayed on WHOX messages received (issue #376)

  • xfer: fix crash if the DCC file socket number is too high (> 1024 on Linux/BSD) (issue #465)

  • xfer: fix parsing of DCC chat messages (handle "\r\n" at the end of messages) (issue #425, issue #426)

  • replace PREFIX with CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in cmake instructions (issue #354)

  • lua: add detection of Lua 5.3

  • ruby: add detection of Ruby 2.2

Version 1.2 (2015-05-10)

New features
  • core: add signals "signal_sigterm" and "signal_sigquit" (issue #114)

  • core: use environment variable WEECHAT_HOME on startup (issue #391)

  • core: add options weechat.look.quote_{nick_prefix|nick_suffix|time_format} to customize quoted messages in cursor mode (issue #403)

  • core: add a welcome message on first WeeChat run (issue #318)

  • core: add options weechat.look.word_chars_{highlight|input} (issue #55, task #9459)

  • core: remove WeeChat version from config files (issue #407)

  • core: display a warning on startup if the locale can not be set (issue #373)

  • core: allow "*" as plugin name in command /plugin reload to reload all plugins with options

  • core: add option "-s" in command /eval to split expression before evaluating it (no more split by default) (issue #324)

  • core: add priority in plugins to initialize them in order

  • api: add support of environment variables in function string_eval_expression() and command /eval

  • api: add support of full color option name in functions color() and string_eval_expression() and in command /eval

  • api: add "_chat_line" (line pointer) in hashtable of hook_focus

  • irc: add support of "account-notify" capability (issue #11, issue #246)

  • irc: add support of "ecdsa-nist256p-challenge" SASL mechanism (issue #251)

  • irc: display a warning when the option irc.look.display_away is set to "channel"

  • irc: optimize search of a nick in nicklist (up to 3x faster)

  • irc: add support of SHA-256 and SHA-512 algorithms in server option "ssl_fingerprint" (issue #281)

  • irc: add option "-noswitch" in command /query (issue #394)

  • irc: format message 008 (RPL_SNOMASK) (issue #144)

  • irc: remove server "freenode" from default config file (issue #309)

  • javascript: new script plugin for JavaScript

Bug fixes
  • core: add missing completions in command /input

  • guile: fix value returned in case of error in functions: config_option_reset, config_color, config_color_default, config_write, config_read, config_reload, hook_command, buffer_string_replace_local_var, command

  • irc: fix color of new nick in nick changes messages when option irc.look.color_nicks_in_server_messages is off

  • irc: fix crash when setting an invalid regex with "/list -re" during a /list server response (issue #412)

  • irc: fix display of PART messages on channels with +a (anonymous flag) (issue #396)

  • irc: remove useless rename of channel buffer on JOIN received with different case (issue #336)

  • irc: fix completion of commands /allchan and /allpv

  • lua: fix wrong argument usage in functions nicklist_remove_group, nicklist_remove_nick and nicklist_remove_all (issue #346)

  • lua: fix value returned in case of error in functions: config_option_reset, config_string, config_string_default, config_color, config_color_default, config_write, config_read, config_reload, hook_modifier_exec, buffer_string_replace_local_var, nicklist_group_set, nicklist_nick_set, command, upgrade_read, upgrade_close

  • relay: fix up/down keys on relay buffer (issue #335)

  • relay: remove v4-mapped addresses in /help (issue #325)

  • perl: fix value returned in case of error in functions: config_option_reset, config_color, config_color_default, config_write, config_read, config_reload, buffer_string_replace_local_var, command

  • python: fix value returned in case of error in functions: config_option_reset, config_color, config_color_default, config_write, config_read, config_reload, config_is_set_plugin, buffer_get_string, buffer_string_replace_local_var, nicklist_group_get_string, nicklist_nick_get_string, command, hdata_time

  • python: fix name of function "bar_update" in case of error

  • python: fix restore of old interpreter when a function is not found in the script

  • ruby: fix crash on /plugin reload (issue #364)

  • ruby: fix value returned in case of error in functions: config_option_reset, config_color, config_color_default, config_write, config_read, config_reload, buffer_string_replace_local_var, command

  • script: fix state of script plugins when list of scripts has not been downloaded

  • scripts: reset current script pointer when load of script fails in python/perl/ruby/lua/tcl plugins

  • scripts: fix return code of function bar_set in python/perl/ruby/lua/tcl/guile plugins

  • scripts: fix type of value returned by function hdata_time (from string to long integer) in perl/ruby/lua/tcl/guile plugins

  • tcl: fix value returned in case of error in functions: mkdir_home, mkdir, mkdir_parents, config_option_reset, config_color, config_color_default, config_write, config_read, config_reload, print_date_tags, buffer_string_replace_local_var, command, infolist_new_item, infolist_new_var_integer, infolist_new_var_string, infolist_new_var_pointer, infolist_new_var_time, upgrade_write_object, upgrade_read, upgrade_close

  • trigger: do not hook anything if the trigger is disabled (issue #405)

  • add Russian man page

Version 1.1.1 (2015-01-25)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix crash when a root bar has conditions different from active/inactive/nicklist (issue #317)

  • irc: don’t close channel buffer on second /part when option irc.look.part_closes_buffer is off (issue #313)

  • irc: fix /join on a channel buffer opened with autojoin but which failed to join

  • irc: send QUIT to server and no PART for channels when the server buffer is closed (issue #294)

  • irc: fix order of channel buffers opened when option irc.look.server_buffer is set to "independent", irc.look.buffer_open_before_autojoin to "on" and irc.look.new_channel_position to "near_server" (issue #303)

  • irc: fix crash in buffer close when server name is the same as a channel name (issue #305)

  • core: fix random error when creating symbolic link weechat-curses on make install with cmake (bug #40313)

Version 1.1 (2015-01-11)

New features
  • core: add option weechat.completion.command_inline (task #12491)

  • core: add bar item "mouse_status", new options weechat.look.item_mouse_status and weechat.color.status_mouse (issue #247)

  • core: add signals "mouse_enabled" and "mouse_disabled" (issue #244)

  • core: add hide of chars in string in evaluation of expressions

  • core: add arraylists, improve speed of completions (about 50x faster)

  • core: allow incomplete commands if unambiguous, new option weechat.look.command_incomplete (task #5419)

  • core: check bar conditions in root bars and on each update of a bar item

  • core: fully evaluate commands bound to keys in cursor and mouse contexts

  • core: move bar item "scroll" between buffer name and lag in default bar items of status bar

  • api: add regex replace feature in function string_eval_expression()

  • api: send value returned by command callback in function command(), remove WeeChat error after command callback if return code is WEECHAT_RC_ERROR

  • api: use microseconds instead of milliseconds in functions util_timeval_diff() and util_timeval_add()

  • irc: add option "reorder" in command /server (issue #229)

  • irc: open channel buffers before the JOIN is received from server (autojoin and manual joins), new options irc.look.buffer_open_before_{autojoin|join} (issue #216)

  • irc: add server option "sasl_fail" (continue/reconnect/disconnect if SASL fails) (issue #265, task #12204)

  • irc: add support for color codes 16-99 in IRC messages (issue #228), add infolist "irc_color_weechat"

  • irc: add support of "extended-join" capability (issue #143, issue #212)

  • irc: display own nick changes in server buffer (issue #188)

  • irc: disable creation of temporary servers by default with command /connect, new option irc.look.temporary_servers

  • irc: disable SSLv3 by default in server option "ssl_priorities" (issue #248)

  • irc: automatically add current channel in command /samode (issue #241)

  • irc: add tag "nick_xxx" in invite messages

  • relay: add options "stop" and "restart" in command /relay

  • relay: add option (issue #234)

  • relay: add host in sender for IRC backlog PRIVMSG messages sent to clients

  • script: add option script.scripts.url_force_https (issue #253)

  • trigger: evaluate and replace regex groups at same time, new format for regex option in triggers (incompatible with version 1.0) (issue #224)

  • trigger: add option "restore" in command /trigger

  • trigger: add ${tg_displayed} in conditions of default trigger "beep"

Bug fixes
  • core: fix display bug when scrolling in buffer on a filtered line (issue #240)

  • core: send mouse code only one time to terminal with command /mouse enable|disable|toggle

  • core: fix buffer property "lines_hidden" when merging buffers or when a line is removed from a buffer (issue #226)

  • core: display time in bare display only if option weechat.look.buffer_time_format is not an empty string

  • core: fix translation of message displayed after /upgrade

  • api: fix truncated process output in hook_process() (issue #266)

  • api: fix crash when reading config options with NULL value (issue #238)

  • irc: defer the auto-connection to servers with a timer (issue #279, task #13038)

  • irc: add missing server options "sasl_timeout" and "notify" in output of /server listfull

  • irc: use option irc.look.nick_mode_empty to display nick prefix in bar item "input_prompt"

  • irc: remove IRC color codes from buffer title in channels (issue #237)

  • irc: fix completion of commands /msg, /notice and /query

  • irc: fix translation of CTCP PING reply (issue #137)

  • relay: wait for message CAP END before sending join of channels and backlog to the client (issue #223)

  • relay: send messages "buffer_localvar*" and "_buffer_type_changed" with sync "buffers" (issue #191)

  • relay: don’t remove relay from config when the binding fails (issue #225)

  • relay: use comma separator in option relay.irc.backlog_tags, check the value of option when it is changed with /set

  • relay: remove "::ffff:" from IPv4-mapped IPv6 client address (issue #111)

  • trigger: fix memory leak when allocating a new trigger with several regex

  • xfer: fix freeze when accepting DCC (issue #160, issue #174)

  • xfer: bind to wildcard address when sending (issue #173)

  • core: fix compilation of man pages with autotools in source directory

  • core: fix compilation of plugins with cmake >= 3.1 (issue #287)

  • lua: add detection of Lua 5.2

  • python: fix Python detection with Homebrew (issue #217)

  • tests: fix compilation of tests with clang (issue #275)

Version 1.0.1 (2014-09-28)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix crash on buffer close when option weechat.look.hotlist_remove is set to "merged" (issue #199)

  • core: fix highlight of IRC action messages when option irc.look.nick_mode is set to "action" or "both" (issue #206)

  • core: fix compilation of plugin API functions (macros) when compiler optimizations are enabled (issue #200)

  • core: fix window/buffer pointers used in command /eval

  • core: fix modifier "weechat_print": discard only one line when several lines are displayed in same message (issue #171)

  • api: fix bug in function hdata_move() when absolute value of count is greater than 1

  • aspell: fix crash with command "/aspell addword" if no word is given (issue #164, issue #165)

  • irc: fix display of channel exception list (348) with 6 arguments (date missing)

  • irc: fix type of value stored in hashtable when joining a channel (issue #211)

  • relay: fix send of signals "relay_client_xxx" (issue #214)

  • script: fix crash on "/script update" if a script detail is displayed in buffer (issue #177)

  • trigger: do not allow any changes on a trigger when it is currently running (issue #189)

  • trigger: fix regex used in default triggers to hide passwords ("\S" is not supported on *BSD) (issue #172)

  • unit: fix memory leak in tests launcher

  • aspell: fix compilation with Enchant < 1.6.0 (issue #192)

  • guile: fix compilation with Guile < 2.0.4 (issue #198)

  • perl: fix detection of Perl >= 5.20 with autotools

  • tests: fix build of tests when the build directory is outside source tree (issue #178)

Version 1.0 (2014-08-15)

New features
  • core: display a warning on startup if $TERM does not start with "screen" under Screen/Tmux

  • core: add option weechat.color.status_nicklist_count (issue #109, issue #110)

  • core: add option "env" in command /set (manage environment variables)

  • core: add bar item "buffer_short_name" (task #10882)

  • core: add option "send" in command /input (send text to a buffer)

  • core: add support of negated tags in filters (with "!") (issue #72, issue #74)

  • core: add hidden buffers, add options hide/unhide in command /buffer

  • core: add default key Alt+- (toggle filters in current buffer) (issue #17)

  • core: add non-active merged buffers with activity in hotlist (if another merged buffer is zoomed) (task #12845)

  • core: add text search in buffers with free content (task #13051)

  • core: add buffer property "clear"

  • core: add option weechat.look.hotlist_add_conditions, remove option weechat.look.hotlist_add_buffer_if_away

  • core: add option weechat.look.hotlist_remove (issue #99)

  • core: add options "-beep" and "-current" in command /print

  • core: add bare display mode for easy text selection and click on URLs, new key: Alt+l, new option "bare" in command /window, new options: weechat.look.bare_display_exit_on_input and weechat.look.bare_display_time_format

  • core: add signals "key_combo_{default|search|cursor}"

  • core: add terabyte unit for size displayed

  • core: display a warning in case of inconsistency between the options weechat.look.save_{config|layout}_on_exit

  • core: add option "-mask" in command /unset (issue #112)

  • core: set option weechat.look.buffer_search_where to prefix_message by default

  • core: mute all buffers by default in command /mute (replace option -all by -core)

  • api: allow value "-1" for property "hotlist" in function buffer_set() (to remove a buffer from hotlist)

  • api: add option "buffer_flush" in function hook_process_hashtable()

  • api: add support of case insensitive search and search by buffer full name in function buffer_search() (bug #34318)

  • api: add option "detached" in function hook_process_hashtable()

  • api: add option "signal" in function hook_set() to send a signal to the child process

  • api: add support of nested variables in function string_eval_expression() and command /eval (issue #35)

  • api: add support of escaped strings with format ${esc:xxx} or ${\xxx} in function string_eval_expression() and command /eval

  • api: add functions hashtable_dup(), string_replace_regex(), string_split_shell(), string_convert_escaped_chars()

  • api: add integer return code for functions hook_{signal|hsignal}_send()

  • api: add argument "flags" in function hdata_new_list()

  • api: allow wildcard "*" inside the mask in function string_match()

  • api: allow negative value for y in function printf_y()

  • alias: add default alias "msgbuf" (send text to a buffer)

  • exec: add exec plugin: new command /exec and file exec.conf

  • irc: add bar item "irc_nick_modes" (issue #71)

  • irc: add support of message 324 (channel modes) in option irc.look.display_join_message (issue #75)

  • irc: add option irc.look.join_auto_add_chantype (issue #65)

  • irc: add tag with host ("host_xxx") in IRC messages displayed (task #12018)

  • irc: add option irc.color.item_nick_modes (issue #47)

  • irc: add support of "away-notify" capability (issue #12)

  • irc: add command /remove (issue #91)

  • irc: add command /unquiet (issue #36)

  • irc: add command /allpv (task #13111)

  • irc: display locally away status changes in private buffers (in addition to channels) (issue #117)

  • irc: allow many fingerprints in server option ssl_fingerprint (issue #49)

  • irc: rename option irc.look.item_channel_modes_hide_key to irc.look.item_channel_modes_hide_args, value is now a string (task #12070, task #12163, issue #48)

  • irc: add value "+" for option irc.look.smart_filter_mode to use modes from server prefixes (this is now the default value) (issue #90)

  • irc: allow "$ident" in option (issue #18)

  • irc: evaluate content of server options "username" and "realname"

  • irc: set option to 600 by default, increase max value to 604800 seconds (7 days)

  • irc: set option to "off" by default

  • relay: add messages "_buffer_cleared", "_buffer_hidden" and "_buffer_unhidden"

  • relay: add info "relay_client_count" with optional status name as argument

  • relay: add signals "relay_client_xxx" for client status changes (issue #2)

  • relay: add option

  • rmodifier: remove plugin (replaced by trigger)

  • script: set option script.scripts.cache_expire to 1440 by default

  • trigger: add trigger plugin: new command /trigger and file trigger.conf

Bug fixes
  • core: fix zero-length malloc of an hashtable item with type "buffer"

  • core: fix memory leak on /upgrade when file signature in upgrade file is invalid

  • core: fix memory leak in completion of config options values

  • core: fix memory leak when removing script files

  • core: fix result of hash function (in hashtables) on 32-bit systems

  • core: fix insert of mouse code in input line after a partial key combo (issue #130)

  • core: check code point value in UTF-8 check function (issue #108)

  • core: fix socks5 proxy for curl downloads (issue #119)

  • core: display curl error after a failed download

  • core: do not display content of passphrase on /secure buffer

  • core: fix potential memory leak with infolists not freed in plugins (debian bug #751108)

  • core: fix color display of last terminal color number + 1 (issue #101)

  • core: add option "-buffer" in command /command (issue #67)

  • core: fix restoration of core buffer properties after /upgrade

  • core: fix "/buffer clear" with a name (don’t clear all merged buffers with same number)

  • core: fix evaluation of expression with regex: when a comparison char is in the regex and don’t evaluate the regex itself (issue #63)

  • core: close .upgrade files before deleting them after /upgrade

  • core: fix refresh of bar item "buffer_zoom" on buffer switch

  • core: fix reset of attributes in bars when "resetcolor" is used (issue #41)

  • core: fix alignment of lines in merged buffers when options weechat.look.prefix_align and weechat.look.prefix_buffer_align are set to "none" (issue #43)

  • core: quit WeeChat on signal SIGHUP, remove signal "signal_sighup"

  • core: fix add of filter on OS X when regex for message is empty (filter regex ending with "\t")

  • core: check validity of buffer pointer when data is sent to a buffer (command/text from user and API function command())

  • core: fix crash when buffer is closed during execution of multiple commands (issue #27)

  • core: fix compilation on SmartOS (bug #40981, issue #23)

  • core: add missing \0 at the end of stderr buffer in function hook_process()

  • core: fix highlight problem with "(?-i)" and upper case letters in option weechat.look.highlight (issue #24)

  • core: fix detection of terminated process in function hook_process()

  • core: fix "/window scroll -N" on a buffer with free content

  • core: fix recursive calls to function eval_expression()

  • core: save and restore mute state in command /mute (bug #41748)

  • core: fix memory leak when removing a hdata

  • core: fix memory leak in evaluation of sub-conditions

  • core: fix memory leak in function gui_key_add_to_infolist() (in case of insufficient memory)

  • core: fix use of invalid pointer in function gui_bar_window_content_alloc() (in case of insufficient memory)

  • core: fix uninitialized value in function string_decode_base64()

  • core: fix memory leak and use of invalid pointer in split of string (in case of insufficient memory)

  • core: fix potential NULL pointer in function gui_color_emphasize()

  • core: use same return code and message in all commands when arguments are wrong/missing

  • core: allow empty arguments for command /print

  • core: fix freeze/crash in GnuTLS (bug #41576)

  • api: fix function string_decode_base64()

  • api: fix function string_format_size() on 32-bit systems

  • api: change type of arguments displayed/highlight in hook_print() callback from string to integer (in scripts)

  • alias: change default command for alias /beep to "/print -beep"

  • guile: fix module used after unload of a script

  • irc: fix memory leak in CTCP answer

  • irc: fix duplicate sender name in display of wallops (issue #142, issue #145)

  • irc: fix extract of channel in parser for JOIN/PART messages when there is a colon before the channel name (issue #83)

  • irc: fix duplicate sender name in display of notice (issue #87)

  • irc: fix refresh of buffer name in bar items after join/part/kick/kill (issue #86)

  • irc: display message 936 (censored word) on channel instead of server buffer

  • irc: make reason optional in command /kill

  • irc: add alias "whois" for target buffer of messages 401/402 (issue #54)

  • irc: fix truncated read on socket with SSL (bug #41558)

  • irc: display output of CAP LIST in server buffer

  • irc: fix colors in message with CTCP reply sent to another user

  • irc: fix read of MODES server value when in commands /op, /deop, /voice, /devoice, /halfop, /dehalfop

  • irc: fix parsing of nick in host when "!" is not found (bug #41640)

  • lua: fix interpreter used after unload of a script

  • perl: fix context used after unload of a script

  • python: fix read of return value for callbacks returning an integer in Python 2.x (issue #125)

  • python: fix interpreter used after unload of a script

  • relay: fix memory leak during handshake on websocket

  • relay: fix memory leak when receiving commands from client (weechat protocol)

  • relay: fix crash when an IRC "MODE" command is received from client without arguments

  • relay: fix number of bytes sent/received on 32-bit systems

  • relay: fix crash when closing relay buffers (issue #57, issue #78)

  • relay: check pointers received in hdata command to prevent crashes with bad pointers (WeeChat protocol)

  • relay: remove warning on /reload of relay.conf when ports are defined

  • relay: fix client disconnection on empty websocket frames received (PONG)

  • relay: add support of Internet Explorer websocket (issue #73)

  • relay: fix crash on /upgrade received from a client (weechat protocol)

  • relay: fix freeze after /upgrade when many disconnected clients still exist

  • relay: fix NULL pointer when reading buffer lines for irc backlog

  • ruby: fix crash when trying to load a directory with /ruby load

  • script: fix display of curl errors

  • script: fix scroll on script buffer in the detailed view of script (issue #6)

  • scripts: fix crash when a signal is received with type "int" and NULL pointer in signal_data

  • xfer: fix problem with option xfer.file.auto_accept_nicks when the server name contains dots

  • xfer: fix freeze/problems when sending empty files with DCC (issue #53)

  • xfer: fix connection to remote host in DCC receive on Mac OS X (issue #25)

  • xfer: remove bind on (issue #5)

  • core: fix cmake warning CMP0007 on "make uninstall" (bug #41528)

  • core: use glibtoolize on Mac OS X (autotools) (issue #22)

  • ruby: add detection of Ruby 2.1

  • unit: add unit tests using CppUTest (issue #104)

Version 0.4.3 (2014-02-09)

New features
  • core: add signals "signal_sighup" and "signal_sigwinch" (terminal resized)

  • core: add command /print, add support of more escaped chars in command "/input insert"

  • core: add option weechat.look.tab_width

  • core: add completion "plugins_installed"

  • core: add option weechat.look.window_auto_zoom, disable automatic zoom by default when terminal becomes too small for windows

  • core: use "+" separator to make a logical "and" between tags in command /filter, option weechat.look.highlight_tags and buffer property "highlight_tags"

  • core: add options weechat.look.buffer_auto_renumber and weechat.look.buffer_position, add option "renumber" in command /buffer, add bar item "buffer_last_number" (task #12766)

  • core: add signal "buffer_cleared"

  • core: add buffer property "day_change" to hide messages for the day change in specific buffers

  • core: add option "libs" in command /debug

  • core: add infos "term_width" and "term_height"

  • core: add bar item "buffer_zoom", add signals "buffer_{zoomed|unzoomed}" (patch #8204)

  • core: add default keys Alt+Home / Alt+End (meta2-1;3H / meta2-1;3F) and Alt+F11 / Alt+F12 (meta2-23;3~ / meta2-24;3~) for xterm

  • core: add support of italic text (requires ncurses >= 5.9 patch 20130831)

  • core: add options to customize default text search in buffers: weechat.look.buffer_search_{case_sensitive|force_default|regex|where}

  • core: add support of UTF-8 chars in horizontal/vertical separators (options weechat.look.separator_{horizontal|vertical})

  • core: add support of logical and/or for argument "tags" in function hook_print()

  • core: rename buffer property "highlight_tags" to "highlight_tags_restrict", new behavior for buffer property "highlight_tags" (force highlight on tags), rename option irc.look.highlight_tags to irc.look.highlight_tags_restrict

  • core: rename options save/reset to store/del in command /layout

  • core: replace default key Ctrl+c, r by Ctrl+c, v for reverse video in messages

  • core: replace default key Ctrl+c, u by Ctrl+c, _ for underlined text in messages

  • core: rename option weechat.look.set_title to weechat.look.window_title, value is now a string (evaluated)

  • core: set option weechat.look.paste_bracketed to "on" by default

  • core: use one date format when day changes from day to day+1

  • api: add function infolist_search_var()

  • api: add stdin options in functions hook_process_hashtable() and hook_set() to send data on stdin of child process, add function hook_set() in script API (task #10847, task #13031)

  • api: add hdata "buffer_visited"

  • api: add support of infos with format ${info:name,arguments} in function string_eval_expression() and command /eval

  • api: add support for C++ plugins

  • alias: add default alias /beep ⇒ /print -stderr \a

  • irc: add server option "ssl_fingerprint" (task #12724)

  • irc: add option irc.look.smart_filter_mode (task #12499)

  • irc: add option (bug #26571)

  • irc: add option

  • irc: add option irc.look.notice_welcome_tags

  • irc: add server option "default_msg_kick" to customize default kick/kickban message (task #12777)

  • irc: use MONITOR instead of ISON for /notify when it is available on server (task #11477)

  • relay: send backlog for irc private buffers

  • xfer: add support of IPv6 for DCC chat/file (patch #7992)

  • xfer: add option xfer.file.auto_check_crc32 (patch #7963)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix hotlist problems after apply of a layout (bug #41481)

  • core: fix crash when creating two bars with same name but different case (bug #41418)

  • core: fix display of read marker when all buffer lines are unread and that option weechat.look.read_marker_always_show is on

  • core: fix memory leak in regex matching when evaluating expression

  • core: fix crash in /eval when config option has a NULL value

  • core: fix crash with hdata_update() on shared strings, add hdata type "shared_string" (bug #41104)

  • core: fix text emphasis with wide chars on screen like Japanese (patch #8253)

  • core: remove option on /unset of plugin description option ( (bug #40768)

  • core: fix random crash when closing a buffer

  • core: fix crash on /buffer close core.weechat

  • core: apply color attributes when clearing a window (patch #8236)

  • core: fix truncated text when pasting several long lines (bug #40210)

  • core: create .conf file with default options only if the file does not exist (and not on read error with existing file)

  • core: fix highlight on action messages: skip the nick at beginning to prevent highlight on it (bug #40516)

  • core: fix bind of keys in cursor/mouse context when key starts with "@" (remove the warning about unsafe key)

  • core: fix truncated prefix when filters are toggled (bug #40204)

  • api: fix read of arrays in hdata functions hdata_<type>() (bug #40354)

  • aspell: fix detection of nicks with non-alphanumeric chars

  • guile: disable guile gmp allocator (fix crash on unload of relay plugin) (bug #40628)

  • irc: clear the GnuTLS session in all cases after SSL connection error

  • irc: do not display names by default when joining a channel (task #13045)

  • irc: display PONG answer when resulting from manual /ping command

  • irc: fix time parsed in tag of messages on Cygwin

  • irc: use statusmsg from message 005 to check prefix char in status notices/messages

  • irc: remove display of channel in channel notices, display "PvNotice" for channel welcome notices

  • irc: fix ignore on a host without nick

  • irc: use color code 0x1F (ctrl-_) for underlined text in input line (same code as messages) (bug #40756)

  • irc: use color code 0x16 (ctrl-v) for reverse video in messages

  • irc: use option instead of when displaying messages sent by commands /away, /me, /msg, /notice, /query

  • irc: fix memory leak when checking the value of ssl_priorities option in servers

  • irc: fix memory leak when a channel is deleted

  • irc: fix groups in channel nicklist when reconnecting to a server that supports more nick prefixes than the previously connected server

  • irc: fix auto-switch to channel buffer when doing /join channel (without "#")

  • logger: fix memory leaks in backlog

  • logger: replace backslashs in name by logger replacement char under Cygwin (bug #41207)

  • lua: fix crash on calls to callbacks during load of script

  • python: fix load of scripts with Python >= 3.3

  • relay: fix memory leak on unload of relay plugin

  • ruby: fix ruby init with Ruby >= 2.0 (bug #41115)

  • scripts: fix script interpreter used after register during load of script in python/perl/ruby/lua/guile plugins (bug #41345)

  • xfer: use same infolist for hook and signals (patch #7974)

  • add French developer’s guide and relay protocol

  • add Japanese plugin API reference and developer’s guide

  • add Polish man page and user’s guide


Version 0.4.2 (2013-10-06)

New features
  • core: display day change message dynamically (do not store it as a line in buffer), split option weechat.look.day_change_time_format into two options weechat.look.day_change_message_{1date|2dates}, new option weechat.color.chat_day_change (task #12775)

  • core: add syntax "@buffer:item" in bar items to force the buffer used when displaying the bar item (task #12717)

  • core: add search of regular expression in buffer, don’t reset search type on a new search, select where to search (messages/prefixes), add keys in search context: Alt+c (case (in)sensitive search), Tab (search in messages/prefixes)

  • core: add text emphasis in messages when searching text in buffer, new options: weechat.look.emphasized_attributes, weechat.color.emphasized, weechat.color.emphasized_bg

  • core: add secured data (encryption of passwords or private data): add new command /secure and new file sec.conf (task #7395)

  • core: rename binary and man page from "weechat-curses" to "weechat" (task #11027)

  • core: add option "-o" in command /color

  • core: add option "scroll_beyond_end" for command /window (task #6745)

  • core: add options weechat.look.hotlist_prefix and weechat.look.hotlist_suffix (task #12730)

  • core: add option weechat.look.key_bind_safe

  • core: add option (task #12651)

  • core: add "proxy" infolist and hdata

  • core: add infolist "layout" and hdata "layout", "layout_buffer" and "layout_window"

  • core: reduce memory used by using shared strings for nicklist and lines in buffers

  • core: change color format for options weechat.look.buffer_time_format and weechat.look.prefix_{action|error|join|network|quit} from ${xxx} to ${color:xxx}

  • core: optimize the removal of lines in buffers (a lot faster to clear/close buffers with lot of lines)

  • core: set options weechat.look.color_inactive_{buffer|window} to "on" by default

  • api: return hashtable item pointer in functions hashtable_set() and hashtable_set_with_size()

  • api: add "callback_free_key" in hashtable

  • api: add support of colors with format ${color:xxx} in function string_eval_expression() and command /eval

  • api: add argument "options" in function string_eval_expression(), add option "-c" in command /eval (to evaluate a condition)

  • api: add new function strlen_screen()

  • aspell: rename option aspell.look.color to aspell.color.misspelled, add option aspell.color.suggestions

  • aspell: add support of enchant library (patch #6858)

  • irc: add option irc.look.notice_welcome_redirect to automatically redirect channel welcome notices to the channel buffer

  • irc: add support of wildcards in commands (de)op/halfop/voice, split IRC message sent if number of nicks is greater than server MODES (from message 005) (task #9221)

  • irc: add option irc.look.pv_tags

  • irc: add support of special variables $nick/$channel/$server in commands /allchan and /allserv

  • irc: add option irc.look.nick_color_hash: hash algorithm to find nick color (patch #8062)

  • logger: add option "flush" in command /logger

  • plugins: remove the demo plugin

  • relay: add command "ping" in weechat protocol (task #12689)

  • rmodifier: add option "missing" in command /rmodifier

  • script: add info about things defined by script (like commands, options, …​) in the detailed view of script (/script show)

  • scripts: add hdata with script callback

  • xfer: add option xfer.look.pv_tags

Bug fixes
  • core: clear whole line before displaying content instead of clearing after the end of content (bug #40115)

  • core: fix time displayed in status bar (it was one second late) (bug #40097)

  • core: fix memory leak on unhook of a print hook (if using tags)

  • core: fix computation of columns in output of /help (take care about size of time/buffer/prefix)

  • core: fix random crash on "/buffer close" with a buffer number (or a range of buffers)

  • core: fix priority of logical operators in evaluation of expression (AND takes precedence over the OR) and first evaluate sub-expressions between parentheses

  • core: remove gap after read marker line when there is no bar on the right (bug #39548)

  • core: use "/dev/null" for stdin in hook_process() instead of closing stdin (bug #39538)

  • core: fix char displayed at the intersection of three windows (bug #39331)

  • core: fix crash in evaluation of expression when reading a string in hdata with a NULL value (bug #39419)

  • core: fix display bugs with some UTF-8 chars that truncates messages displayed (for example U+26C4) (bug #39201)

  • core: remove extra space after empty prefix (when prefix for action, error, join, network or quit is set to empty string) (bug #39218)

  • core: fix random crash on mouse actions (bug #39094)

  • core: fix line alignment when option weechat.look.buffer_time_format is set to empty string

  • api: change type of hashtable key hash to unsigned long

  • api: use pointer for infolist "hook" to return only one hook

  • aspell: fix detection of word start/end when there are apostrophes or minus chars before/after word

  • irc: fix reconnection to server using IPv6 (bug #38819, bug #40166)

  • irc: replace default prefix modes "qaohvu" by the standard ones "ov" when PREFIX is not sent by server (bug #39802)

  • irc: use 6697 as default port for SSL servers created with URL "ircs://" (bug #39621)

  • irc: display number of ops/halfops/voices on channel join only for supported modes on server (bug #39582)

  • irc: fix self nick color in server messages after nick is changed with /nick (bug #39415)

  • irc: fix error message on /invite without arguments (bug #39272)

  • irc: fix multiple nicks in command /query (separated by commas): open one buffer per nick

  • lua: fix interpreter used in API functions (bug #39470)

  • relay: fix decoding of websocket frames when there are multiple frames in a single message received (only the first one was decoded)

  • relay: fix binding to an IP address (bug #39119)

  • update man page and add translations (in French, German, Italian, and Japanese)

  • core: add CA_FILE option in cmake and configure to setup default value of option (default is "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt") (task #12725)

  • core: disable build of doc by default, add cmake option ENABLE_MAN to compile man page (off by default)

  • xfer: fix compilation on OpenBSD (bug #39071)

Version 0.4.1 (2013-05-20)

New features
  • core: make nick prefix/suffix dynamic (not stored in the line): move options irc.look.nick_{prefix|suffix} to weechat.look.nick_{prefix|suffix} and options irc.color.nick_{prefix|suffix} to weechat.color.chat_nick_{prefix|suffix}, add new options weechat.look.prefix_align_more_after, weechat.look.prefix_buffer_align_more_after, logger.file.nick_{prefix|suffix} (bug #37531)

  • core: add support of multiple layouts (task #11274)

  • core: add signals nicklist_{group|nick}_removing and hsignals nicklist_{group|nick}_{added|removing|changed}

  • core: add count for groups, nicks, and total in nicklist

  • core: add option "dirs" in command /debug

  • core: add signal "window_opened" (task #12464)

  • core: allow read of array in hdata without using index

  • api: add new function hdata_search()

  • api: add property "completion_freeze" for function buffer_set(): do not stop completion when command line is updated

  • aspell: add completion "aspell_dicts" (list of aspell installed dictionaries)

  • aspell: add info "aspell_dict" (dictionaries used on a buffer)

  • aspell: optimization on spellers to improve speed (save state by buffer)

  • irc: add support of "dh-aes" SASL mechanism (patch #8020)

  • irc: add support of UHNAMES (capability "userhost-in-names") (task #9353)

  • irc: add tag "irc_nick_back" for messages displayed in private buffer when a nick is back on server (task #12576)

  • irc: add option irc.look.display_join_message (task #10895)

  • irc: add option irc.look.pv_buffer: automatically merge private buffers (optionally by server) (task #11924)

  • irc: hide passwords in commands or messages sent to nickserv (/msg nickserv) with new modifiers "irc_command_auth" and "irc_message_auth", remove option irc.look.hide_nickserv_pwd, add option irc.look.nicks_hide_password (bug #38346)

  • irc: unmask smart filtered join if nick speaks in channel some minutes after the join, new option irc.look.smart_filter_join_unmask (task #12405)

  • irc: rename option to, value is now a number of seconds

  • relay: add message "_nicklist_diff" (differences between old and current nicklist)

  • relay: add support of multiple servers on same port for irc protocol (the client must send the server in the "PASS" command)

  • relay: add WebSocket server support (RFC 6455) for irc and weechat protocols, new option

  • relay: add options "buffers" and "upgrade" in commands sync/desync (weechat protocol)

  • rmodifier: rename default rmodifier "nickserv" to "command_auth" (with new modifier "irc_command_auth"), add default rmodifier "message_auth" (modifier "irc_message_auth")

  • script: add option script.scripts.autoload, add options "autoload", "noautoload" and "toggleautoload" for command /script, add action "A" (Alt+a) on script buffer (toggle autoload) (task #12393)

  • xfer: add option xfer.file.auto_accept_nicks (patch #7962)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix display of long lines without time (message beginning with two tabs)

  • core: reset scroll in window before zooming on a merged buffer (bug #38207)

  • core: fix refresh of item "completion": clear it after any action that is changing content of command line and after switch of buffer (bug #38214)

  • core: fix structures before buffer data when a buffer is closed

  • core: fix refresh of line after changes with hdata_update() (update flag "displayed" according to filters)

  • core: fix hidden lines for messages without date when option weechat.history.max_buffer_lines_minutes is set (bug #38197)

  • core: use default hash/comparison callback for keys of type integer/pointer/time in hashtable

  • api: do not display a warning by default when loading a script with a license different from GPL

  • api: fix connection to servers with hook_connect() on OS X (bug #38496)

  • api: fix bug in function string_match() when mask begins and ends with "*"

  • api: allow hashtable with keys that are not strings in function hashtable_add_to_infolist()

  • api: fix function string_mask_to_regex(): escape all special chars used in regex (bug #38398)

  • guile: fix crash in function hdata_move()

  • guile: fix arguments given to callbacks (separate arguments instead of one list with arguments inside), Guile >= 2.0 is now required (bug #38350)

  • guile: fix crash on calls to callbacks during load of script (bug #38343)

  • irc: fix name of server buffer after /server rename (set name "" instead of "name")

  • irc: fix uncontrolled format string when sending unknown irc commands (if option is on)

  • irc: fix uncontrolled format string when sending ison command (for nicks monitored by /notify)

  • irc: fix refresh of nick in input bar when joining a new channel with op status (bug #38969)

  • irc: fix display of CTCP messages that contain bold attribute (bug #38895)

  • irc: fix duplicate nick completion when someone rejoins the channel with same nick but a different case (bug #38841)

  • irc: fix crash on command "/allchan /close"

  • irc: fix default completion (like nicks) in commands /msg, /notice, /query and /topic

  • irc: fix prefix color for nick when the prefix is not in irc.color.nick_prefixes: use default color (key "*")

  • irc: fix display of malformed CTCP (without closing char) (bug #38347)

  • irc: fix memory leak in purge of hashtables with joins (it was done only for the first server in the list)

  • irc: add color in output of /names when result is on server buffer (channel not joined) (bug #38070)

  • lua: remove use of functions for API constants

  • lua: fix crash on stack overflow: call lua_pop() for values returned by lua functions (bug #38510)

  • perl: simplify code to load scripts

  • python: fix crash when loading scripts with Python 3.x (patch #8044)

  • relay: fix uncontrolled format string in redirection of irc commands

  • relay: rename compression "gzip" to "zlib" (compression is zlib, not gzip)

  • relay: fix commands sync/desync in weechat protocol (bug #38215)

  • ruby: fix crash in function hdata_move()

  • ruby: fix crash with Ruby 2.0: use one array for the last 6 arguments of function config_new_option() (bug #31050)

  • script: create "script" directory on each action, just in case it has been removed (bug #38472)

  • scripts: create directories (language and language/autoload) on each action (install/remove/autoload), just in case they have been removed (bug #38473)

  • scripts: do not allow empty script name in function register()

  • xfer: fix freeze of DCC file received: use non-blocking socket after connection to sender and ensure the ACK is properly sent (bug #38340)

  • core: install icon file (patch #7972)

  • core: fix detection of iconv with cmake on OS X (bug #38321)

  • guile: fix compilation with Guile 2.0

  • python: fix detection of Python on Ubuntu Raring

  • script: fix compilation on GNU/Hurd (patch #7977)

Version 0.4.0 (2013-01-20)

New features
  • core: add buffer pointer in arguments for signals "input_search", "input_text_changed" and "input_text_cursor_moved"

  • core: add option "diff" in command /set (list options with changed value)

  • core: add color support in options weechat.look.prefix_{action|error|join|network|quit} (task #9555)

  • core: display default values for changed config options in output of /set

  • core: add command /eval, use expression in conditions for bars

  • core: add option "-quit" in command /upgrade (save session and quit without restarting WeeChat, for delayed restoration)

  • core: add incomplete mouse events "event-down" and "event-drag" (task #11840)

  • api: allow return code WEECHAT_RC_OK_EAT in callbacks of hook_signal() and hook_hsignal() (stop sending the signal immediately)

  • api: allow creation of structure with hdata_update() (allowed for hdata "history")

  • api: use hashtable "options" for command arguments in function hook_process_hashtable() (optional, default is a split of string with command)

  • api: add new function string_eval_expression()

  • api: connect with IPv6 by default in hook_connect() (with fallback to IPv4), shuffle list of hosts for a same address, add argument "retry" for hook_connect(), move "sock" from hook_connect() arguments to callback of hook_connect() (task #11205)

  • aspell: add signal "aspell_suggest" (sent when new suggestions are displayed)

  • aspell: add bar items "aspell_dict" (dictionary used on current buffer) and "aspell_suggest" (suggestions for misspelled word at cursor), add option aspell.check.suggestions (task #12061)

  • irc: add tags "irc_nick1_xxx" and "irc_nick2_yyy" in message displayed for command "NICK"

  • irc: return git version in CTCP VERSION and FINGER by default, add "$git" and "$versiongit" in format of CTCP replies

  • irc: read local variable "autorejoin" in buffer to override server option "autorejoin" (task #12256)

  • irc: add option "-auto" in command /connect (task #9340)

  • irc: add support of "server-time" capability (task #12255)

  • irc: add support of tags in messages

  • irc: add command /quiet, fix display of messages 728/729 (quiet list, end of quiet list) (task #12278)

  • irc: add option to disable dynamic nick generation when all nicks are already in use on server (task #12281)

  • irc: add option to double nick in command /whois

  • irc: add option "-noswitch" in command /join (task #12275)

  • perl: display script filename in error messages

  • relay: add backlog and server capability "server-time" for irc protocol, add new options relay.irc.backlog_max_minutes, relay.irc.backlog_max_number, relay.irc.backlog_since_last_disconnect, relay.irc.backlog_tags, relay.irc.backlog_time_format (task #12076)

  • relay: add support of IPv6, new option, add support of "ipv4." and/or "ipv6." before protocol name, to force IPv4/IPv6 (task #12270)

  • xfer: display remote IP address for DCC chat/file (task #12289)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix infinite loop when a regex gives an empty match (bug #38112)

  • core: fix click in item "buffer_nicklist" when nicklist is a root bar (bug #38080)

  • core: fix line returned when clicking on a bar (according to position and filling) (bug #38069)

  • core: fix refresh of bars when applying layout (bug #37944, bug #37952)

  • core: fix scroll to bottom of window (default key: Alt+End) when line displayed is bigger than chat area

  • core: fix scroll in buffer after enabling/disabling some filters (if scroll is on a hidden line) (bug #37885)

  • core: fix memory leak in case of error when building content of bar item for display

  • core: fix detection of command in input: a single command char is considered as a command (API function string_input_for_buffer())

  • core: search for a fallback template when a no template is matching command arguments

  • core: fix refresh of windows after split (fix bug with horizontal separator between windows) (bug #37874)

  • core: fix stuck mouse (bug #36533)

  • core: fix default mouse buttons actions for script buffer (focus the window before executing action)

  • core: fix scroll of one page down when weechat.look.scroll_page_percent is less than 100 (bug #37875)

  • core: disable paste detection and confirmation if bar item "input_paste" is not used in a visible bar (task #12327)

  • core: use high priority (50000) for commands /command and /input so that an alias will not take precedence over these commands (bug #36353)

  • core: execute command with higher priority when many commands with same name are found with different priorities

  • core: fix display of combining chars (bug #37775)

  • core: fix display of zoomed/merged buffer (with number >= 2) after switching to it (bug #37593)

  • core: fix display problem when option weechat.look.prefix_same_nick is set (problem with nick displayed in first line of screen) (bug #37556)

  • core: fix wrapping of words with wide chars (the break was made before the correct position)

  • api: do not call shell to execute command in hook_process() (fix security problem when a plugin/script gives untrusted command) (bug #37764)

  • alias: give higher priority to aliases (2000) so that they take precedence over an existing command

  • aspell: ignore self and remote nicks in private buffers

  • aspell: fix creation of spellers when number of dictionaries is different between two buffers

  • guile: fix bad conversion of shared strings (replace calls to scm_i_string_chars() by scm_to_locale_string()) (bug #38067)

  • irc: fix display of actions (/me) when they are received from a relay client (in channel and private buffers) (bug #38027)

  • irc: fix memory leak when updating modes of channel

  • irc: fix crash on /upgrade (free channels before server data when a server is destroyed) (bug #37736)

  • irc: fix crash when decoding IRC colors in strings (bug #37704)

  • irc: fix refresh of bar item "away" after command /away or /disconnect

  • irc: send whois on self nick when /whois is done without argument on a channel (task #12273)

  • irc: remove local variable "away" in server/channels buffers after server disconnection (bug #37582)

  • irc: fix crash when message 352 has too few arguments (bug #37513)

  • irc: remove unneeded server disconnect when server buffer is closed and server is already disconnected

  • perl: fix calls to callbacks during load of script when multiplicity is disabled (bug #38044)

  • relay: fix duplicated messages sent to irc clients (when messages are redirected) (bug #37870)

  • relay: fix memory leak when adding hdata to a message (weechat protocol)

  • relay: fix crash after /upgrade when a client is connected

  • relay: add missing "ssl." in output of /relay listrelay

  • script: fix scroll with mouse when window with script buffer is not the current window (do not force a switch to script buffer in current window)

  • xfer: fix memory leak when refreshing xfer buffer

  • xfer: add missing tags in DCC chat messages: nick_xxx, prefix_nick_ccc, logN

  • xfer: limit bytes received to file size (for DCC file received), fix crash when displaying a xfer file with pos greater than size

  • core: add git version in build, display it in "weechat-curses --help" and /version

  • core: stop cmake if gcrypt lib is not found (bug #37671)

  • guile: fix detection of Guile in configure

  • script: fix compilation on OS X

Version (2012-11-18)

Bug fixes
  • core: do not call shell to execute command in hook_process() (fix security problem when a plugin/script gives untrusted command) (bug #37764, CVE-2012-5534)

Version (2012-11-09)

Bug fixes

Version 0.3.9 (2012-09-29)

New features
  • core: add signals for plugins loaded/unloaded

  • core: add default key Alt+x (zoom on merged buffer) (task #11029)

  • core: add mouse bindings Ctrl + wheel up/down to scroll horizontally buffers with free content

  • core: add option weechat.startup.sys_rlimit to set system resource limits for WeeChat process

  • core: add option "swap" in command /buffer (task #11373)

  • core: add hdata "hotlist"

  • core: add support of arrays in hdata variables

  • core: add command line option "-r" (or "--run-command") to run command(s) after startup of WeeChat

  • core: add function hook_set() in plugin API, add "subplugin" in hooks (set by script plugins), display subplugin in /help on commands (task #12049)

  • core: add option weechat.look.jump_smart_back_to_buffer (jump back to initial buffer after reaching end of hotlist, on by default, which is old behavior)

  • core: add default key Alt+s (toggle aspell)

  • core: add callback "nickcmp" in buffers

  • core: add horizontal separator between windows, new options weechat.look.window_separator_{horizontal|vertical}

  • core: add options weechat.look.color_nick_offline and weechat.color.chat_nick_offline{_highlight|_highlight_bg} to use different color for offline nicks in prefix (task #11109)

  • api: allow update for some variables of hdata, add new functions hdata_update() and hdata_set()

  • api: add info "locale" for info_get() (locale used to translate messages)

  • api: add new function util_version_number()

  • aspell: add option aspell.check.enabled, add options enable/disable/toggle for command /aspell (rename options enable/disable/dictlist to setdict/deldict/listdict), display aspell status with /aspell (task #11988)

  • irc: generate alternate nicks dynamically when all nicks are already in use (task #12209)

  • irc: add bar item "buffer_modes", remove option irc.look.item_channel_modes (task #12022)

  • irc: add option irc.look.ctcp_time_format to customize reply to CTCP TIME (task #12150)

  • irc: move options from core to irc plugin: weechat.look.nickmode to irc.look.nick_mode (new type: integer with values: none/prefix/action/both) and weechat.look.nickmode_empty to irc.look.nick_mode_empty

  • logger: add tags in backlog lines displayed when opening buffer

  • logger: add messages "Day changed to" in backlog (task #12187)

  • relay: add support of SSL (for irc and weechat protocols), new option (task #12044)

  • relay: add option relay.color.client

  • relay: add object type "arr" (array) in WeeChat protocol

  • script: new plugin "script" (script manager, replacing scripts and

  • scripts: add signals for scripts loaded/unloaded/installed/removed

  • scripts: add hdata with list of scripts for each language

Bug fixes
  • core: fix display bug when end of a line is displayed on top of chat (last line truncated and MORE(0) in status bar) (bug #37203)

  • core: fix IP address returned by hook_connect() (return IP really used, not first IP for hostname)

  • core: display spaces at the end of messages in chat area (bug #37024)

  • core: fix infinite loop in display when chat area has width of 1 with a bar displayed on the right (nicklist by default) (bug #37089)

  • core: fix display of "bar more down" char when text is truncated by size_max in bars with vertical filling (bug #37054)

  • core: fix color of long lines (displayed on more than one line on screen) under FreeBSD (bug #36999)

  • core: return error string to callback of hook_connect() if getaddrinfo fails in child process

  • core: scroll to bottom of window after reaching first or last highlight with keys Alt+p / Alt+n

  • core: fix refresh of bar items when switching window

  • core: fix refresh of bar items "buffer_filter" and "scroll" in root bars (bug #36816)

  • core: allow again names beginning with "#" for bars, proxies and filters

  • core: escape special chars (#[\) in configuration files for name of options (bug #36584)

  • aspell: add missing dictionaries (ast/grc/hus/kn/ky)

  • charset: do not allow "UTF-8" in charset decoding options (useless because UTF-8 is the internal WeeChat charset)

  • fifo: ignore read failing with error EAGAIN (bug #37019)

  • guile: fix crash when unloading a script without pointer to interpreter

  • irc: fix rejoin of channels with a key, ignore value "*" sent by server for key (bug #24131)

  • irc: fix SASL mechanism "external" (bug #37274)

  • irc: fix parsing of message 346 when no nick/time are given (bug #37266)

  • irc: switch to next address after a timeout when connecting to server (bug #37216)

  • irc: fix bug when changing server option "addresses" with less addresses (bug #37215)

  • irc: add network prefix in irc (dis)connection messages

  • irc: fix split of received IRC message: keep spaces at the end of message

  • irc: fix bug with prefix chars which are in chanmodes with a type different from "B" (bug #36996)

  • irc: fix format of message "USER" (according to RFC 2812) (bug #36825)

  • irc: fix parsing of user modes (ignore everything after first space) (bug #36756, bug #31572)

  • irc: fix freeze when reading on socket with SSL enabled (use non-blocking sockets) (bug #35097)

  • irc: allow again names beginning with "#" for servers

  • lua: fix crash when unloading a script without pointer to interpreter

  • python: fix crash when unloading a script without pointer to interpreter

  • relay: fix freeze when writing on relay socket (use non-blocking sockets in relay for irc and weechat protocols) (bug #36655)

  • scripts: fix deletion of configuration files when script is unloaded (bug #36977)

  • scripts: fix function unhook_all(): delete only callbacks of hooks and add missing call to unhook()

  • scripts: ignore call to register() (with a warning) if script is already registered

  • xfer: fix DCC transfer error (bug #37432)

  • add Japanese user’s guide (patch #7827), scripting guide and tester’s guide

  • core: move the set of cmake policy CMP0003 in directory src (so it applies to all plugins) (bug #37311)

  • core: fix names of cache variables in (bug #36971)

  • core: add cmake option "MANDIR" (bug #36776)

  • guile: fix path of Guile include dirs in cmake build (patch #7790)

  • lua: add support of Lua 5.2

  • python: fix detection of Python (first try "python2.x" and then "python") (bug #36835)

  • ruby: add detection of Ruby 1.9.3

Version 0.3.8 (2012-06-03)

New features
  • core: add option weechat.look.prefix_same_nick (hide or change prefix on messages whose nick is the same as previous message) (task #11965)

  • core: convert tabs to spaces in text pasted (bug #25028)

  • core: add a connection timeout for child process in hook_connect() (bug #35966)

  • core: add support of terminal "bracketed paste mode", new options weechat.look.paste_bracketed and weechat.look.paste_bracketed_timer_delay (task #11316)

  • core: support lines of 16 Kb long in configuration files (instead of 1 Kb)

  • core: convert options weechat.look.prefix_align_more and weechat.look.prefix_buffer_align_more from boolean to string (task #11197)

  • core: follow symbolic links when writing configuration files (.conf) (task #11779)

  • api: add list "gui_buffer_last_displayed" in hdata "buffer"

  • irc: add option "fakerecv" in command /server to simulate a received IRC message (not documented, for debug only)

  • irc: add option "-pending" in command /disconnect (cancel auto-reconnection on servers currently reconnecting) (task #11985)

  • irc: add signals and tags in messages for irc notify (task #11887)

  • irc: add support of "external" SASL mechanism (task #11864)

  • irc: allow more than one nick in command /invite

  • logger: add colors for backlog lines and end of backlog, new options: logger.color.backlog_line and logger.color.backlog_end (task #11966)

  • relay: add signals "upgrade" and "upgrade_ended" in WeeChat protocol

  • relay: add "date_printed" and "highlight" in signal "_buffer_line_added" (WeeChat protocol)

  • rmodifier: add default rmodifier "quote_pass" to hide password in command "/quote pass" (bug #36250)

  • rmodifier: add default rmodifier "server" to hide passwords in commands /server and /connect (task #11993)

  • rmodifier: add option "release" in default rmodifier "nickserv" (used to hide passwords in command "/msg nickserv") (bug #35705)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix crash in focus hook for nicklist (bug #36271)

  • core: fix truncated configuration files (zero-length) after system crash (bug #36383)

  • core: fix display bugs and crashes with small windows (bug #36107)

  • core: fix display bug with prefix when length is greater than max and prefix is ending with a wide char (bug #36032)

  • core: fix lost scroll when switching to a buffer with a pending search

  • core: fix display of wide chars on last column of chat area (patch #7733)

  • api: display warning in scripts when invalid pointers (malformed strings) are given to plugin API functions (warning displayed if debug for plugin is >= 1)

  • scripts: fix type of argument "rc" in callback of hook_process() (from string to integer)

  • guile: fix crash on ARM when loading guile plugin (bug #36479)

  • guile: add missing function hook_process_hashtable() in API

  • irc: update channel modes by using chanmodes from message 005 (do not send extra command "MODE" to server), fix parsing of modes (bug #36215)

  • irc: hide everything after "identify" or "register" in messages to nickserv when option irc.look.hide_nickserv_pwd is on (bug #36362)

  • irc: set user modes only if target nick is self nick in message 221 (patch #7754)

  • irc: force the clear of nicklist when joining a channel (nicklist was not sync after znc reconnection) (bug #36008)

  • irc: do not send command "MODE #channel" on manual /names (do it only when names are received on join of channel) (bug #35930)

  • irc: do not allow the creation of two servers with same name but different case (fix error when writing file irc.conf) (bug #35840)

  • irc: update away flag for nicks on manual /who

  • irc: display privmsg messages to "@#channel" and "+#channel" in channel buffer (bug #35331)

  • irc: fix redirection of message when message is queued for sending on server

  • irc: check notify immediately when adding a nick to notify list, improve first notify message for a nick (bug #35731)

  • irc: fix display of color in hostname (join/part/quit messages)

  • irc: compute hash to find nick color for nick in server message when nick is not in nicklist

  • irc: close server buffer when server is deleted

  • irc: add search for lower case nicks in option irc.look.nick_color_force

  • logger: fix charset of lines displayed in backlog when terminal charset is different from UTF-8 (bug #36379)

  • perl: fix crash on quit on OS X

  • relay: keep spaces in beginning of "input" received from client (WeeChat protocol)

  • relay: fix crash on /upgrade when client is connected using WeeChat protocol

  • relay: redirect some irc messages from clients to hide output (messages: mode, ison, list, names, topic, who, whois, whowas, time, userhost) (bug #33516)

  • tcl: add missing function hdata_char() in API

  • tcl: fix pointer sent to function hook_signal_send() when type of data is a pointer


Version 0.3.7 (2012-02-26)

New features
  • core: add support of flags in regular expressions and highlight options

  • core: add type "hashtable" for hdata

  • core: add signals "buffer_line_added" and "window_switch"

  • core: add default keys Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right (meta2-1;5D / meta2-1;5C) for gnome-terminal

  • core: add option "hooks" in command /debug

  • core: add option weechat.look.scroll_bottom_after_switch (if enabled, restore old behavior before fix of bug #25555 in version 0.3.5)

  • core: add new option weechat.completion.base_word_until_cursor: allow completion in middle of words (enabled by default) (task #9771)

  • core: add option "jump_last_buffer_displayed" in command /input (key: Alt+/) (task #11553)

  • core: add option weechat.history.max_buffer_lines_minutes: maximum number of minutes in history per buffer (task #10900), rename option weechat.history.max_lines to weechat.history.max_buffer_lines_number

  • core: add optional arguments for command /plugin load/reload/autoload

  • core: use extended regex in filters (task #9497, patch #7616)

  • api: add modifier "input_text_for_buffer" (bug #35317)

  • api: add support of URL in hook_process() / hook_process_hashtable() (task #10247)

  • api: add new functions strcasecmp_range(), strncasecmp_range(), string_regex_flags(), string_regcomp(), hashtable_map_string(), hook_process_hashtable(), hdata_check_pointer(), hdata_char(), hdata_hashtable() and nicklist_get_next_item()

  • alias: add default alias /umode ⇒ /mode $nick

  • irc: add option "capabilities" in servers to enable client capabilities on connection

  • irc: add signal "irc_server_opened"

  • irc: add signal "xxx,irc_out1_yyy" and modifier "irc_out1_xxx" (outgoing message before automatic split to fit in 512 bytes)

  • irc: add alias "ctcp" for target buffer of CTCP messages

  • irc: add options irc.look.highlight_{server|channel|pv} to customize or disable default nick highlight (task #11128)

  • irc: use redirection to get channel modes after update of modes on channel, display output of /mode #channel, allow /mode without argument (display modes of current channel or user modes on server buffer)

  • irc: add optional server in info "irc_is_channel" (before channel name) (bug #35124), add optional server in info_hashtable "irc_message_parse"

  • irc: add case insensitive string comparison based on casemapping of server (rfc1459, strict-rfc1459, ascii) (bug #34239)

  • irc: add option irc.color.mirc_remap to remap mirc colors in messages to WeeChat colors

  • irc: allow URL "irc://" in command /connect

  • irc: use extended regex in commands /ignore and /list

  • guile: new script plugin for scheme (task #7289)

  • python: add support of Python 3.x (task #11704)

  • relay: add WeeChat protocol for remote GUI

  • xfer: display origin of xfer in core and xfer buffers (task #10956)

  • add Japanese translations

Bug fixes
  • core: fix expand of path ~ to home of user in function string_expand_home() (~/xxx was OK, but not ~)

  • core: fix memory leak when closing buffer

  • core: fix memory leak in function util_search_full_lib_name()

  • core: automatically add newline char after last pasted line (when pasting many lines with confirmation) (task #10703)

  • core: fix bug with layout: assign layout number in buffers when doing /layout save

  • core: do not auto add space after nick completer if option weechat.completion.nick_add_space is off

  • core: fix signal "buffer_switch": send it only once when switching buffer (bug #31158)

  • core: move option "scroll_unread" from command /input to /window

  • core: save current mouse state in option weechat.look.mouse (set option when mouse state is changed with command /mouse)

  • core: apply filters after full reload of configuration files (with /reload) (bug #31182)

  • core: allow list for option weechat.plugin.extension (makes weechat.conf portable across Un*x and Windows) (task #11479)

  • core: display error in command /buffer if arguments are wrong (bug #34180)

  • core: fix help on plugin option when config_set_desc_plugin() is called to set help on newly created option

  • core: enable background process under Cygwin to connect to servers, fix reconnection problem (bug #34626)

  • aspell: fix URL detection (do not check spelling of URLs) (bug #34040)

  • irc: fix memory leak in SASL/blowfish authentication

  • irc: fix memory leak when a server is deleted

  • irc: fix self-highlight when using /me with an IRC bouncer like znc (bug #35123)

  • irc: use low priority for MODE sent automatically by WeeChat (when joining channel)

  • irc: do not use option irc.look.nick_color_stop_chars for forced nick colors (bug #33480)

  • irc: reset read marker of current buffer on manual /join

  • irc: fix crash when signon time in message 317 (whois, idle) is invalid (too large) (bug #34905)

  • irc: do not delete servers added in irc.conf on /reload (bug #34872)

  • irc: remove autorejoin on channels when disconnected from server (bug #32207)

  • irc: display messages kick/kill/mode/topic even if nick is ignored (bug #34853)

  • irc: display channel voice notices received in channel buffer (bug #34762), display channel/op notices sent in channel buffer

  • irc: auto-connect to servers created with "irc://" on command line but not other servers if "-a" ("--no-connect") is given

  • perl: increment count of hash returned by API (fix crash when script tries to read hash without making a copy)

  • relay: do not create relay if there is a problem with socket creation (bug #35345)

  • ruby: fix crash when reloading ruby plugin (bug #34474)

  • core: add library "pthread" in cmake file for link on OpenBSD

  • core: add WEECHAT_HOME option in cmake and configure to setup default WeeChat home (default is "~/.weechat") (task #11266)

  • core: fix compilation under OpenBSD 5.0 (lib utf8 not needed any more) (bug #34727)

  • core: fix compilation error with "pid_t" on Mac OS X (bug #34639)

Version 0.3.6 (2011-10-22)

New features
  • core: add color attribute "|" (keep attributes) and value "resetcolor" for function color() in plugin API (used by irc plugin to keep bold/reverse/underlined in message when changing color) (bug #34550)

  • core: add new option weechat.look.color_basic_force_bold, off by default: bold is used only if terminal has less than 16 colors (patch #7621)

  • core: add default key F5 (meta2-[E) for Linux console

  • core: add "inactive" colors for inactive windows and lines in merged buffers, new options: weechat.look.color_inactive_window, weechat.look.color_inactive_buffer, weechat.look.color_inactive_message, weechat.look.color_inactive_prefix, weechat.look.color_inactive_prefix_buffer, weechat.look.color_inactive_time, weechat.color.chat_inactive_line, weechat.color.chat_inactive_window, weechat.color.chat_prefix_buffer_inactive_line

  • core: do automatic zoom on current window when terminal becomes too small for windows

  • core: add new options weechat.look.bar_more_left/right/up/down

  • core: add new option weechat.look.item_buffer_filter

  • core: allow name of buffer for command /buffer clear (task #11269)

  • core: add new command /repeat (execute a command several times)

  • core: save and restore layout for buffers and windows on /upgrade

  • core: add option "-all" in command /buffer unmerge

  • core: add number in windows (add optional argument "-window" so some actions for command /window)

  • core: allow buffer name in /buffer close

  • core: add support of mouse: new command /mouse, new key context "mouse", new options weechat.look.mouse and weechat.look.mouse_timer_delay (task #5435)

  • core: add command /cursor (free movement of cursor on screen), with key context "cursor"

  • core: automatic scroll direction in /bar scroll (x/y is now optional)

  • core: add optional delay for key grab (commands /input grab_key and /input grab_key_command, default is 500 milliseconds)

  • core: allow plugin name in command /buffer name

  • core: add context "search" for keys (to define keys used during search in buffer with Ctrl+r)

  • core: add new option weechat.look.separator_vertical, rename option weechat.look.hline_char to weechat.look.separator_horizontal

  • core: add local variable "highlight_regex" in buffers

  • core: add "hdata" (direct access to WeeChat/plugin data)

  • core: add option weechat.look.eat_newline_glitch (do not add new line at end of each line displayed)

  • core: add options "infolists", "hdata" and "tags" for command /debug

  • core: add horizontal scrolling for buffers with free content (command /window scroll_horiz) (task #11112)

  • core: change default value of option to "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt"

  • api: add info "cursor_mode"

  • api: add new functions key_bind(), key_unbind(), hook_focus(), hdata_new(), hdata_new_var(), hdata_new_list(), hdata_get(), hdata_get_var_offset(), hdata_get_var_type(), hdata_get_var_type_string(), hdata_get_var_hdata(), hdata_get_var(), hdata_get_var_at_offset(), hdata_get_list(), hdata_move(), hdata_integer(), hdata_string(), hdata_pointer(), hdata_time(), hdata_get_string()

  • irc: allow reason for command /disconnect

  • irc: allow server name for commands /die and /restart

  • irc: add new info_hashtable "irc_message_split"

  • irc: add prefix "#" for all channels on join (if no prefix given)

  • irc: improve split of privmsg message (keep ctcp), add split of ison, join, notice, wallops, 005, 353 (bug #29879, bug #33448, bug #33592)

  • logger: add option logger.file.flush_delay (task #11118)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix freeze when calling function util_file_get_content() with a directory instead of a filename

  • core: display timeout for hook_process() command only if debug for core is enabled (task #11401)

  • core: bufferize lines displayed before core buffer is created, to display them in buffer when it is created

  • core: fix display of background color in chat area after line feed

  • core: fix paste detection (problem with end of lines)

  • core: fix display of paste multi-line prompt with a root input bar (bug #34305)

  • core: replace deprecated GnuTLS function gnutls_certificate_client_set_retrieve_function() by new function gnutls_certificate_set_retrieve_function() (GnuTLS >= 2.11.0)

  • core: use dynamic buffer size for calls to vsnprintf()

  • core: fix memory leak in unhook of hook_connect()

  • core: fix memory leak in display of empty bar items

  • core: fix input of wide UTF-8 chars under Cygwin (bug #34061)

  • core: fix bugs with automatic layout (bug #26110), add support of merged buffers in layout (task #10893)

  • core: fix crash when invalid UTF-8 chars are inserted in command line (bug #33471)

  • core: stop horizontal bar scroll at the end of content (for bars with horizontal filling) (bug #27908)

  • core: fix crash when building hashtable string with keys and values

  • core: replace buffer name by window number in /bar scroll

  • core: fix bugs with key "^" (bug #32072, bug #21381)

  • core: fix bugs with bar windows: do not create bar windows for hidden bars

  • core: fix completion bug when two words for completion are equal but with different case

  • core: fix completion for command arguments when same command exists in many plugins (bug #33753)

  • core: fix freeze when hook_fd() is called with a bad file/socket (bug #33619)

  • core: fix bug with option weechat.look.hotlist_count_max (value+1 was used)

  • api: use arguments for infolist "window" to return only one window by number

  • api: fix bug with function config_set_desc_plugin() (use immediately description for option when function is called)

  • scripts: fix crash with scripts not auto-loaded having a buffer opened after /upgrade (input/close callbacks for buffer not set properly)

  • irc: fix display of items "away" and "lag" in root bars, refresh all irc bar items on signal "buffer_switch" (bug #34466)

  • irc: fix crash on malformed irc notice received (without message after target)

  • irc: add missing messages for whois: 223, 264, 343

  • irc: use high priority queue for sending modes and wallchops messages

  • irc: rename info_hashtable "irc_parse_message" to "irc_message_parse"

  • irc: use color "default" for any invalid color in option weechat.color.chat_nick_colors

  • irc: send WHO command to check away nicks only if channel was not parted

  • irc: fix crash when malformed IRC message 352 (WHO) is received (bug #33790)

  • irc: fix crash when command "/buffer close" is used in a server command to close server buffer during connection (bug #33763)

  • irc: fix crash when /join command is executed on a non-irc buffer (bug #33742)

  • irc: fix bug with comma in irc color code: do not strip comma if it is not followed by a digit (bug #33662)

  • irc: switch to buffer on /join #channel if channel buffer already exists

  • irc: set host for nick on each channel message and nick change (if not already set)

  • irc: update host of nicks on manual /who

  • irc: fix memory leak on plugin unload (free ignores)

  • irc: fix memory leak in message parser (when called from other plugins like relay) (bug #33387)

  • relay: fix bug with self nick when someone changes its nick on channel (bug #33739)

  • relay: fix memory leak (free some parsed messages) (bug #33387)

  • relay: fix memory leak on plugin load (free raw messages)

  • perl: replace calls to SvPV() by SvPV_nolen() (patch #7436)

  • core: fix compilation error (INSTALLPREFIX undeclared) on OS X and when compiling with included gettext (bug #26690)

Version 0.3.5 (2011-05-15)

New features
  • core: add buffer to hotlist if away is set on buffer (even if buffer is displayed), new option weechat.look.hotlist_add_buffer_if_away (task #10948)

  • core: add option "balance" in command /window (key: Alt+w, Alt+b)

  • core: add option "swap" in command /window (key: Alt+w, Alt+s) (task #11001)

  • core: add option weechat.look.hotlist_buffer_separator

  • core: add messages counts in hotlist for each buffer, new options: weechat.look.hotlist_count_max, weechat.look.hotlist_count_min_msg and weechat.color.status_count_{msg|private|highlight|other}

  • core: add tag "notify_none" (line with this tag will not update hotlist)

  • core: add optional bar name in command /bar default

  • core: add new option weechat.look.highlight_tags (force highlight on tags)

  • core: allow list of buffers in command /filter (exclusion with prefix "!") (task #10880)

  • core: allow relative size for command /window resize

  • core: add some default keys for gnome-terminal (Home / End, Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down, Alt+PgUp / Alt+PgDn)

  • core: add option "memory" in command /debug

  • core: add option weechat.look.read_marker_string

  • core: add some chars after cursor when scrolling input line: new option weechat.look.input_cursor_scroll (bug #21391)

  • core: add color "gray"

  • core: add attributes for colors ("*": bold, "!": reverse, "_": underline)

  • core: dynamically allocate color pairs (extended colors can be used without being added with command "/color"), auto reset of color pairs with option weechat.look.color_pairs_auto_reset

  • core: allow background for nick colors (using ":")

  • core: remember scroll position for all buffers in windows (bug #25555)

  • core: improve display of commands lists in /help (add arguments -list and -listfull) (task #10299)

  • core: improve arguments displayed in /help of commands

  • api: add new function config_set_desc_plugin() (task #10925)

  • api: add new functions buffer_match_list() and window_search_with_buffer()

  • aspell: add section "option" in aspell.conf for speller options (task #11083)

  • irc: add new options irc.color.topic_old and irc.color.topic_new

  • irc: add option "ssl_priorities" in servers (task #10106, debian bug #624055)

  • irc: add modifier "irc_in2_xxx" (called after charset decoding)

  • irc: add new options irc.look.buffer_switch_autojoin and irc.look.buffer_switch_join (task #8542, task #10506)

  • irc: add new option irc.look.smart_filter_nick

  • irc: add new options irc.look.color_nicks_in_nicklist and irc.look.color_nicks_in_names

  • irc: replace options irc.color.nick_prefix_{op|halfop|voice|user} by a single option irc.color.nick_prefixes (task #10888)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix scroll in windows with /window scroll (skip lines "Day changed to")

  • core: recalculate buffer_max_length when buffer short name is changed (patch #7441)

  • core: do not update hotlist during upgrade

  • core: apply new value of option weechat.look.buffer_notify_default to all opened buffers

  • core: prohibit names beginning with "#" for bars, proxies, filters and IRC servers (bug #33020)

  • core: create default bars only if no bar is defined in configuration file

  • core: fix bug with repeat of last completion ("%*"), which failed when many templates are used in completion

  • core: reload file with certificate authorities when option is changed

  • core: rebuild bar content when items are changed in an hidden bar

  • core: fix verification of SSL certificates by calling GnuTLS verify callback (patch #7459, CVE-2011-1428)

  • core: fix crash when using column filling in bars with some empty items (bug #32565)

  • core: fix terminal title when $TERM starts with "screen"

  • plugins: fix memory leaks when setting buffer callbacks after /upgrade (plugins: irc, relay, xfer, scripts)

  • aspell: fix spellers used after switch of window (bug #32811)

  • irc: fix parsing of message 332 when no topic neither colon are found (bug with bip proxy)

  • irc: fix nick color in private when option irc.look.nick_color_force is changed

  • irc: fix tags for messages sent with /msg command (bug #33169)

  • irc: fix memory leak when copying or renaming server

  • irc: do not rejoin channels where /part has been issued before reconnection to server (bug #33029)

  • irc: use nick color for users outside the channel

  • irc: update short name of server buffer when server is renamed

  • irc: fix local variable "away" on server buffer (set/delete it each time away is set or removed on server)

  • irc: ignore join if nick is not self nick and if channel buffer does not exist (bug #32667)

  • irc: fix crash when setting wrong value in option (bug #32670)

  • irc: fix crash when completing /part command on a non-irc buffer (bug #32402)

  • irc: add many missing commands for target buffer (options (bug #32216)

  • lua: fix crash when many scripts are executing callbacks at same time

  • perl: fix memory leak when calling Perl functions (bug #32895)

  • relay: fix crash on /upgrade when nick in irc client is not yet set

  • relay: allow colon in server password received from client

  • relay: do not send join for private buffers to client

  • rmodifier: fix reload of file rmodifier.conf

  • rmodifier: fix crash when adding rmodifier with invalid regex

  • xfer: do not close chat buffers when removing xfer from list (bug #32271)

  • tcl: fix Tcl detection on some 64-bits systems (bug #32915)

Version 0.3.4 (2011-01-16)

New features
  • core: add 256 colors support, new command /color, new section "palette" in weechat.conf (task #6834)

  • core: add info "weechat_upgrading", signal "upgrade_ended", display duration of upgrade

  • core: add new option weechat.look.highlight_regex and function string_has_highlight_regex() in plugin API (task #10321)

  • core: add new option weechat.look.hotlist_unique_numbers (task #10691)

  • core: add property "hotlist_max_level_nicks" in buffers to set max hotlist level for some nicks in buffer

  • core: add new options weechat.look.input_share and weechat.look.input_share_overwrite (task #9228)

  • core: add new option weechat.look.prefix_align_min (task #10650)

  • core: replace the 10 nick color options and number of nick colors by a single option weechat.color.chat_nick_colors (comma separated list of colors)

  • core: add color support in option weechat.look.buffer_time_format

  • api: add priority for hooks (task #10550)

  • api: add new functions: list_search_pos(), list_casesearch_pos(), hashtable_get_string(), hashtable_set_pointer(), hook_info_hashtable(), info_get_hashtable(), hook_hsignal(), hook_hsignal_send(), hook_completion_get_string(), nicklist_group_get_integer(), nicklist_group_get_string(), nicklist_group_get_pointer(), nicklist_group_set(), nicklist_nick_get_integer(), nicklist_nick_get_string(), nicklist_nick_get_pointer(), nicklist_nick_set()

  • irc: add option "-server" in command /join (task #10837)

  • irc: add option "-switch" in commands /connect and /reconnect

  • irc: add command /notify, new options irc.look.notify_tags_ison, irc.look.notify_tags_whois,,, new option "notify" in servers, new infolist "irc_notify" (task #5441)

  • irc: add new option irc.look.nick_color_force (task #7374)

  • irc: add command redirection with hsignals irc_redirect_pattern and irc_redirect_command (task #6703)

  • irc: add new options irc.color.nick_prefix and irc.color.nick_suffix

  • irc: add new option irc.look.item_away_message

  • irc: add tag "nick_xxx" in user messages

  • irc: move options from network section to server section: connection_timeout, anti_flood_prio_high, anti_flood_prio_low, away_check, away_check_max_nicks, default_msg_part, default_msg_quit (task #10664, task #10668)

  • irc: display old channel topic when topic is unset (task #9780)

  • irc: add new info_hashtable "irc_parse_message"

  • irc: add signal "irc_input_send"

  • irc: rename options irc.look.open_channel_near_server and irc.look.open_pv_near_server to irc.look.new_channel_position and irc.look.new_pv_position with new values (none, next or near_server)

  • rmodifier: new plugin "rmodifier": alter modifier strings with regular expressions (bug #26964)

  • relay: beta version of IRC proxy, now relay plugin is compiled by default

  • python: add info "python2_bin" (path to Python 2.x interpreter)

Bug fixes
  • core: fix scroll problem on buffers with free content and non-allocated lines (bug #32039)

  • core: call to function hook_config() when config option is created

  • core: fix infinite loop on GnuTLS handshake when connecting with SSL to server on wrong port or server with SSL problems (bug #27487)

  • core: fix data sent to callback of hook_process() (some data was sometimes missing), use a 64KB buffer for child output and send data to callback only when buffer is full

  • core: fix crash when displaying groups in buffer nicklist

  • core: fix bug with message "day changed to", sometimes displayed several times wrongly

  • core: fix default value of bar items options (bug #31422)

  • core: fix bug with buffer name in "/bar scroll" command

  • core: optimize incremental search in buffer: do not search any more when chars are added to a text not found (bug #31167)

  • core: fix memory leaks when removing item in hashtable and when setting highlight words in buffer

  • core: use similar behavior for keys bound to local or global history (bug #30759)

  • alias: complete with alias value for second argument of command /alias

  • irc: differentiate notices from messages in private buffer (bug #31980)

  • irc: update nick modes with message 221 (bug #32038)

  • irc: fix bug with charset decoding on private buffers (decoding was made for local nick instead of remote nick) (bug #31890)

  • irc: allow command /reconnect on servers that are not currently connected (bug #30726)

  • irc: fix topic completion in command /topic when channel topic starts with channel name

  • irc: improve nick prefixes, all modes (even unknown) are used with PREFIX value from message 005

  • irc: fix crash/bug when option "addresses" for a server is unset or changed when WeeChat is connected to this server (bug #31268)

  • irc: switch to next server address when IRC error is received after TCP connection but before message 001 (bug #30884)

  • irc: fix bug with hostmasks in command /ignore (bug #30716)

  • relay: split of messages sent to clients of irc proxy

  • scripts: add missing function infolist_reset_item_cursor() in API (bug #31057)

  • lua: fix crash when unloading script

  • xfer: fix dcc chat buffer name (use irc server in name) (bug #29925)

  • xfer: fix dcc file transfer for large files (more than 4 GB) on 32-bit systems (bug #31531)

  • xfer: fix bug at end of file sent, sometimes transfer is still active although file was successfully sent


Version 0.3.3 (2010-08-07)

New features
  • core: use "!" to reverse a regex in a filter (to keep lines matching regex and hide other lines) (task #10032)

  • core: add keys for undo/redo changes on command line (default: Ctrl+_ and Alt+_) (task #9483)

  • core: add new option weechat.look.align_end_of_lines

  • core: add new option weechat.look.confirm_quit

  • core: add new option weechat.color.status_name_ssl (task #10339)

  • core: add hashtables with new functions in plugin API

  • api: add function string_expand_home(), fix bug with replacement of home in paths

  • irc: add new option irc.look.nick_color_stop_chars

  • irc: add new options irc.look.display_host_join/join_local/quit and irc.color.reason_quit

  • irc: add command /wallchops, fix bug with display of notice for ops (task #10021, bug #29932)

  • irc: add isupport value in servers (content of IRC message 005), with new infos: irc_server_isupport and irc_server_isupport_value

  • irc: add message in private buffer when nick is back on server after a /quit

  • irc: add new options and (task #10338)

  • irc: add missing commands 346, 347 (channel invite list)

  • irc: improve lag indicator: two colors (counting and finished), update item even when pong has not been received, lag_min_show is now in milliseconds

  • irc: move options weechat.color.nicklist_prefix to irc plugin

  • logger: use tag "no_log" to prevent a line from being written in log file

Bug fixes
  • core: fix bug with scroll_unread: do not scroll to a filtered line (bug #29991)

  • core: fix crash with hook_process() (when timer is called on a deleted hook process)

  • core: fix display bug with special chars (ascii value below 32) (bug #30602)

  • core: fix display bug with attributes like underlined in bars (bug #29889)

  • api: fix bug with replacement char in function string_remove_color() (bug #30296)

  • irc: fix bug in parser when no argument is received after command, no callback was called, and message was silently ignored (bug #30640)

  • irc: fix import of certificates created by OpenSSL >= 1.0.0 (bug #30316)

  • irc: fix display of local SSL certificate when it is sent to server (patch #7218)

  • irc: use empty real name by default in config, instead of reading real name in /etc/passwd (bug #30111)

  • irc: fix bug with command-line option "irc://" (bug #29990), new format for port and channels

  • irc: fix display of messages 330 and 333 on some servers

  • irc: fix bug with nick prefix "*" (chan founder) on some IRC servers (bug #29890)

  • irc: fix bug with option when value is 0 (zero)

  • irc: try other nick when connecting to server and receiving message 437 (nick unavailable)

  • irc: set buffer local variable "away" when opening new channel (bug #29618)

  • fifo: fix bug with fifo pipe when setting fifo option to "on"

  • xfer: fix bug with double quotes in DCC filenames (bug #30471)

Version 0.3.2 (2010-04-18)

New features
  • core: add new options for command /key: listdefault, listdiff and reset

  • core: add new command /mute

  • core: add command line option "-s" (or "--no-script") to start WeeChat without loading any script

  • core: improve plugins autoload (option weechat.plugin.autoload): allow to use "*" as wildcard and "!" to prevent a plugin from being autoloaded (task #6361)

  • core: add option "switch_active_buffer_previous" in command /input (task #10141)

  • core: add new option weechat.look.time_format to customize default format for date/time displayed (localized date by default), add function util_get_time_string() in plugin API (patch #6914)

  • core: add new option weechat.look.command_chars, add functions string_is_command_char() and string_input_for_buffer() in plugin and script API

  • core: add new option weechat.look.read_marker_always_show

  • api: add "version_number" for function info_get() to get WeeChat version as number

  • api: add "irc_is_nick" for function info_get() to check if a string is a valid IRC nick name (patch #7133)

  • api: add functions string_encode_base64() and string_decode_base64(), fix bug with base64 encoding

  • api: add functions string_match(), string_has_highlight() and string_mask_to_regex() in script plugin API

  • api: add description of arguments for functions hook_info() and hook_infolist()

  • api: add signals "day_changed", "nicklist_group_added/removed", "nicklist_nick_added/removed"

  • alias: add custom completion for aliases (task #9479)

  • scripts: allow script commands to reload only one script

  • irc: add SASL authentication, with PLAIN and DH-BLOWFISH mechanisms (task #8829)

  • irc: add new option irc.look.part_closes_buffer to close buffer when /part is issued on channel (task #10295)

  • irc: add option "-open" in command /connect

  • irc: add option (timeout between TCP connection to server and reception of message 001)

  • irc: add options irc.look.smart_filter_join and irc.look.smart_filter_quit

  • irc: add option irc.look.item_channel_modes_hide_key to hide channel key in channel modes (bug #23961)

  • irc: add option irc.look.item_nick_prefix

  • irc: add command /map

  • irc: add missing commands 276, 343

  • logger: allow date format in logger options path and mask (task #9430)

  • xfer: add signal "xfer_ended" (patch #7081)

Bug fixes
  • core: remove unneeded space after time on each line if option weechat.look.buffer_time_format is set to empty value (bug #28751)

  • core: use arguments for infolist "nicklist" to return only one nick or group

  • core: fix bug with writing of configuration files when disk is full (bug #29331)

  • core: fix infinite loop with /layout apply and bug when applying layout, sometimes many /layout apply were needed (bug #26110)

  • gui: refresh screen when exiting WeeChat (to display messages printed after /quit)

  • gui: fix bug with global history, reset pointer to last entry after each user input (bug #28754)

  • gui: fix bug with bar background after text with background color (bug #28157)

  • gui: fix bug with cursor when position is last char of terminal

  • api: add missing infos in functions buffer_get_{integer|string}() and in buffer infolist

  • api: fix function color() in Lua script API

  • api: fix "inactivity" value when no key has been pressed since WeeChat started (bug #28930)

  • api: return absolute path for info_get() of "weechat_dir" (bug #27936)

  • scripts: fix bug with callbacks when loading a script already loaded

  • perl: fix crash when multiplicity is disabled

  • perl: fix crash when callbacks are called during script initialization (bug #29018)

  • perl: fix crash on /quit or unload of plugin under FreeBSD and Cygwin (bug #29467)

  • perl: fix bug with script filename when multiplicity is disabled (bug #29530)

  • irc: fix crash with SSL connection if option ssl_cert is set (bug #28752)

  • irc: fix bug with SSL connection (fails sometimes when ssl_verify is on) (bug #28741)

  • irc: fix bug with nicks on reconnection: try all nicks in list, even if nick used was not the first in list of nicks

  • irc: fix command /list: send channel and server name given as argument, and use separate option "-re" to allow a regex

  • irc: fix PART message received on Undernet server (bug #28825)

  • irc: fix bug with /away -all: set or unset future away for disconnected servers (bug #29022)

  • irc: fix bug with prefix "!" for mode "a" (channel admin) (bug #29109)

  • irc: do not send signals "irc_in" and "irc_in2" when messages are ignored, add new signals "irc_raw_in" and "irc_raw_in2"

  • irc: apply smart filter only on channels, not private buffers (bug #28841)

  • xfer: fix crash when purging old xfer chats (bug #28764)

  • irc: fix compilation with old GnuTLS versions (bug #28723)

Version (2010-01-31)

Bug fixes
  • irc: fix crash with SSL connection if option ssl_cert is set (bug #28752)

  • irc: fix bug with SSL connection (fails sometimes when ssl_verify is on) (bug #28741)

  • xfer: fix crash when purging old xfer chats (bug #28764)

  • irc: fix compilation with old GnuTLS versions (bug #28723)

Version 0.3.1 (2010-01-23)

New features
  • core: add option "grab_key_command" in command /input (bound by default to Alt+k)

  • alias: new expansions for alias arguments ($n, $-m, $n-, $n-m, $*, $~) (patch #6917)

  • alias: allow use of wildcards for /alias list (patch #6925)

  • alias: allow /unalias to remove multiple aliases (patch #6926)

  • irc: add new commands /allchan and /allserv with excluding option, commands /ame and /amsg are now aliases, new aliases /aaway and /anick

  • irc: add options to customize target buffer for messages (task #7381)

  • irc: add new output queue for messages with low priority (like automatic CTCP replies), high priority is given to user messages or commands

  • irc: use self-signed certificate to auto identify on IRC server (CertFP) (task #7492, debian bug #453348)

  • irc: check SSL certificates (task #7492)

  • irc: add option "autorejoin_delay" for servers (task #8771)

  • irc: add option to use same nick color in channel and private (task #9870)

  • irc: add missing command 275 (patch #6952)

  • irc: add commands /sajoin, /samode, /sanick, /sapart, /saquit (task #9770)

  • irc: add options for CTCP, to block/customize CTCP reply (task #9693)

  • irc: add missing CTCP: clientinfo, finger, source, time, userinfo (task #7270)

  • irc: add all server options for commands /server and /connect

  • irc: add arguments for command /rehash

  • irc: improve mask used by command /kickban

  • xfer: add color for nicks in chat

  • xfer: add missing command /me (bug #28658)

  • gui: add color "darkgray", add support for background with light color

Bug fixes
  • core: fix bug with script installation on BSD/OSX (patch #6980)

  • core: fix compilation under Cygwin (patch #6916)

  • core: fix plural form in translation files (bug #27430)

  • core: fix terminal title bug: do not reset it when option weechat.look.set_title is off (bug #27399)

  • core: fix buffer used by some input functions called via plugin API with buffer pointer (bug #28152)

  • alias: fix bug with buffer for execution of alias, when called from plugin API with function command() (bug #27697)

  • alias: fix bug with arguments (bug #27440)

  • irc: improve error management on socket error (recv/send)

  • irc: fix nick color for nicks with wide chars (bug #28547)

  • irc: fix autorejoin on channels with key

  • irc: fix command /connect (options -ssl, -ipv6 and -port) (bug #27486)

  • xfer: add missing charset decoding/encoding for IRC DCC chat (bug #27482)

  • fifo: remove old pipes before creating new pipe

  • gui: fix color "black" (bug #23882, debian bug #512957)

  • gui: fix message "Day changed to", sometimes displayed at wrong time (bug #26959)

  • gui: fix bug with URL selection in some terminals (caused by horizontal lines) (bug #27700)

  • gui: use default auto completion for arguments of unknown commands

  • gui: fix alignment problem for buffer name when a merged buffer is closed (bug #27617)

  • gui: update hotlist when a buffer is closed (bug #27470), remove buffer from hotlist when buffer is cleared (bug #27530)

  • gui: fix /input history_global_next: reset input content when last command in history is reached

  • api: fix function bar_set() for python/lua/ruby (patch #6912)

  • core: fix cmake directories: let user customize lib, share, locale and include directories (patch #6922)

  • ruby: add support of Ruby >= 1.9.1 (patch #6989)

Version 0.3.0 (2009-09-06)

New features
  • core: add group support in nicklist

  • core: add /reload command to reload WeeChat and plugins config files (signal SIGHUP is caught to reload config files)

  • core: add new /layout command and save_layout_on_exit config option, to save/restore windows and buffers order (task #5453)

  • core: add new options for completion, optional stop instead of cycling with words found (task #5909)

  • core: new name for configuration files (*.conf instead of *.rc)

  • core: improve /set command, new command /unset (task #6085)

  • core: add new input action "set_unread_current_buffer" to set unread marker for current buffer only (task #7286)

  • core: remove key functions, replaced by /input command

  • core: add argument with buffer number/range for command "/buffer close" (task #9390, task #7239)

  • core: add new command /wait (schedule a command execution in future)

  • core: improve main loop: higher timeout in select(), less CPU usage

  • gui: new display engine, with prefix and message for each line

  • gui: add new type of buffer, with free content

  • gui: add tags for lines and custom filtering by tags or regex (task #7674)

  • gui: add buffer merging (task #7404)

  • gui: add custom bars, with custom items

  • gui: add key to zoom a window (task #7470)

  • gui: add keys to move into last visited buffers: Alt+< and Alt+>

  • gui: come back to last visited buffer when closing a buffer

  • gui: add new option scroll_page_percent to choose percent of height to scroll with PgUp and PgDn keys (task #8702)

  • gui: add number of lines remaining after last line displayed in "-MORE-" indicator (task #6702)

  • network: add support for more than one proxy, with proxy selection for each IRC server (task #6859)

  • aspell: improve plugin: use of many dictionaries, global dictionary, real time checking (optional), fix bugs with utf-8

  • irc: add irc plugin (replaces old IRC code in core) (task #6217)

  • irc: add smart join/part/quit message filter (task #8503)

  • irc: use of many addresses for servers (auto-switch when a connection fails), nicks are now set with one option "nicks" (task #6088)

  • irc: add some colors in messages from server (for text and nicks) (task #8926)

  • irc: add color decoding in title for IRC channels (task #6030)

  • irc: add missing commands (328, 369)

  • logger: add logger plugin with new features: backlog, level for messages to log (task #8592), level by buffer (task #6687), filename mask by buffer, option "name_lower_case" (bug #19522)

  • relay: add relay plugin (network communication between WeeChat and remote application)

  • xfer: add speed limit for DCC files sending (task #6178)

  • xfer: add new option xfer.file.use_nick_in_filename for Xfer files (task #7140)

  • plugins: add some other plugins: alias, demo, fifo, tcl, xfer

  • scripts: new scripts: (script manager), (jabber/XMPP protocol), (quick jump to buffers), (sidebar with list of buffers), (set options interactively), (tetris-like game),, …​

  • api: add hooks: command, timer, file descriptor, process, connection, print, signal, config, completion, modifier, info, infolist

  • api: new plugin API with many new functions: hooks, buffer management and nicklist, bars, configuration files, network, infos/infolists, lists, upgrade

  • add Polish translations

Bug fixes
  • core: fix nick completion bug (missing space after nick)

  • gui: fix completion with non-latin nicks (bug #18993)

  • gui: fix display bug with some weird UTF-8 chars (bug #19687)

  • gui: fix bug with wide chars in input (bug #16356)

  • gui: fix bug when switching window, scrollback is now preserved (task #7680)

  • network: fix network connection for hostnames resolving to several IPs: try all IPs in list until one succeeds (bug #21473, debian bug #498610)

  • alias: fix bug with alias, use current buffer to run commands (bug #22876)

  • irc: fix lock with SSL servers when connection fails, and when disconnecting during connection problem (bug #17584)

  • irc: command /whois is now authorized in private without argument (task #7482)

  • irc: fix private buffer name with Irssi proxy (bug #26589)

  • irc: remove kernel info in CTCP VERSION reply (task #7494)

  • irc: fix mode parsing when receiving modes with arguments (bug #26793)

  • scripts: do not auto-load hidden files (bug #21390)

Version (2009-06-13)

Bug fixes
  • fix GnuTLS detection (use pkg-config instead of libgnutls-config) (bug #26790)

Version (2009-04-18)

Bug fixes
  • fix bug with charset decoding (for example with iso2022jp) (bug #26228)

Version (2009-03-14)

Bug fixes

Version 0.2.6 (2007-09-06)

New features
  • add new option "deloutq" to /server command to delete all servers messages out queues (task #7221)

  • add string length limit for setup file options

  • add option to align text of messages (except first lines) (task #7246)

  • add paste detection, new options look_paste_max_lines and col_input_actions (task #5442)

  • add support of channel mode +u (channel user) (bug #20717)

  • improve /connect command to connect to a host by creating a temporary server, add option to /server to create temporary server (task #7095)

  • add "copy", "rename" and "keep" options to /server command

  • allow clear of multiple selected buffers with /clear (patch #6112)

  • add key for setting unread marker on all buffers (default: Ctrl+s, Ctrl+u) (task #7180)

  • improve command /server ant its output

  • add 3 default new keys: Ctrl+b (left), Ctrl+f (right), Ctrl+d (delete)

  • add "buffer_move" event handler to plugins API (task #6708)

  • add key function "jump_previous_buffer" to jump to buffer previously displayed (new key: Alt+j, Alt+p) (task #7085)

  • add "%*" to completion template, to repeat last completion

  • add "-nojoin" option for /connect and /reconnect commands (task #7074)

  • add "scroll" option to /buffer command

  • down key now saves input to history and clears input line (task #7049)

  • command /away allowed when not connected to server (internally stored and AWAY command is sent when connecting to server) (task #7003)

  • add argument for /upgrade command (path to binary)

  • add hotlist sort with new option "look_hotlist_sort" (task #5870)

Bug fixes
  • fix bug with log of plugin messages (option log_plugin_msg)

  • fix display bug with some special chars in messages (some words were truncated on screen) (bug #20944)

  • fix UTF-8 bug with color encoding/decoding

  • fix crash when searching text in buffer with Ctrl+r (bug #20938)

  • fix bug with flock() when home is on NFS filesystem (bug #20913)

  • fix user modes in nicklist when ban and nick mode are received in the same MODE message (bug #20870)

  • fix IRC message 333: silently ignore message if error when parsing it

  • fix server option "command_delay": does not freeze WeeChat any more

  • fix bug with highlight and UTF-8 chars around word (bug #20753)

  • fix nick prefix display on servers that doesn’t support all prefixes (bug #20025)

  • fix terminal encoding detection when NLS is disabled (bug #20646)

  • fix crash when sending data to channel or pv on disconnected server (bug #20524)

  • fix bugs with IRC color in messages, now color codes are inserted in command line with Ctrl+c, Ctrl+b.. instead of %C,%B,.. (bug #20222, task #7060)

  • fix bug with smart nick completion (last speakers first) when a nick is changed

  • fix charset bug with channel names in status bar (bug #20400)

  • fix log file when channel name contains "/" (bug #20072)

  • fix bug with /topic when channel not open and topic not defined (bug #20141)

  • add Swedish quickstart guide

Version 0.2.5 (2007-06-07)

New features
  • add missing IRC commands (327, 378, 379) (bug #20091)

  • add "%M" for completion with nicks of current server (nicks on open channels) (task #6931)

  • improve key bindings: now possible to bind a key on many commands, separated by semicolon (task #5444)

  • improve IRC long message split: use word boundary (task #6685)

  • add protocol priority for GnuTLS (patch #5915)

  • add channel admin mode "!" for some IRC servers

  • add /reconnect command (task #5448)

  • add "-all" option for /connect and /disconnect commands (task #6232)

  • improve nick completion: completion with last speakers first and self nick at the end; add option look_nick_completion_smart, enabled by default (task #5896)

  • add color for input text not found in buffer history

Bug fixes
  • fix /quote command: now allowed when socket is OK (even if IRC connection to server is not OK) (bug #20113)

  • fix hotlist when exiting search mode: current buffer is removed from hotlist

  • remove ":" for unknown IRC commands before arguments (bug #19929)

  • fix "%C" completion: now completes with all channels of all servers

  • fix bug with "/buffer query_name", add server and channel completion for /buffer command (bug #19928)

  • fix IRC mode parsing when receiving modes with arguments (bug #19902)

  • fix crash with IRC JOIN malformed message (bug #19891)

  • fix bug with nick prefixes on some IRC servers (bug #19854)

  • improve setup file save: now writes temporary file, then rename it (task #6847)

  • fix bug with $nick/$channel/$server variables in commands

  • forget current nick when user manually disconnects from server

  • fix nick display in input window

  • fix bug with erroneous nickname when connecting to server (bug #19812)

  • fix display bugs in IRC error messages

  • fix bug with iso2022jp locale (bug #18719)

  • fix string format bug when displaying string through plugin script API

  • fix nick completion in command arguments (bug #19590)

  • fix possible crash with nick completion when a nick leaves channel (bug #19589)

  • fix USER message when connecting to IRC server (patch #5835)


Version 0.2.4 (2007-03-29)

New features
  • rename log file for DCC chat (now <server>.dcc.<nick>.weechatlog)

  • add current buffer in hotlist when scrolling up in buffer (task #6664)

  • improve password hiding, code cleanup (bug #19229)

  • add new return code in plugin API to force highlight (for message handlers only)

  • add "call" option to /key command, add new key function "insert" to insert text on command line (task #6468)

  • add event handler to plugin API

  • add numeric argument for /clear command (buffer number) (patch #5372)

  • add new key (Ctrl+r) for interactive and incremental search in buffer history (task #6628)

Bug fixes
  • fix color bug with IRC messages displayed by plugins (bug #19442)

  • fix topic charset, now using channel charset if defined (bug #19386)

  • fix crash when closing a pv if a DCC chat is open on same nick (bug #19147)

  • fix bug with channel topic after reconnection (not erased) (bug #19384)

  • fix bug with explode_string / free_exploded_string when max_items > 0

  • fix /topic completion when no topic set on current channel (bug #19322)

  • fix bug with server buffer when "look_one_server_buffer" is ON and server buffer is moved to any number > 1 (bug #19219)

  • fix /help command: displays plugin help for redefined commands (bug #19166)

  • prefix "/" disabled in commands (patch #5769)

  • fix completion of redefined commands removed by plugins (bug #19176)

  • fix memory leaks in perl and python plugins (bug #19163)

  • fix permissions on "dcc" and "logs" directories (bug #18978)

  • fix crash when /away command is issued with no server connection (bug #18839)

  • fix crash when closing a buffer opened on many windows

  • fix freeze with SSL server when disconnecting after connection loss (bug #18735)

  • add Scots quickstart guide

Version 0.2.3 (2007-01-10)

Bug fixes
  • fix display bugs with nicklist at top/bottom when look_nicklist_separator is OFF (bug #18737)

  • fix iconv problem, causing truncated words when using iso locale

  • fix topic scroll when topic has multi-bytes chars

  • fix bugs with charset: now decodes/encodes nicks and channels in IRC messages (bug #18716)

  • fix compilation problem with iconv under FreeBSD

Version 0.2.2 (2007-01-06)

New features
  • add anti-flood option (irc_anti_flood) (task #5442)

  • plugins: "add_message_handler" now accepts "*" for all IRC messages

  • add keys (F9 / F10) to scroll topic (task #6030)

  • add auto completion with channels and filenames (task #5423)

  • add option "look_nicklist_separator" (task #5437)

  • add "irc_send_unknown_commands" option to send unknown commands to IRC server (OFF by default) (task #5947)

  • /charset command and charset conversions now made by "charset" plugin

  • add filename completion (task #5425)

  • add "modifier" in plugins API

  • improve /plugin command

  • add date in plugin function get_buffer_data()

  • add more values for config boolean values: y/true/t/1 and n/false/f/0

Bug fixes
  • fix bug with status bar (missing refresh) when closing a buffer

  • fix bug with use of first buffer for a channel if not connected to server (now allowed only for a server buffer)

  • fix refresh bug with private buffer title

  • fix bug with nick completion in command arguments (now uses option look_nick_completion_ignore)

  • fix display bug with color for first line on screen (bug #17719)

  • fix bug with set_config() function in plugins API (bug #18448)

  • fix memory leak in keyboard input

  • fix refresh bug when changing config options if window is split

  • add space between chat and nicklist when position is "right" (bug #17852)

  • fix bug with DCC SEND when filename begins with "~"

  • fix display bug in status bar, wrong length when using UTF-8

  • fix bug with ignore: now any IRC command is allowed

  • fix crash with Ctrl+t (transpose) and one char on line (bug #18153)

  • fix bug on ignore with "mode" IRC command (bug #18058)

  • fix crash when loading ruby script if file does not exist, with Ruby >= 1.9 only (bug #18064)

  • mode changes with /op, /deop, /voice, /devoice, /halfop, /dehalfop are now sent in one mode command to server (task #5968)

  • fix bug with /alias and arguments (like $1), now text after argument(s) is used (bug #17944)

  • fix minor display bug with special chars on some arch like PPC


Version 0.2.1 (2006-10-01)

New features
  • command "/away -all" now allowed when not connected to current server

  • new signals handled: SIGTERM and SIGHUP (received when terminal is closed): clean WeeChat quit (send quit to irc servers then quit WeeChat)

  • add some new default key bindings for existing keys (for some OS)

  • command /key now OK with one argument (key name): display key if found

  • add current channel completion for /ctcp command

  • values yes/no accepted (as on/off) for config boolean values (task #5454)

  • add server default notify level (set by /buffer notify on server buffer) (task #5634)

  • add special vars $nick/$channel/$server for server_command, alias and plugin command handlers

  • add arguments $1,$2,..,$9 and $* for alias (task #5831)

  • add hotlist in session file when using /upgrade command (task #5449)

Bug fixes
  • fix crash for DCC receiver when resuming a file (bug #17885)

  • fix DCC error for sender when receiver cancels DCC (bug #17838)

  • fix random crash with /upgrade command (error when loading buffers)

  • fix buffer search by server/channel: now if only channel is specified, a channel of another server can be found

  • fix highlight for DCC, invite and notice: when a window is displaying buffer, there’s no highlight

  • fix bug with CTCP VERSION sent on channels (bug #17547)

  • fix bugs in get_buffer_data() which breaks the retrieval of buffer content (perl, lua)

  • fix nicklist display bug when top/bottom (not enough lines) (bug #17537)

  • fix bug with auto-rejoin of keyed channels (bug #17534)

  • add default nick completion when line starts with "//" (bug #17535)

  • fix crashes with /buffer and /charset commands when not connected to any server (bug #17525)

  • fix nick refresh problem with unrealircd specific modes: chan owner (~) and chan admin (&) (bug #17340)

Version 0.2.0 (2006-08-19)

New features
  • add "C"lear option on IRC raw buffer

  • IRC raw buffer now uses join/part prefix with color to display messages

  • add send of "quit" message to server when using /disconnect

  • add "%m" for completion with self nick (on current server)

  • add missing IRC commands (310, 326, 329, 338)

  • improve DCC speed (up to x5 on LAN) by forking for DCC files and a new option "dcc_fast_send" (does not wait for ACK) (task #5758)

  • add "look_save_on_exit" option (patch from Emanuele Giaquinta)

  • add new functions in plugin/script API: get window info, get buffer info, get buffer content

  • add color encoding for some commands like /me

  • add aspell plugin

Bug fixes
  • fix "wallops" command when received, now displayed by WeeChat (bug #17441)

  • fix /wallops command (now many words are correctly sent)

  • fix command 348 (channel exception list, received by /mode #chan e)

  • add missing modes (channel & user), now all modes are allowed (bug #16606)

  • fix DCC restore after /upgrade (order is now correctly saved)

  • fix away after server disconnection (now away is set again when reconnecting) (bug #16359)

  • fix DCC file connection problem (connection from receiver to sender)

  • fix crash when purging DCC with high number of DCC (> window size)

  • fix completion for command handlers (now empty completion_template means nick completion, "-" string means no completion at all)

  • fix nick alignment problem when look_nickmode is off

  • add generic function for incoming numeric IRC commands (bug #16611)

  • fix crash when doing "/part something" on a server buffer (bug #17201)

  • charsets are now checked when set by /charset command

  • fix crash on DCC buffer under Darwin 8 (bug #17115)

  • fix bug with spaces in script names (bug #16957)

  • fix random crash when "MODE #chan -l" is received

  • fix bug in IRC parser (random crash with malformed IRC messages)

  • fix refresh bugs when terminal is resized: too many refreshes, display bug with split windows

  • case ignored for channel names in charset options (bug #16858)

  • fix crash when setting look_one_server_buffer to ON (bug #16932)

  • fix display bug with special char (bug #16732)

  • rename plugins names (remove "lib" prefix in name)

  • fix crash when closing DCC/raw buffer if 2 are open (bug #16808)

  • fix crashes with DCC chat remove/purge on DCC view (bug #16775)

  • fix bug with connection to bnc (bug #16760)

  • command /save now writes plugins options (~/.weechat/plugins.rc)

  • fix crash with register() function in plugin scripts (bug #16701)

  • fix random crash at exit (/quit or /upgrade) with split windows

  • add Polish, Russian and Czech quickstart guide

  • add configure option for doc XSL prefix (bug #16991)

Version 0.1.9 (2006-05-25)

New features
  • add backtrace when WeeChat crashes, log file automatically renamed

  • add new key to find previous completion (Shift+Tab by default)

  • add missing IRC commands (006, 007, 290, 292, 310, 379, 437, 974)

  • add new option to customize input prompt

  • add nick modes

  • add hostnames associated to nicks (available for /ban completion)

  • add "+p" mode for channels, fix mode display in status bar

  • add nick alignment options

  • add keyboard handler to plugin API

  • improve script plugin loader

  • add hostname/IP option for connection to server

  • add /setp command (set plugin options)

  • aliases are executed before WeeChat/IRC commands, add /builtin command

  • add /cycle command, /part command does close buffer any more

  • add Russian translations (thanks to Pavel Shevchuk)

Bug fixes
  • fix /squery command (message sent to server, now OK with more than two arguments)

  • fix /alias command (with an alias name, display content)

  • add lock for log file (~/.weechat/weechat.log), only one WeeChat process can use this file (bug #16382)

  • fix crash with malformed UTF-8 strings

  • fix crash with ncurses color when too many colors defined in ncurses (bug #16556)

  • fix bug with long outgoing IRC messages (> 512 bytes) (bug #16358)

  • fix Ruby crash when handler does not return OK or KO (bug #16552)

  • fix UTF-8 display bug with chars using more than one cell on screen (bug #16356)

  • fix display bug with DCC file size when > 1 GB

  • fix refresh bug (deadlock in curses) when terminal is resized (bug #16542)

  • fix nicklist sort bug

  • fix crash when multiple pv have same name: now it’s forbidden and pv buffer is not renamed (when a nick changes) if another exists with same name (bug #16369)

  • command /clear [-all] now clears hotlist

  • fix crash after /upgrade if a line in history is empty (bug #16379)

  • fix many crashes with DCC chat (bug #16416)

  • fix commands 332, 333 (/topic now OK when channel is not opened)

  • remove color encoding and charset conversion for commands (only allowed in text sent to channel/private)

  • fix /names command: now displays result when not on a channel

  • fix refresh bug (too many refresh) when terminal is resized

  • fix nicklist display bugs when on top or bottom of chat window

  • fix high CPU usage when running under a Screen that has been killed

  • add German doc (thanks to Frank Zacharias)

  • fix --disable-plugins option in configure script

  • improve Lua detection (bug #16574)

Version 0.1.8 (2006-03-18)

New features
  • improve alias completion (now uses target command for completion)

  • add missing IRC command (487)

  • add inactivity time, available for plugins via get_info("inactivity")

  • add keys Alt+Home / Alt+End to scroll top/bottom, Alt+F11 / Alt+F12 to scroll nicklist top/bottom

  • add special names for plugin message handlers: weechat_pv, weechat_highlight, weechat_ctcp, weechat_dcc

  • add IRC raw data buffer (new key: Alt+j, Alt+r)

  • add new plugins functions: add_timer_handler(), remove_timer_handler(), remove_infobar()

  • plugin messages handlers now called when message is ignored (by /ignore)

  • new behavior for messages ignored by a message handler: now WeeChat executes standard handler, treating message as "ignored"

  • many commands allowed for aliases

  • many commands allowed when connecting to server

  • add Lua script plugin

  • add functions in plugins API: get_server_info(), free_server_info(), get_channel_info(), free_channel_info(), get_nick_info(), free_nick_info()

  • add option "look_nick_complete_first" (patch from Gwenn)

  • add option "look_open_near_server" (patch from Gwenn)

  • add new scroll keys for a few lines up/down (default: Alt+PgUp / Alt+PgDn) (patch from Pistos)

  • add new option "irc_away_check_max_nicks" to disable away check on channels with high number of nicks (patch from Gwenn)

  • add new command line argument for setting WeeChat home dir (-d or --dir) (patch from Gwenn)

  • add option "irc_show_away_once", to show away message only once in pv

  • add partial Hungarian translations

Bug fixes
  • improve Ruby plugin

  • fix /set command when internal server name contains one or many dots

  • fix get_info plugin API function when no server at all is opened

  • fix display bug when top of buffer is displayed and first line is removed (according to "history_max_lines" setting)

  • fix /mode command output

  • fix completion problem in private with nicks

  • script plugins now load scripts in WeeChat system share directory

  • /msg command does not open any buffer any more

  • fix crash when using global history (when older entry is removed)

  • fix display bug with /kill command

  • fix bug with /upgrade and servers buffer

  • fix bug with get_dcc_info() plugin interface function

  • fix bug with charset in infobar highlights

  • fix bug with buffer detection in plugins/scripts commands

  • fix bug with /history command

Version 0.1.7 (2006-01-14)

New features
  • remove "irc_default_msg_away" setting, for RFC 2812 conformity (/away command without argument only removes away status), new values for "irc_display_away" (off, local, channel)

  • add color for window separators (when split)

  • add completion system for plugins/scripts commands

  • add charset by server and channel, new command: /charset

  • add Ruby script plugin

  • add /upgrade command

  • add ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for DCC files

  • /nick command is now allowed when not connected to server

  • add server/channel argument to /buffer command for jumping to buffer

  • add new keys for switching to other windows: Alt+w, Alt+Arrow

  • add new keys for scrolling to previous/next highlight: Alt+p / Alt+n

  • add "read marker": an indicator for first unread line in a server or channel buffer (new key Alt+u to scroll to marker)

  • new window management: custom size for windows, auto resize when terminal is resized

  • add /history command

Bug fixes
  • fix msg command (now allowed in private buffer with "*" as target)

  • fix refresh bug with Solaris when term size is changed

  • fix plugins autoload

  • fix display bug in chat window when a message length equals to window width

  • fix infinite loop when resizing term to small size

  • replace Texinfo doc by XML Docbook

Version 0.1.6 (2005-11-11)

New features
  • new color management system, IRC colors are now correctly displayed and can be removed by new options irc_colors_receive and irc_colors_send

  • add setting for having one server buffer for all servers (look_one_server_buffer)

  • add setting for ignoring some chars when completing nicks

  • signal SIGPIPE is now ignored

  • add partial match for highlights

  • add dcc_own_ip and dcc_port_range settings

  • full UTF-8 support, auto-detection of UTF-8 usage (locale)

  • add "Day changed to [date]" message when day changes

  • new plugin interface, rewritten from scratch: now loads dynamic C library, and perl/python are script plugins

  • log options (for server/channel/private) can now be set while WeeChat is running

  • add channel modes +e and +f

  • add some missing IRC commands, fix command 367

  • add colors for input buffer and current channel of status bar

  • add online help for config options (with /set full_option_name)

  • enhanced "smart" hotlist, with names (new options: look_hotlist_names_{count|level|length})

Bug fixes
  • fix scroll problem when one line is bigger than screen size

  • fix IRC message parser bug

Version 0.1.5 (2005-09-24)

New features
  • add /ame command (send CTCP action to all channels of all connected servers)

  • add setting "irc_notice_as_pv" to see notices as pv

  • add nicks colors in setup file

  • add some missing IRC commands

  • add /ignore and /unignore commands

  • signal SIGQUIT is now ignored

  • jump to next server now saves current channel buffer for each server

  • add keys Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down to call previous/next command in global history (common to all buffers)

Bug fixes
  • fix DCC bug: delete failed file only if really empty (on disk)

  • fix IRC message parser bug

  • fix scroll problem (screen moving when scrolling and new line displayed)

  • fix infinite loop when scrolling back and displaying long lines

  • fix crash when closing a buffer used by more than one window

  • fix DCC display bug (now decodes string according to charset)

  • fix bug with strings comparison (str[n]casecmp) and some locales (like Turkish), now using ASCII comparison (thanks to roktas)

  • fix refresh bug when one line is bigger than screen size

  • fix look_nicklist_min_size and look_nicklist_max_size options

  • fix refresh bug when changing channel modes

Version 0.1.4 (2005-07-30)

New features
  • join and part/quit prefixes (arrows) now displayed with different colors

  • add "irc_highlight" setting, to get highlight with any word

  • add /amsg command (send text to all channels of all connected servers)

  • add color for private in hotlist (different than color for highlight)

  • add DCC resume and timeout

  • add function for Perl/Python to get DCC list

  • new keyboard management: keys are setup in config file, add new command /key, add some new default keys, Alt+k is used to grab key (useful for /key command)

  • add seconds in infobar time (optional thanks to new setting)

  • add auto-prefix with "#" for channels (if no prefix found), with /join command

Bug fixes
  • fix auto-rejoin for channels with key

  • fix /ctcp command (now any command/data allowed)

  • fix SIGSEGV handler (now write a core file by aborting program)

  • fix statusbar & infobar background refresh problem with some systems

  • fix FIFO pipe (command now authorized on a buffer not connected to an IRC server)

  • topic completion now decodes UTF-8 string

  • (irc://)

  • fix some curses refreshes

Version 0.1.3 (2005-07-02)

New features
  • proxy support (http, socks4, socks5) with authentication (http, socks5) and ipv6 support (client to proxy)

  • add completion for config option (with /set command)

  • commands from users outside channel now authorized (if special user or channel without "n" flag)

  • add IPv6 support

  • kill command now received and displayed

  • add SSL support

  • channel notify levels are saved in config file (new option "server_notify_levels" for server sections)

  • part message now accepts %v (replaced by WeeChat version), like quit message

Bug fixes
  • errors while loading perl scripts are now displayed in server buffer (instead of current buffer)

  • in python scripts, all messages written in stdin and stderr are redirected in server buffer

  • fix a filename error while loading a python script manually

  • fix plugins print() and prnt() functions: now OK for writing on server buffers

  • fix color problem with new libcurses version

  • fix crash when using Alt+s or Alt+x on DCC buffer (Alt+d)

  • fix startup crash when config file (~/.weechat/weechat.rc) is not found

  • improve Perl/Python libs detection for ./configure script

Version 0.1.2 (2005-05-21)

New features
  • add Python plugin support, improve Perl interface (and now Perl/Python libraries are checked by configure script)

  • add nicklist scroll keys (Alt+Home / Alt+End / Alt+PgUp / Alt+PgDn or F11 / F12)

  • add transfer rate for DCC files

  • add "-all" option for /nick command

  • buffers timestamp can now be changed (new option in config file)

  • add missing IRC commands (307, 341, 485, 671)

Bug fixes
  • fix nicklist sort

  • fix crash when purging old DCC

  • fix crash with 64-bits arch (like AMD64) when converting UTF-8

  • WeeChat now OK under *BSD and Mac OS X

Version 0.1.1 (2005-03-20)

New features
  • add nicks count for channel buffers

  • add FIFO pipe for remote control

  • add crash dump when WeeChat receives SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault)

  • add new display engine: doesn’t cut words at end of lines

  • add DCC send and DCC chat

  • add /halfop & /dehalfop commands, fix halfop display bug in nicklist

  • add /ban, /unban and /kickban commands

  • add --irc-commands and --weechat-commands command line options

  • connection to IRC server is now made by child process (non blocking)

  • add support for UnrealIrcd ("~" for chan owner, "&" for chan admin)

  • new key for window switch (now: F5 / F6 = switch buffer, F7 / F8 = switch window)

  • on server buffer, only server messages are logged

  • improve /help command output

  • plugins messages are logged with new config option (log_plugin_msg)

  • add Spanish translations

Bug fixes
  • fix /kick command

  • fix /invite command (and now invite requests are displayed)

  • fix /buffer close command (now OK when disconnected from server)

  • fix display bugs when many windows are opened

Version 0.1.0 (2005-02-12)

New features
  • improve /window command: now split and merge are OK

  • away nicks are now displayed with another color (new option: "irc_away_check")

  • add away indicator in status bar

  • add lag indicator (and auto-disconnect after a delay if important lag)

  • improve completion: now completes commands arguments (IRC and internal), when only one completion matches, completion mechanism is stopped (to complete command argument for example)

  • improve /set command: empty strings are allowed, new colors, server options can be changed while WeeChat is running

  • add default away/part/quit messages in config file

  • new [irc] section in config file, move option "look_display_away" to "irc_display_away"

  • server messages & errors are all prefixed (by 3 chars, like "-@-")

  • add new options for charset (UTF-8 support): look_charset_decode, look_charset_encode and look_charset_internal

Bug fixes
  • fix many memory leaks

  • fix colors bug: remove "gray" color (replaced by "default"), colors are OK when terminal has white (or light) background

  • fix crash when resizing terminal to small size

  • fix crash when multiple servers and big messages received from server

  • fix crash when closing some private buffers

  • fix crash when unknown section with option(s) in config file

  • fix /op, /deop, /voice, /devoice (now OK with many nicks)

  • fix /me command (now OK without parameter)

  • fix /away command (now OK if not away)

  • logs are now disabled by default (server/channel/private)

Version 0.0.9 (2005-01-01)

New features
  • auto-reconnection to server (new options: server_autoreconnect (on/off), server_autoreconnect_delay (in seconds))

  • new command "/buffer close" (close any server/channel/private buffer)

  • new keys: Ctrl+a (home), Ctrl+e (end), Ctrl+w (same as Ctrl+Backspace), Alt+s (switch to server buffer), Alt+x (switch to first channel of next server)

  • add new config option: "server_command_delay" (delay in seconds after startup command for each server)

Bug fixes
  • fix major bug when socket is closed by server (100% CPU usage), and disconnections are now OK (all channels are "closed", history is still visible, and buffer will be used again if reconnection to server)

  • option "look_remove_colors_from_msgs" is now working

  • fix display of nick mode changes

  • fix /notice command (and display when received from server)

Version 0.0.8 (2004-10-30)

New features
  • nickserv passwords hidden (new config option: log_hide_nickserv_pwd on/off)

  • auto-rejoin channels when kicked (new config option: server_autorejoin on/off)

  • add IRC::command function for Perl scripts

  • /buffer command developed (buffers list, move and notify)

  • logging buffers to disk (server/channel/private according to user preferences)

  • add config option "look_display_away" to announce away in channels

  • DCC file receive OK (Alt+d for DCC view)

  • add key for redrawing terminal (Ctrl+l)

  • add key for clearing hotlist (Alt+r)

Bug fixes
  • fix /kick command: now OK with many words as reason

  • fix bug when adding alias with same name as other

  • fix crash when resizing terminal to very small size

  • "-MORE-" message is now erased when switching to another buffer

  • /query command now reopens private buffer if already opened

Version 0.0.7 (2004-08-08)

New features
  • new "col_status_delimiters" config option

  • add command /buffer , buffers ordered by number, auto-jump to active buffers (Alt+a), jump to buffers by number (Alt+0…​9)

  • add command /window, split terminal horizontally/vertically

  • unique color for each nick (based on nickname)

  • add history limit (text buffer and commands)

Bug fixes
  • action messages are now considered as messages, not crappy joins/parts

  • fix display bug when nicklist is displayed at bottom of screen

  • replace --enable-debug with --with-debug option for ./configure

Version 0.0.6 (2004-06-05)

New features
  • improve channel highlight (priority to message vs join/part)

  • add command /query (starts private conversation)

  • add IRC messages 476, 477

Bug fixes
  • fix bug when opened private win and remote user changes his nick

  • /mode command is now OK and channel flags are displayed in status bar

  • fix display bug (text was blinking when scrolling)

  • CTCP Version reply is now in English only and doesn’t show host (security reason)

Version 0.0.5 (2004-02-07)

New features
  • /set command to modify config options when WeeChat is running

  • URL command line parameter to connect to server(s)

  • new Perl script function to display message in info bar ("IRC::print_infobar")

  • info bar highlight notifications

  • add info bar timestamp in config ("look_infobar_timestamp")

  • add info bar (optional, "look_infobar" to enable it, "on" by default)

  • add -c (or --config) command line parameter to see config file options

Bug fixes
  • fix look_nicklist config option, now enables/disables nicklist

  • secure code to prevent buffer overflows and memory leaks

  • fix QUIT IRC command: now sent to all connected servers (not only current)

  • fix crash with /oper command

  • for default config file, nick is now based on un*x username

  • fix crash when config file cannot be written

  • add highlight on action messages

Version 0.0.4 (2004-01-01)

New features
  • add Perl plugin

Bug fixes
  • fix switch to private buffer

  • add highlight when our nick is written in a channel/private window

  • catch Ctrl+c (ignored)

  • debug messages can be enabled via ./configure --enable-debug option

Version 0.0.3 (2003-11-03)

New features
  • add new IRC commands: stats, service, squit, motd, lusers, links, time, trace, admin, info, servlist, squery, who, whowas, die, summon, users, wallops, userhost, ison, ctcp ping

  • add French translations

Bug fixes
  • for sort of nicks (op, halfop, voice, other)

  • fix problem with "353" IRC message (nicklist)

  • fix problem when nick is truncated by server

  • fix crash when entering text without any server connection

  • fix crash when /set command is executed

  • fix display bug (text was blinking when scrolling)

  • code cleanup

  • add ./configure script to build WeeChat

Version 0.0.2 (2003-10-05)

New features
  • add commands /rehash and /restart

  • and command and auto-join channels when connected to server

  • new commands for alias: /alias, /unalias (new section in config file)

  • config is now saved automatically when quitting WeeChat, add /save command

  • new commands for servers: /server, /connect, /disconnect

  • add autoconnect flag for each server in config file

  • add "look_set_title" option in config file

  • term window title is modified with WeeChat name and version

  • CTCP version returns more info (about OS)

Bug fixes
  • fix nicklist display bug

  • fix crash when sending command which can only be received

Version 0.0.1 (2003-09-27)

New features
  • ncurses GUI with color output

  • multi-servers

  • channel windows, with nicklist (position: top, bottom, left or right)

  • private windows

  • IRC commands: away, ctcp, deop, devoice, invite, join, kick, kill, list, me, mode, msg, names, nick, notice, op, oper, part, ping, pong, quit, quote, topic, version, voice, whois

  • WeeChat commands: clear, help, set (partial)

  • many config options

  • log file (~/.weechat/weechat.log)

  • nicklist can be moved on top, bottom, left or right of window