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Sunday, January 4 2009

New version of script iset.pl

Script iset.pl has been improved. Now you can setup colors for option names, types and values. And null values are displayed with different color (for IRC server options). There's new config options, you can set with /set command:

  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_bg_selected color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_option color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_option_selected color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_type color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_type_selected color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_value color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_value_selected color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_value_undef color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.iset.color_value_undef_selected color

A screenshot is better than long speech: weechat_iset_2009-01-04.png

Thursday, November 13 2008

Script mastermind.pl

A new script mastermind.pl is now available!

Screenshot: Mastermind

Keys are displayed on buffer displayed by /mastermind, enjoy!

Tuesday, September 2 2008

New version of script buffers.pl

Script buffers.pl has been improved. Now you can hide categories, and there's color for lines according to hotlist (activity on buffers). There's new config options, you can set with /set command:

Hide categories:

  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.show_category off

Change colors (replace "color" by your color, which may be "fg" or "fg,bg"):

  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_number color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_slash color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_hotlist_low color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_hotlist_message color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_hotlist_private color
  • /set plugins.var.perl.buffers.color_hotlist_highlight color

A screenshot is better than long speech: weechat_bar_buffers_2008-09-02.png

Saturday, April 19 2008

Script iset.pl

A new script iset.pl is now available. With that script, you can change WeeChat options with better interface than /set.
Help is available with /help iset when script is loaded.

Screenshot: WeeChat iset

Saturday, March 29 2008

Script weetris.pl

A new script weetris.pl is now available! You can now play to your favorite game inside WeeChat :)

Screenshot: WeeTris

Short instructions:

  • keys are:
    • left/right/bottom: move
    • up: rotate
    • alt-n: start a new game
  • number of lines are displayed

Incoming features:

  • pause key
  • view of next form
  • save/resume game
  • network game: vs other players (over IRC or other network protocol)